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  1. Mine was a joyride in a T33 at King Salmon, Alaska. It paid to get to know all the pilots you could.
  2. My question about the new UI is, does it scale so that it is usable with larger monitors? On my 55" 4K TV, the UI is so small it can't be read.
  3. StoneEyes

    Hilo to Kona, Hawaii

    I can smell the Hawaiian air. Great shots.
  4. I agree with Mitch. I did what he just said and it is beautiful!
  5. StoneEyes

    Documentation for flyable Aircraft?

    A belated thank you for your responses. The SSD that had P3D 2.5 crashed so when I bought a new one, I also got P3D 3.5 and when I found it didn't have the same documentation I thought maybe I had screwed up the install. Fortunately I have all those printouts from 2.5. The day after my post my Polaroid 55" 4K, 60Hz TV died. I got lucky there because Fry's had a carry out sale on a LG 55" 4K, IPS, 60/120Hz, 4096x2160 TV for $599 with a promo code. One really good thing is I could stop it from over scanning and it supports the 3 different color formats. Things are looking good. Last week I was back at Fry's to pick up some cables for my non-flying computer and stopped to see when they might get the EVGA GTX1080FTW. The salesman turned and pointed to a stocking cart with the card sitting on top. Then it was reserve it, drive 15 miles home, get the money, return, go broke, get the card, return home. Whew! Things are looking better. Take care
  6. It amazes me that so many think they did this on purpose!
  7. Is there any documentation for any flyable aircraft (other than Alabao Extra)? If so, how do I find it? Thanks in advance
  8. StoneEyes

    Why LM still recommends Windows 7 for P3D V3?

    You haven't lived until you've spent a week programing in Fortran 4 and then on the way to the collator you drop the box of cards on the floor. After you think you've gotten them all picked up, including the ones that got stepped on and bent, it's time for a cry and a good stiff drink because it's probably going to take a few days to get them sorted out. Ah yes, the good old days!
  9. StoneEyes

    Dovetail - Anyone biting?

    Iced pitot tube?
  10. StoneEyes

    Video card brand?

    I have always been disappointed with AMD.
  11. StoneEyes

    DX10 performing poorly

    You can't just turn on DX10 preview and expect it to work better. You need to check the DX10 box and then quit the sim. Then you need to save your current configuration file and let FSX build a new one. Otherwise, you have FSX trying to use In order to use DX10 , you need to check the preview box and then quit FSX. Then you need to backup your configuration file and let FSX build another one when you restart. Otherwise, you have FSX trying to use both DX9 and DX10 to do the same thing. It works, but not well. Once you have it working, get Steve DX10 Fixer and start fixing some of the anomalies and a new sim. Good luck
  12. StoneEyes

    Brakes lock on landing

    I had this problem before, where I had a "brakes" message on all aircraft and I could do nothing about it. The fix was simply to go through and look for and delete any double entry assignments. Wish I could remember the specifics, but hopefully this will help.