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  1. I did never understand what the person in charge of web development does, it seems like he/she test the unfinished work over the production server..very very unprofessional.
  2. You want PMDG working in stuff you would like to see happening, not spending their time in a product you don't have any interest, simple as that. I'm not answering on behalf of him, just stating a common sense fact.
  3. B737NG B747 A320 A380 Those are my favorites, PMDG already made 2 of them, and the other 2...probably will never happen. Answering your question: No, not for me, i'm not interesed in that aircraft.
  4. What he said. I had the same issue few months ago, just cleaned the potentiometers with isopropyl alcohol and everything was ok.
  5. You are wrong from the moment you start comparing them, since they are pretty different things. As the tittle say FSX is a flight simulator, MS Flight is just a video game. Pick the one you feel most comfortable with. :Peace:
  6. I used to check periodically developer forums but eventually got tired of it. So, can I please get some update? Any of them with release date already? Any other worthy news about this? Cheers.
  7. Kevin666


    I don't know if all their FMC's work in the same way, but in the NGX you must enter the coroute with this format PANCPAKT001 Obviously the file PANCPAKT001.rte must exists. I tried saving the plan without those 3 digits and it doesn't load.
  8. You guys should enjoy the simulator in the way you want, and let other simmers to do the same, that's my opinion.
  9. Thank you pal. @Word Not Allowed I don't know what's wrong with you mate but your posts always sound like you have some problem with the other user. I'm nobody to tell you what to do but maybe you could at least try to be a bit more polite, we are here to share and help each other afterall.
  10. Add some weed and you will not even need a plane.
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