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    P3Dv4, AFS2, FSW, XP11. I like flying.
  1. Asheroo

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    I recently bought Ultimate Traffic Live. It was good but at full traffic settings it brought my FPS down by about 5fps. So I refunded it and bought Traffic Global. TG populates the airports very similarly at 100%, and it brings my FPS down only by about 1fps, so I'm keeping it. I don't mind the current issues there are, I just want relatively-accurate performance friendly traffic. UTL was very accurate but still had a noticeable drop in performance, and I ain't going to bring down my current P3D settings which I'm content with.
  2. So it's.....(1) a product line, (2) which no one outside of PMDG knows about, (3) that has been 10 years in the making and (4) that will carry the vision of PMDG products into the future. And now we know all the previous guesses are incorrect. I honestly can't guess what this new product line is unless one of the above statements is partly untrue. But also, what is this Pigeonworks? Ah well, a month to go.
  3. Asheroo

    What's going on with FSW?

    This is the key. When I bought FSW on sale last year, I didn't buy it to use now. P3D and AFS2 keep me very happy. I bought it because I believe so much in its future. What they have done so far is great. I too have more hope in DTG moving the ESP platform forward than LM for similar reasons. The past half year things have been a little silent though in regards to FSW. It also doesn't help that third-party developers are barely talking about supporting it but yet are increasingly embracing other flight sims. But we'll have to wait and see with this "January update", and what the rest of this year will bring. I still hold hope for this platform. Something needs to replace P3D. We can't keep relying on Lockheed Martin who have more interests in the military than us home simmers.
  4. Asheroo

    Sky Force: credit where credit is due

    Great post Jeroen. Slow support is to be expected when a big new product like this is launched, but it's good you're now all up and running. I recently upgraded my Opus FSI to v5, as I wasn't convinced spending more money on ASP4 rather than an Opus upgrade will make a difference. The result has been incredible. Flying around in the weather has become so much more immersive. I can't wait for Environment Force and Weather Force. The complete Force line-up will reveal the true power of these products.
  5. Paul - Fair enough you have that opinion, but it's just that. The cloud structures and types are the key to the product, and that's what makes it a revolution to me in my personal opinion whatever your definition is. Sure it's no French Revolution, it's not some overthrow of a government because it's still under the limits of P3D, but all things considered it's literally a complete overhaul in all literal ways of the P3D cloud structuring. If you're not going to accept that they literally re-did the cloud structuring then obviously you're 100% not interested in Sky Force nor REX, and you'll just have to settle with it. The evidence is there but your own personal taste doesn't like the product so therefore you disagree. There are those of us who look at those words, look at Sky Force, and are like "wow this is a revolution". Is that ok if we have those differing opinions? Is it ok if I can have the opinion that REX's marketing isn't false hype? Is that ok? Or do I have to have the same opinion as you? Sure Active Sky have done something similar, just in a different way. You go and spend some time enjoying Active Sky and those of us that are impressed by Sky Force can go and enjoy that. We can healthily agree to disagree. You were expecting something more with all the hype and big words and you were disappointed, you've said that in every thread about SF. I expected a complete overhaul of P3D cloud structuring and that's what I got, plus some nice sky textures and PTA presets which keep me from buying ENVTEX.
  6. Jeroen - I don't know what your intentions are for that cloud set comparison thread, but you can't do a comparison between cloud sets that way. As fair as the weather is in those pictures, it's not a fair comparison. The only way for one to discover the right set for them is to keep using Sky Force through different weather settings and changing sets if you feel there's another you'll like more. It took me some months to discover with REX Essentials and then with 4 Texture Direct. Also consider geolpilot's post on p17. What small differences you might see here could be big differences in other weather scenarios. Let's just go back to flight simming, enjoying and discovering the products we've bought. The best way to see this product without having it is through users' screenshots and videos in different scenarios. There have been some beautiful ones over on the Orbx forum.
  7. Because J Van E we have something called opinions and personal taste. I look at that and I absolutely don’t like what I see not one bit at all. I had a real life 2 hour flight in a 737 yesterday, random out of place grey clouds included, and it did not have one cloud type. I look at what I have with Sky Force and Opus weather and I absolutely love it. Is that ok? As a long time Avsim lurker, reading the forums recently has been depressing.
  8. Asheroo

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    I've just had a go using Opus FSI with Sky Force and it works beautifully. I'll stick with that until Weather Force. Opus provides that extra bit more local level accuracy for me than the Sky Force engine, but it works really well with Sky Force's features in my flights. Awesome work REX!
  9. Asheroo

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    No, Sky Force has its own sky textures. Some may prefer to use Envtex or other third party sky textures, which you can use along with Sky Force.
  10. Asheroo

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    I just want to point out to people about all the Active Sky and Envtex products comparing it to the Force product line. Regular price ASP4 is 50 Euros, ASCA is 23 Euros, Envtex is 21 Euros and Envshade is 5.6 Euros. That comes to 99.6 Euros, or 73 Euros (about $US88) for just the Active Sky products. Sky Force without a discount is $US44.95. It's a safe assumption from their generous discount offers that buying other Force products will make it discounted if you have Sky Force. Here's another V-key shot since this is a first impressions thread...
  11. Asheroo

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    I love it so far. I love it more than REX 4 + Opus (what I was previously using) and love it more than the several times I tried out the Active Sky demos. I have never been impressed with AS no matter how much it gets praised. It's just my personal taste and therefore my personal opinion. The weather injection is great. I don't care about the sudden changes as I was still use to that from Opus. The clouds are very 3D for me. Going through them is incredible. It adds further immersion to the whole flight sim experience. I can't wait for Environment Force and Weather Force. Definitely well worth the $AU50 I paid for it, and so will be the other Force products. It's unfortunate some of you expected something else. It's everything I expected. This is all my personal opinion, with my personal taste, formed simply by using it.
  12. Except it will in an upcoming update. In the latest FB post about the manual, someone asks about historical weather and REX replies - "historical weather will be coming in an upcoming build. We have millions of records and almost 10 years worth of data stored on our Edge servers. We will implement at a near later date." (
  13. Asheroo

    Top 5 addons in your opinion

    For me currently... - Orbx Regions & Airports - REX4 TD + Soft Clouds - OpusFSI weather engine - PTA - Milviz Beaver Though I'm about to embark on the PMDG 737 and am eyeing ENVTEX but patiently waiting on REX's next product lineup. Honourable mention to LittleNavMap.
  14. X-Plane needs more payware addons. As good as the freeware community is, only a small well-known portion of it is of great quality, but I guess depends on how content you are. Personally I'm not content with the bland non-regional W2XP autogen, mixed-quality orthoimagery and half-filled cup quality freeware airports from most freeware. Plus it all takes time, especially if you're an Australian like me and your internet is using paper cup and string technology. Freeware developers have lives to live - a job, family to look after in their free time - whereas payware developers can dedicate themselves more and commit more strongly to it. I sometimes wonder what amazing products would come out if high-quality developers like Tonywob and MisterX6 were full or even part time payware developers. There are many people out there who I'm sure would throw their money at payware developers for top quality products for X-Plane. I wonder just how many of us would fly more and invest more into XP11 if there were more payware developers putting out more higher quality works for the platform. I certainly would. But the current X-Plane community seems too content. I guess because a lot of the addons are free and XP11's rendering system makes anything look good. I wonder though how many opinions would be changed once they see higher quality sceneries in XP11.
  15. Ok we get it Denali you like Pimax headsets. Stop spamming. Anyways, I just ordered an Oculus Rift, am looking very forward to it. I have tried it before and don't mind the resolution. It's supported by flight sims and games I have and is reported to work great. It'll do me very well til the next Rift and then I'll decide on which next gen VR to get. I've got a good Summer (southern hemisphere) ahead.