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  1. I have the area of 1000-12000 kms covered with Orthos and using a 30m DEM this is the most gorgeous place i have flight simmed , Area after Graskop which includes the mine and to the east is the Kruger National Park is almost flat and to the NW is Botswana. My simming time is now mostly in south africa. Flying over the oldest mountain ranges which are gorgeous
  2. HumptyDumpty

    Ground speed.

    I don't remember the speeds anymore CAS / IAS / TAS / GS , are u sure there wasn't a tailwind ?
  3. HumptyDumpty

    Ground speed.

    Hi, Hmm from what i remember ground speed is either on the ground or when there is a tail or a head wind. I am not sure what you mean.
  4. Awaiting Vulkan with a Vulkan Ready AMD GPU . I did read somewhere that Vulkan will be introduced in 11.30 The other thing would be the rotor FDM
  5. HumptyDumpty

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    As Paraffin mentioned that the GPU pricing is very high , same here in India , was considering getting the RX 560 4Gb but looking at the price made my head spin and settled for the RX 550 2Gb which was still high in price. I use XP under W10 and linux , the amd gpu opengl is really bad in windows and in linux it rocks , in linux and window i can pull 2k resolution with some good performance and have not noticed a single digit drop . But the last update for me did drop a few fps but i can't really be sure, for me XP performs way ahead in linux than windows due to the bad opengl driver performance. Overall performance seems to be better under linux. Well it's a Vulkan ready card and i keep my fingers crossed that this card even if not a high end will give good performance with vulkan.
  6. late watching due to watching the bikinis ah no ones without them :) , guess I need to tow it now
  7. You are on a bikini run
  8. Cool pics Mitch.
  9. Tried Japan , it's very nice , of course I can't complain about the performance as my system don't cut it, still the mountains are great Thanks Andras
  10. HumptyDumpty

    Prowling Tiger

    Today DCS time :) , il2 later :) Mig21 rules :)
  11. HumptyDumpty

    11.20 coming to final

    yep XP rotary is fantastic , as Paraffin said use the freeware Bell 429 they are absolute fun, and if you want payware later than Dreamfoil 407 and X-trident 412 superb. I don't do airliners hence can't recommend any. But rotary the above ones should get you going. Even the clouds are pretty cool in XP11 now. Give it a go.
  12. No worries you enjoy the 320 too but also work on the .acf file for me
  13. then better start making the .acf
  14. LOL And you better start working on my .acf file for the huey. External model is almost ready , need to do the interior. I have posted some links on the Discord chat for you to read.