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  1. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane Developer Q&A

    Just want Vulkan with the new FD changes especially rotory. The current Wx engine is not too bad but does have some glitches. I thought the seasonal changes can be done with the shaders ?
  2. HumptyDumpty

    Yak-ity Yak

    Blody Shoyt , i want DCS back on my system , Mig is waiting
  3. HumptyDumpty

    X-Vision at last.

    that water
  4. I think it might be due to your shader folder.
  5. HumptyDumpty

    Mac vs PC

    During XP10 i had a hackintosh which was a complete AMD FX series with a HD 7750 GPU, it was working fine with XP10 . I think it was Snow leopard or mountain lion i don't remember. What one needs to consider is that upgrading the mac hardware is limited , one reason is the GPU as all can't be used because Apple makes it's own drivers and has only certain Device ID for them so if i am looking to make a hackintosh of my current AMD system with an AMD GPU it will not work as Apple has no Device id enabled for the RX 550 but the RX 580 works OOB. CPU / RAM / HDD / SDD might be upgradeble. Apple does not support AMD CPU's. GPU's are limited too. I would love to get a Mac just for normal day to day stuff but that thing is just too expensive. Maybe one day. Got a dual boot W10 / Lubuntu. Now i am XPing only in linux due to AMD Windows OPengl implementation just sucks. What i find better when using XP in linux that it performs way better in terms of memory and the system response is much better. Awaiting vulcan.
  6. HumptyDumpty

    Hornets -n- Harriers

    WOW , back to DCS in the Mig21
  7. HumptyDumpty

    Robin @Barton

    From where did you get Barton Freeware ? But that looks like the one made by Tony
  8. HumptyDumpty

    Namibia part two

    Where is P1 ?
  9. HumptyDumpty

    Walvis Bay/Namibia

    @tonywob yep it's neglected. For a scenic flight it's almost perfect.
  10. HumptyDumpty

    Walvis Bay/Namibia

    you beat me to North Africa Nils
  11. HumptyDumpty


    Nice Nils, is this North Africa ? Do Graskop
  12. HumptyDumpty

    11:21...European law...blah, blah..

    Mitch, Downgrade and then reupdate maybe that will work.
  13. HumptyDumpty

    11:21...European law...blah, blah..

    Mitch, Think you might have not accepted the law the 1st time after updating to 11.21r2 , what i read is , XP will work for 14 days if you don't accept it and might prompt you again after that period. But there is no text displaying when one exits XP If you can downgrade XP and then reupdate ?
  14. I was getting the same error and didnt read that that line should be below that code #endif this might be the issue.
  15. HumptyDumpty

    11:21...European law...blah, blah..

    @Sesquashtoo Mitch , when you updated to 11.21r2 did it popup with the EURO LAW box ? Sure will test it later tonight if it does show that text