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  1. HumptyDumpty

    Holy smokes!

    wouldn't Z17 look blurry at low altitude ?
  2. HumptyDumpty

    Recent AIr India B777 incident.

    Hmm where is it saying about Hindi ? I don't read it. Jose, Hindi is our National Language. All are allowed to join Air India non are restricted. Parsees LOL they are a very funny bunch just too funny.
  3. HumptyDumpty

    Wind Sound.

    This one is nice.
  4. HumptyDumpty


    Nils, honestly it looks like DCS Nevada , yeah it's XP11
  5. HumptyDumpty

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    Captain Von, I am sure the XP FDM engine will improve , what i feel is non of the sims have a great internal FDM engine or are limited to a particular type of aircraft like the ww2 props of il2 for e..g. Things might just get better or worse with 11.30 let's wait and see.
  6. HumptyDumpty

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    I ave the MDLAG 109 and really like it , but now i have been transferred to helicopters. I think the pitch stability in the 109 (MDLAG) is fine not that i remember as it's been a while since i took her up.
  7. HumptyDumpty


    Nils, Wow is that DCS Nevada with the Mustang ?
  8. how many times will you crash it 🙂 Looks like a good model visually.
  9. How does it compare to the Dreamfoil R22 ?
  10. HumptyDumpty

    Helicopter flying

    They are to me more fun than fixed , i use the Bell 412 along with the AS350 and the R22. can't land anyways :)
  11. HumptyDumpty

    Up On The Roof

    wow , where is my mig
  12. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane Developer Q&A

    Just want Vulkan with the new FD changes especially rotory. The current Wx engine is not too bad but does have some glitches. I thought the seasonal changes can be done with the shaders ?
  13. HumptyDumpty

    Yak-ity Yak

    Blody Shoyt , i want DCS back on my system , Mig is waiting
  14. HumptyDumpty

    X-Vision at last.

    that water
  15. I think it might be due to your shader folder.