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  1. My miggie would in perfectly in there.
  2. some years ago , had planned on doing a pit for the AS350 but never got down to it. But as Rob has mentioned Arduino's , all my controls are using an Arduino, like the collective (this is also used as a gaming wheel for AC / DR ) , cylic and anti-torque. on the collective i have stuck small joysticks for accel / brake (this is temp until I get a gaming wheel) The cyclic is using Uno R3 with a MPU 6050 for the pitch / roll axis , the collective is on a mega with a 100k pot and the Anti-torque is using the Pro Micro with a hall sensor, ofc they are not perfect as have not got down to finishing them but they still do the job.
  3. have EC installed but I want to disable them during a flight and get the default clouds. I am using NOAA and hardly ever go with custom weather.
  4. @mSparks Override_clouds=0 does not seem to work. the sky remains clear and the default clouds do not form DIREGARD THE ABOVE FOR NOW. When I loaded a flight Wx showed as scattered but later it became clear so that could be the reason. But this is strange as on flight load menu Wx was showing up as scattered and also in game it was scattered but within a minute or two it went to CAVOK weird , we do not have such drastic changes in weather here unless it's up NE
  5. @mSparks Any idea if there is a way to enable default XP clouds while EC is installed during a flight ? is there a dataref to achieve that ?
  6. "well, this is why I asked someone else to do it - find an XP shot and I'll find the RW picture." scroll up.
  7. Well its a simple thing how clouds form and when it also rains , but rain doesn't only mean that will it become a cloud because clouds can also form in non-monsoon seasons , even dry areas can have some clouds if there is enough vapor to be condensed. So no one has yet found a XP shot to match the RW then its confirmed XP doesn't do it. I wouldn't even expect any sim to match 100% real world conditions , a plausible 80-85% is a fair thing , it can improve as tech keeps improving Simple XP needs a big overhaul on a few things.
  8. lol , anyone would know that a clear sky will not cause rain , clouds don't mean rain all the time. ("the volume of rain is dependant on the size of the cloud." that's why i said it can also rain in one small patch and not in areas around it and here it happens every time. It maybe a gust of shower for a few minutes but it happens. in XP it rains also when there are no clouds. You are only showing an OC visual shot but later only the depicted conditions by XP and not how the clouds would look in those conditions let's talk about rain and the effects of wx conditions on an aircraft later.. I am asking for visuals which you said are done by XP ?
  9. Well from what I gather is that you are talking about formations and then saying rain and then saying the effects of those formations on an aircraft ? Can show us if XP supports all of them ? I am curious to know how could I have missed it Also it can rain in a patch and the areas near it would be clear of rain.
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