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  1. when will you post a video of you flying it with that gamepad, i am curious to know how it will be
  2. given the default rendition of clouds sometimes the default XP clouds look really good and close to real , yeah no variations. About wind conditions like X-wind or variable i really don't find a problem. Maybe the X-wind might be a bit too strong. haven't used a fixed wing in ages only on helis now hence there does not seem to be an issue. probably an issue during a take off with fixed wingz ? Would love to see an Anvil no doubt but i think even the MSFS and it's kid don't have that ? Things might change with clouds once LR introduces the particle system for weather but when no one knows. Have seen some amazing rendition of weather in XE on youtube. think given time ASXP can get better, the main limitation is from LR.
  3. 😀 Get yourself a good stick it will help. I am confused how do you even manage to takeoff with a gamepad
  4. Devon, can you do one with Pro mode ? With external views
  5. I read it's good !. Is it a fully functional model ? The exterior looks amazing i must say. Does it have arcade and pro modes ? The Dreamfoil one is more twitchy, but i guess that's the nature of the Beta II , have noticed it does come down to your control setup too.
  6. HumptyDumpty

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    Then you can use the default DEM that it downloads. I would suggest start with Cape Town.
  7. HumptyDumpty

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    I suggest using Z17 because Z18 is the same quality. If you want to enhance it then get the DEM from AW3d. I suppose this would be for XP ?
  8. HumptyDumpty

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    I suggest adding up South Africa in that using ARC it's beautiful , i have used up like 1TB for SA only the west to the east coast., probably might not do the kalahari desert because it's a flat area.
  9. HumptyDumpty

    Happy Veterans Day

  10. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    You should try that in the 412 with AP disconnected now that would be fun
  11. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    If you raise the collective to fast to pull out of VRS wouldn't that be dangerous. Your downwash will increase very fast. I think using cyclic or pointing into the wind would be a better bet.
  12. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Jozeh with 0 collective it's like auto rotation , you need some collective , ask a heli pilote. also what brett quoted me saying that keep fpm way above 300 as the 300 number is old info. Also note heavy helis will pull down faster Have u tried in the 412 ? i tried but i am not sure if it was ok or maybe i need to resave with PM
  13. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    If you mean the vortices, that i think can be assigned per aircraft, It's the particle emitter. I don't know if a 172 can get wingtip vortices, but i am no expert Let's wait for things to settle down , it's just the 1st 11.30 beta , things might change
  14. HumptyDumpty

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    The particle system. I thought one would also see the wingtip vertices when you look at the wing during a pitch up moment ? This one is just for fun.