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  1. Very nice, now that LOD is almost what I see in XP11 under CAVOK at least @15k iirc
  2. As I said earlier the change in rendering might not have any effect because it might be throwing the stuff to the CPU, your onboard Intel GPU does not have enough bandwidth or memory even if its shared and that is the worst and I said Intel GPU don't shine. XP is hard on the GPU , the objects / trees etc. are extremely hard on the CPU. Maybe when Vulkan code is released for XP you may find better performance with your current setup. Also I mentioned delete the preferences and let XP reset it and see if it makes any difference. This is what I am using : I do have a Q8200 but the G41 board is burnt so using this now AMD Phenom X4 810 (default clock speed) 5 GB DDR2 Nvidia GT630 2GB (this might get replaced with an AMD RX 550) I keep XP11 settings like Objects = Medium / Reflections = LOW / AA = (using NVidia FXAA from the NV Panel / Visual Effects = HDR Now given the complexity of the scenario like aircraft / weather / terrain / objects the performance varies. its between 15-30 and sometimes even 11 fps. The CPU for me goes max and so does the GPU. Are you trying some kinda benchmark to prove one sim is better than the other ? Comparing an onboard against a dedicated one Is foolish , there is a reason for having a dedicated card . In DCS / il2 if I switch off HDR I have no performance gains. Either you get a decent GPU else I feel FSX is better for you.
  3. I have never till date bought any hardware using a benchmark , The RX550 (It's an AMD GPU ) which is slower than the RX460. XP is high on GPU too, minimum requirement mentioned would be at minimum settings too., onboard card may not perform like a dedicated one with the same FLOPS or whatever it's called its not necessary and Intel GPU don't shine. You can run XP11 in 4 GB ( I run with 5 GB DDR2 ) but when it comes to scenery like HD Mesh and high Zoomlevel Orthos RAM and VRAM will matter. Yes X-plane software is bad , the other one is nicer.
  4. This is not a fair comparison because FSX is CPU bound. as your onboard GPU is not powerful enough hence can be said that many GPU oriented task are being thrown at the CPU. Objects are highly CPU bound in XP. Both CPU / GPU can be strained in XP on max settings. Remember XP11 level is way higher in visuals I am using a GT630 2GB and I have seen XP off loading most on the CPU if my GPU OC goes crazy and that get's me around 12 fps. But most flights are between 22-30 fps depending on the area and objects The laptop setups with the same config would be on different settings like Power Saving mode etc... on the laptop. You need to keep them on the same settings and then try. I am considering a RX 550 4 GB (always preferred AMD GPU to Nvidia ). Though I will be CPU bound because it's an old system but I use other sims like il2 / DCS which are more GPU bound. You can delete the preferences folder and run XP (Remember it will delete on the settings ) and start from there, but my advise keep everything to low.
  5. THe possibility that reducing graphics has no impact on performance could be because the sim is falling on the CPU. But as Murmur has said get a good GPU.
  6. Yes il2 clouds look nice and perform great , but they look a bit odd when underneath the layer around 1000 ft below when i look up at them. though close they look terrific. yeah even DCS has the rotating clouds issue.
  7. Yes they are compatible , Ortho is the real image of the world you will see under your aircraft , HD Mesh V4 does not use Orthos but very high latest DEM and latest OSM / some other data to populate the mesh with forests / houses etc.. But i think if you have Orthos and HD Mesh for the same area imo the one with the highest rank or whatever it's called will be used.
  8. Yes , but having no cockpit interaction when in combat does help but again even with interaction the key combos can be used. I like the engine management once you switch off the HUD. I just got it recently a few days ago, I like the feel of flight in il2 probably the best in ww2 aircraft for ME. An extensive DCS user but I consider il2 a better platform for WW2 props IMO. It's the kind of simming I like especially props
  9. Know nothing about graphics , but I think during XP10 run I did read on the blog about this particle thing might be implemented. Probably we might see something when Vulkan gets active on the XP platform. Did see a video of rain effects on the windshield a week ago looked nice but what programming that was no idea. Oh yeah that skidding audio should get a replacement probably how it might sound in real.
  10. throw all the other sims out the window let's play il2
  11. some things i read in this thread makes me laugh.
  12. I agree on the point that when one can't and the other can simulate what one wants is superior for you. For me the other sim is superior because I tend fly the helis more often and purely VFR and the other does not offer that superiority and some other type of flying . Cheers
  13. Nah I got a 10 year old system an AMD Phenom with a 2GB GT630 but I do run a few 64 bit sims quite nicely with lowered sets but enough to enjoy, but anyway the point is there is no clear winner and as you stated "What's important to the individual" , as to the features its a mix for all the sims IMO. Anyway before this thread goes off topic ,I think we are all fools arguing on every thread about that so called superiority the software we use to simulate a flying environment. and "my sim is better than yours" was just for laughs Cheers.
  14. Completely agree , there ways to color correct or ortho rectify if you have the talent , a free tool and it's the most simple to use. For me Z17 takes an hour because the conversion is kinda heavy on the CPU. I use a 5 km radius around airports for Z18. Many areas not good but the US / Europe seems to be nice. I got southern India done and its fantastic and used a differnt DEM. I did Southern Africa (around Kruger area ) it's great though some color mismatch but i can't complain. It's a simple 5 click app.