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  1. Ben says a lot of things most don't work 😆
  2. nothing to worry , goto your xplane folder X-plane/Output/Preferences/X-plane Screen Res.prf, thats the file you delete and then just load XP that's all
  3. Delete the .pref file , i had the same issue (after every flight i need a reboot else fps is cut by 50%) so i just delete that file and the goes up. Try it.
  4. Don't think its down due to maintainance , they usually announce the time period for it , this is a random issue happened last week too., it could probably be a server / internet issue
  5. Sad to hear. my condolence to the family
  6. oh , didn't know , though been off DCS since very long , guess will update , thanks for the info.
  7. Awesome , post some Persian Gulf shots with my Miggie 😁
  8. if it will give me helicopters the quality of X-plane on release i will ditch X-plane right now.
  9. it's good with the helis , probably not so stable with fixed and Austin has not yet rectified the asymmetric wing loading. I like the Vflyte AA5 , my go to prop in XP.
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