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  1. bboo

    FMC cargo door

    Different cases where all doors are not armed together. It's not just in case, it just does happen to disarm or operate with unarmed door, according to MEL aircraft can be dispatched with an inoperative slide providing correct pax config. etc, one door could be disarmed after pushback at remote stand for ops, or refuse to arm because of FOD in the brackets, stuck in manual mode. Some refuelling configs with pax onboard require some of the doors armed. It depends on SOPs, also some companies require doors to be armed before engine start, not before pushback, some allow engine running with opposite doors disarmed.
  2. I highly doubt Dassault is aiming for a top quality addon or have the will to provide Wilco with proper resources, they never got an interest in home flight simulation and consider their civilian products nearly as sensitive as their military ones. For example, how can Wilco code the 7x FBW, directly derivated from Military Mirage 2000 and Rafale programs?... If Dassault wanted to release a top quality addon for FSX/P3D, they could do it alone via Dassault Systemes, 7x was fully developped on computers with in-house CATIA software, just like the 777. (From watch companies to the US Navy designing nuclear submarines, a lot of people use CATIA). So ok, maybe Wilco can make a nice 3d exterior/interior model, get an idea of the systems, but that's it, who's seriously expecting a hardcore addon? Nearly 40 euros... hum, well
  3. bboo

    FMC cargo door

    Hi Thomas, 777 doors auto disarm when operated from outside. Pulling the outside handle moves the select handle to disarm position, slide is then out of brackets and EPAS disarmed. Turning the outside handle opens the vent door, then this damned door! While in EU most airlines require Cabin Crew to operate doors, many North American companies have Ground Staff to take care of that. I guess it's even mandatory on modern airliners to have doors self disarming when operated from outside of the fuselage (maybe not the case for 737NG). Wouldn't like to be the guy outside opening a 777 door stuck/left in armed position! (( It's pretty cool to be able to arm/disarm/open/close each door from the CDU (Patrick you should be able to operate all doors including cargo from any CDU on the 777 PMDG), there are situations you keep all doors armed except L1, last minute issue/check/wrong door status blablabla. Ok that won't necessary happen on Vatsim/Ivao/Home basement haha, but that's still cool, and frankly, disarming/opening/closing/arming all doors from the CDU is a 5 to 8 seconds story. I guess they kept the armed position for Long panel state 'cause so few simmers would care about doors operation, there's no inadvertent slide deployment simulation.
  4. Approach 25R is really nice and smooth with both T2G VHHH & FT VHHX. Agree we need a proper KSEA. If T2G can make it fps friendly, no doubt they would handle LFPG later on!
  5. bboo

    Best simulator for Glider pilots?

    Forget about gliders in FSX, totally unrealistic. Give a try to Condor, you won't regret it. It was originally designed for competition training. Great models (some payware packs), great sceneries (some websites offer unlimited downloads for a very small yearly fee), great dynamics, great weather, great community, tons of online competitions. Any modern average PC can run it, full options. Most people there fly gliders IRL, and use condor during winter when real life gliding activity is quite low. If you own a decent joystick +trackir, prepare for a lot of fun!
  6. bboo

    777 training doc from V Australia...

    Love 8.10 - Defuelling: If you are ever required to de-fuel the aircraft, best of luck to you.
  7. bboo

    Al Jazeera and the Boeing 787

    On my 2cents note: AAB has this tendency to put down companies he buys products from (Airbus, Boeing), and people working for him at QR (understand people belonging to him). He's very found of these never satisfied and ridiculous comments during Le Bourget or Farnborough Airshows. While you can easily find out about his puppet show online, finding comments of QR employees is more difficult, as his team actively monitors aviation forums (boom, you're fired). At the end, his barkings for extra discounts ('cause that's all and only about that) usually escalate to mutual Gov. levels where they shut him down (check Airbus vs. QR negociations online, that's a really funny one). This time AJ is part of the grumpy dwarf show (read Airline Financial Compensation Business). The documentary is at tabloid level, it's a direct offense to the reputation and competency of one of the finest aircraft factory in the world. AJ would justify these methods with freedom of speech & information, etc... But how could we blindly trust a media that can't sweep around their own front door (Qatar) while insidiously trying to teach lessons to the whole world? They dare talking about Quality Control, Working conditions, Safety & Security? They should better investigate at Qatar Aeronautical College (training some QR pilots), there's more than enough work for them there regarding Safety! Once done, they can shift focus on local nonexistant labor laws, modern slavery, flight crew management by fear, it's pretty endless. That would buy them some temporary credibility. So yeah, they can (politically) contribute to the free exchange of information in the Arab world, but how strange, never a word on what's going on around their HQ city/country? Thanks for posting Tim, I will avoid this media in the future.
  8. bboo

    Will you buy the 300?

    Haha, very true!
  9. I guess it depends on airlines. Some keep all of the heavy cargo sheets bag in the cabin so ground dispatch can pick it up asap during depax, some keep the library and all ship's manifest in a locked stowage. Crew & Pax 'manifest' are NOT available to the public. Apart from NOC, some airport Ops (i.e airline, customs) or law enforcement agencies, it won't be available, and why would it be??? Could someone book a hotel room and ask the lobby or management for all of the residents information, staff id etc ?... Frankly, what for... ??? Oh sorry, regarding dispatch I meant a simulation of interactions, ACARS msgs like "Yeah that wx cell looks tricky, good we agreed on those extra tons" or the usual sports results, company gossip and b|tchin';) That would be fun! Agree, PFPX is a powerful software, particulary the multi-schedule capabilities. These tools nowadays available to simmers are greatly educational. On the other side it can also mean a too well polished and boring simulation. I mean, Open PFPX, choose your route/options carefully and that's it, it's then pushed to TOPCAT, to your highly automated a/c (Pmdg uplink). You just need to double check data, it's a 30 mins story and here we go, LNAV/VNAV... Unfortunately galley gossip is not available on the pc. That's why I meant a dispatch interaction simulation (ACARS, why not) would be fun, but still, would virtual airlines on Vatsim or Ivao would provide such a service?
  10. Very true, Norway will remain a little heaven! Last time I've checked for US safety recommendations on my local foreign affairs advice to travelers, there were more pages than for any other country (war zones included... True!) Anyway, having a look at the OFP is no big deal. Then, asking for Crew manifest, Pax Info. List and cargo/dangerous goods form etc, better I don't elaborate on that. I don't spread my paranoia Mr. Care Bears, I just guess I get paid for being wrong!
  11. Too bad dispatch modelling ain't available yet for pmdg f@nb0yz!
  12. bboo

    Germany WINS World Cup 2014!

    I'm eating an apple
  13. Welcome back to the arena...^^