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  1. I've been flying the BCF PW model PMDG house livery for a few days now, and I've noticed that the cockipit temperature on the ground tends to rise to very high (28~29C) without packs and a/c ground unit. Is it due to the heat from the E/E and Flight Deck equipments? Also, the temperature continues to rise even when I open the F/D OVHD Door. Is heat escape through OVHD Hatch not modeled? I'm also curious to what the FD Fan does. It doesn't seem to dischargee FD heated air to other compartments, and it also doesn't cool the F/D, so I'm guessing it isn't connected to an external port. (I've tested the plane at BFI, RKSI, SEA and VHHH... OAT was relatively low. Always below 10C. When the packs come on, the F/D temperatures are normally regulated. No other bugs/problems were present.)
  2. Wow, thanks for the info. Gonna check their forums fast.
  3. Sorry to cut in on topic again... I understand that REX doesn't provide route upper wind info so it can't be integrated. However, since PFPX has a quite accurate upper level wind prediction plus descent level wind prediction, could PFPX be integrated? Thanks in advance :-) *Edit* It seems that people are already talking about this in the PFPX forum. Any word from PMDG would be great!
  4. Hallo, I haven't bought the T7 yet, so I was wondering, does it support REX?
  5. I say, fly Japan! RJAA-RJBB takes about an hour even when you comply with all speed restrictions and fly SID and STAR...
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