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  1. Oh yeah it's not urgent by any means, glad to hear it's planned
  2. Is there any chance you guys could implement those? I really like chaseplane but I'm considering going back to ezdok2 for those. I liked those effects and I'm really surprised they are not implemented at the moment. Cheers!
  3. Nice work Chris, im kinda surprised you like "polished" airplanes i like them all rusty, old and dirty :d
  4. Yep, try Mediafire, quite better than Megaupload in my opinion.
  5. That's cause Megaupload has been shutdown due to legal issues, reupload it somewhere else.
  6. That looks great, please don't drop the project.
  7. Hope you finish soon! That repaint looks great.Btw, in some time, could you do a slightly rusty version? im getting tired of all these brand new polished repaints out there, i like the ones with some dirt on the wings and some scratched paint kinda like the older Southwest one Jokerswild is doing, but i don't think hes adding dirt in the wings
  8. Thanks for the airports Marcelo! I've been looking for SABE for a long time, couldnt find it, 'til now! :)
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