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  1. The old CRJ is in its core still an X-Plane 10 plane. They started the development of a new version. But the problem is that Philip is nowadays one of the Laminar developers and doesn't have so much time for this plane. So in the opinion of JRollon the project is currently on hold.
  2. Longranger

    X Plane Screen-Resolution

    I don't think that you will ever see a real difference between these CPUs in X-Plane in real life! In many cases the CPUs aren't really busy but locked, the resource monitors simply can't show you their real situations.
  3. Improves, yes (significantly, much faster and less obvious), but completly fixed no. In fact this was not the real objective of the first step. It is a well known problem of this engine.This will be one of the objectives of the next step.
  4. But if I might change back to the topic. If nothing unexpected happens Active Sky will be available for X-Plane on Monday/Tuesday. And you will probably be interested what Active Sky has to offer under X-Plane. In my opinion the very good control of the winds and the very good performance are the most important features. To give you an impression I went through my video archive of the beta phase. Please remember all scenes were work in progress and the scenes were recorded in different beta versions. The first 20 seconds show the vFlyteAir Ikarus and how the plane reacts to the winds. Then a start from OrbX Southhampton with a Carenado Citation. Quite heavy winds and turbulences in the clouds, followed with 30 seconds of the MilViz Cessna 310 above some clouds. At 5:33 start with a Default 737 from Vancouver . 9:36 Default C172 and new Cloud Textures. 11:45 Juneau to Sitka with Default B58 and finally Juneau Sitka Default C172 with an earlier Version of the High Quality Clouds. The final Version has a high performance and a high quality cloud textures.
  5. No big problem. You know the position of the sun and of the cloud and you know more or less how the cloud looks like that you wanted to draw. Simply use a top down projection and place it at the correct position on the ground. A rough estimate is sufficient. You have no idea how many errors our optical system has to cope with on the fly. If it fits into its general internal image it will be considered correct and differences will be ignored. They have to do this anyway since for X-Plane in XEnviro and SkyMaxx Pro there are no clouds in the sky! So it can't draw cloud shadows or reflections. The weather programs have to fill the buffers by themselves. That is also a big problem. Since for X-Plane there are no clouds it also can't try to correct some values that are hidden. It will be quite a change with a new interface. So I wouldn't look so much at todays promises. What algorithms do they have ready and how long will it take for them to modify their systems to a given situation? We mustn't forget, the new shaders were completly rewritten so it is hard to guess how the new Weather API will look like. I am quite certain that some parts that were in the core of 11.26 will only be slightly attached in 11.30, One of the big reasons for the new shaders is the use of new tools, but what have they prepared and will the new code work as expected?
  6. Cloud shadows are painted, as well as cloud reflections.
  7. It has more to do with the problem, do you start to change the weather system when you replace nearly the complete graphics engine in the near future anyway?They are currently replacing the shaders. It is all a part of their way to Vulkan.
  8. And you should lower the texture setting. Modern Graphic cards no longer use their best performance if they can't use compression algorithms. The data transfer of uncompressed material takes more time than the transfer of compressed material and the decompression if necessary.
  9. Longranger

    X-Plane 11.30b1 Won't Start!

    This is an extremly old Log and Beta 1 is long out of date. We are at Beta 6 right now. And a roll back out of Beta should bring you back at 11.26.
  10. Longranger

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Not quite. The METAR system is in fact in no condition to simulate real weather. It only collects data in a radius of 3 km around and above the airport. Everything outside of this circle doesn't matter. And even inside of this circle there are huge gaps if you want to simulate the weather: You don't even know what kind of clouds are in this circle. If you want to simulate the clouds you need more data and then you have to integrate these informations in a single weather model. There will still be huge gaps in local and timely resolution in these data sets. So in a way they have to run their own weather simulation that even allows them a ,low quality, weather forecast.
  11. Longranger

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    We are talking about much more than a texture replacement pack. What they mean by technology is really a new engine. It is really hard to say, how much this development will cost, so it is nearly impossible to calculate what the upgrade will cost at this time. We don't know what Laminar will do in the mean time. It is simply a weird time for weather programs at this moment. I expect that Sky Maxx Pro and XEnviro will have to restart their developments also, since they used the possibilities to draw directly into OpenGL and simply shut down Laminars own weather engine. But this will not be supported by Laminar in the future. This is the whole problem. And nobody would want to release a program into X-Plane, if it might stop working in half a year.
  12. Longranger

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Yes and no. The big difference is that Hifi has a much better idea, where what kind of clouds are and they add their own textures but due to the weather engine they don't look totally different. You see some images of their page. The weather prediction behind it is the same as in P3D or FSX. And as usual they don't only offer real weather, but also historical weather (enter a date time and location and you get the historical weather data) and you can customize the weather, this means you take the current weather and change clouds winds and so on and fly in your own weather. But what they wrote means a different thing. They can talk to the engine in different ways, with different results.
  13. Hifi has released their first explanations and comments about the upcoming Active Sky for X-Plane: http://hifisimtech.com/asxp/ We are still in beta but it works quite good. Especially the complete control about the wind and fog. But I have to mention: This version is called by HiFi a hybrid solution since they use the default weather engine to place the clouds. This has some advantages and some problems. The reason for this solution is the current state of X-Plane. We are on the move to Vulkan/Metal and no one knows how to control the new engine. Since they don't use their own cloud engine everything will work under Vulkan and VR. In about one year we hope for the finished visual cloud replacement. Till then Active Sky places it clouds (with a limited number of bitmaps and effects), where it wants to place clouds through X-Planes default weather engine.
  14. Well, Duesseldorf was really good, One of the reasons why I put really work into the article: https://www.simflight.de/2017/08/07/review-justsims-duesseldorf-fuer-x-plane/ Luxemburg was still Ok, but no improvement from Duesseldorf, But in Leipzig I got really the imprssion of a half finished product. Parts of the airport were great and in other parts I wondered if I saw a X-Plane 9 or 10 scenery. Dresden had some weird lighting bugs at the tower and so on. Sometimes they brought unexpected performance hits. Other products would be EDDS, not quite the Level of EDDF but decend. Oslo, Tromso and Bergen are good. Andf when MisterX6 is finished with EDDM it will be a must buy. But I wouldn't buy right now. Cyber Monday and Christmas are the right times for in most cases even better deals.
  15. I would say Justsim Düsseldorf. Perhaps Justsim Hamburg, although they have weird runway textures. While they released many airports, I was often enough later not really impressed by their work in Dresden, Brussel and so on. In the Beginning of X-Plane 11 they were sometimes really the first with new techniques, but later I got more and more the impression that they didn't really care. SFD, Nimbus, Global Arts and in most cases Aerosoft often enough work on a different level nowadays.