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  1. Learjet777

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    Are you using XP-11, if you said that sorry I missed it? If it is running fine on your system than eventually you should be able to get it working. For me coming from FSX/FSX-SE was very confusing for just the simplest thing's as you are going through. Take your time, watch YouTube video's, read forum's, manual's, etc... you will get it eventually, and I think you might enjoy it. If it get's frustrating leave it for a bit, go enjoy your old sim, and come back to it. I had 10 and hated it, tried XP-11 a few times and did not like it. For some strange reason I decided to download the demo again and give it an actual chance, and now I really like it. But that's just me, everyone is different. Now my cheap Logitech 3 joystick came up for me to calibrate it at first. I admit I was even confused by the simple instructions at first, but I took a deep breath, paid attention ( I usually don't ), and finally got it. The views drove me nuts at first and still can, but I am even getting over that. The Q,W,E,R,F keys are your friend for basic stuff in Cockpit view, and B for me is the brakes. I still hit the old FSX keys, but most of the time I don't now. Comma key zooms IN and period key OUT. Arrow keys do what you think, Left, Right, Up, and Down. Shift 8 External view, Shift 9 Interior view. Those are the main ones, and when you do look at the Exterior, it's usually the tail, so use the Arrow keys to move left and right and up and down. Hope this basic stuff helps! I hope you get it working, cause I think you will like it, and PBR is super nice, really nice! It can frustrate you but it can also be enjoyable after you get the basic's down. Best of luck for your flight sim's and your health!
  2. Learjet777

    X Plane on an iMac

    Download the XP-11 demo and try it on the Mac OSX & Windows 10 partition. I am getting ready to purchase it on this week's sale, either Steam or from X-Planes store. I am running the demo on an old Mac laptop and it run's fine, fairly amazing actually, but my Windows 10 partition will NOT run that version for some reason. Also, if you are wanting to use ACAR's for a virtual airline you must be able to run the Windows version. Try the demo on both Mac OSX and Window's to make sure they will work. Also some DLC could require Window's in some case's, but also a lot of add on's work on both platform's. At least you can try the demo to make sure! Best of luck!
  3. Learjet777

    Phase 2 Update Notes

    Yeah I have already mentioned to Cryss about popular water runways like W33, W55, A29 I think is next to PASI and of course all the rest or most of them. Hopefully they will ad them soon, in the mean time just start off at some where like Friday Harbour and mess around in all the water there. We did today in a multiplayer. And the Tundra version is awesome too! Thanks DTG, and some of us in the community specifically asked for a float plane, and I am sure the tundra too! Thanks DTG for listening to us!
  4. Also if you just want to make it simple press the U key and it will bring up the waypoints pointer to fly too and should bring up the distance in the compass to the next waypoint. This is the easiest way to fly the mission! And we took some liberties for sure, such as ATC through dialog, a fire station right next to a runway, cause I liked it. Anyway, it is a very fun mission to fly. And I think you will especially like the ending, I think! I do! in2tech on Steam and FSW Break discord!
  5. So what did you think about the mission? Should have been a few more updates to the mission since this original post. A little more testing and release to the general Steam Workshop area!
  6. Alright, it's time for the signature bear to return to a mission. The original idea is from Resort Supply in FSX and has been reimagined by Theo and myself for Flight Sim World. Pick up apples at Methow Valley and deliver them to Lost Valley Resort. After which time you fly through the mountain valley's to pick up an abandoned plane, that a pilot had ditched earlier. I think you will like this mission especially the last part after picking up the plane and flying back to Chelan! For FRIEND's only as it is Beta on Steam! Let us know what you think and if we need to make adjustment's before general release!
  7. Learjet777

    Steam Christmas SALE - Flight Sim World - 70% OFF

    Smart purchase for the future. Yeah, I bought FSX-SE for $5.00 one year and did not even use it for like 3 years! Thinking ahead, I like it :)
  8. It's $7.49 USD, that should get some customers :) I have no idea when it ends!
  9. We are having 2 events and flying into Big Bear, so if you have the add on or not come join us Friday night and Saturday afternoon USA time. Adjust times for your time zone, These are good times for Australia and England and others! Discord link in signature below! Come join us we have a lot of fun and bring your Big Bear add on along :)
  10. Learjet777

    Not Again - DLC Simulator

    Ya'll do know he left the building with Elvis right :)
  11. Here is the link in the DTG Forums, instead of posting image twice. Hope I am allowed to put DTG link here! https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/fsw-break-multiplayer-sunday-october-8-tonight-7-00-p-m-cst.2276/ Come and join, starts in about an hour! Also, next week is going to be really special, at least I think!
  12. Learjet777

    Big Bear Airport Add-on Coming To Flight Sim World

    Nice to see the actual developers in these forums for FSW, much thanks for reaching out to the community and answering some questions from all developers. Looks like we are on the right track now. A long way to go, but on the right track, in my eye's :)
  13. Learjet777

    Big Bear Airport Add-on Coming To Flight Sim World

    Big Bear DLC video! Post your video's of the Big Bear scenery when you get it. You know you want it :) Curious to see how it looks on different systems from low to high end one's!
  14. Has anyone reported the baggage door not working to Just Flight? The answer should be yes, by Theo :)
  15. Learjet777

    Big Bear Airport Add-on Coming To Flight Sim World

    I am really happy for the people that really like scenery, airport's, etc.... Looks amazing to me, and so real :) Bring on all the DLC you want DTG, and 3rd party dev's, eventually there will be something for all of us! We will look back one day and say, Remember when we had 1 DLC plane, 1 Mission pack, and 1 airport. Those were the days :) Ahh the beginning...