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  1. Hello fellow Aviation-Enthusasts, while spotting today I noticed some differences on the A320 wing to fuselage connection. (I'm sorry but I don't know the correct term. But hopefully someone will tell me) Both pictures are taken from the "almost" same position. Did Airbus change the Design over the years or is it really just an optical illusion? I tried to compare both aircrafts from different angles but the result was the same. 1. Aircraft: A320-232 SX-DVU, MSN 3753 / 2009 2. Aircraft: A320-232 SX-DNE, MSN 7014 / 2016 *sharklets* #1.: #2.: As you can see, the newer one has a more *wavy* connection. Thank you in advance :)
  2. I know I'm late on this topic but I have a lot to say. :) While I was a really big fan of FSX and P3Dv4 or FS2002/2004 when I was younger I recently fell in love with XP11. Everything is just amazing. From the feels to the looks it's awesome. So now I'm talking to PMDG. I really wish we will get a brand new Boeing 737NG Series. Including: - right VC proportions with a HUGS option - Options between new and old lights (including exterior differences e.g. Anti-Collision and retractable landing -lights new/old type like in the freeware TDS versions) - No Winglets/ Winglets and Split Scimitar - SFP and a bunch more features. I know this might sound rude in some way to demand things but please let me dream at least :) The 737 are just awesome airplanes and don't you think it's time for PMDG to make a brand new version too? Have a great day and many happy landings. René
  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you! To all of you at PMDG. :smile: I bet it would have been a lot easier to tell us of what's not included, right? And I really thought next week would have been the release week and that she gets released on the 9th of February... Anyway, I can now order my parts for my new Gaming-PC and finally switch to P3D. Can anyone recommend a good yoke which comes as close to the real 737/747 yoke (full 90° to each side, 180° in total if I'm correct). I'm thinking of the Saitek/Logitech Pro Flight yoke but it doesn't cover those numbers and unfortunately they don't sell the Cessna Yoke anymore. Greetings from Germany, René Mrosek
  4. Sorry, but did you even read the first post? Robert mentions alot of awesome stuff about the Queen. Totally worth a read and it makes you wanting it more and more each day :wink: B)
  5. UAE77W

    British Airways Altitude Callouts

    Have you also planned to include the older and newer EGPWS callout sounds? I mean the slightly older one like in the Kai Tak landing video (which were also standard in your first 737NG Product ) and the newer one which we have in the NGX and 777? FYI: I haven't watched a single video of the 744V3. I want to hear it the first time I'm starting this Baby up. -René Mrosek
  6. Ok, thanks for clarification. But on this video the AP disco sounds different. Skip to 02:55. Seems the B757 has different AP disco sounds. And what's with the B744 and B777. They both have A/T disco sounds. 01:05
  7. That's the A/T disco from the B757/B767. Skip to 2:00 B)
  8. UAE77W

    Game breaking bug

    Just checked it in my FSX. I don't have this hole. What are you using FSX, FSX-SE or P3D? And is your PMDG 777 up to date? The current version is 1.10.6492
  9. UAE77W

    North Atlantic Tracks

    Thanks to both of you. B)
  10. UAE77W

    North Atlantic Tracks

    Hi everyone, What are you doing when you're currently on a Track, let's say NATA reaching 60N030W on "ERAKA 60N020W 60N030W 59N040W 57N050W HOIST", and it expires and NATA changes to "GOMUP 59N020W 60N030W 60N040W 58N050W CUDDY"? How is it done in real life, do you continue your actual Track or do you enter the next and then following appropriate coordinates? *Edit: I see that the times are from 1130z to 1900z. Do you still continue on your Track or if you would reach the actual Track after 1900z are you even assigned to a Track? Thanks in advance B)
  11. UAE77W

    URL Expired

    Buy the Extended Download Service for the PMDG 777.
  12. UAE77W

    Beta team

    I'm going to do that as well. B) A few hours ago I finished my flight from Dubai to Munich and I was like "OMG I flew that awesome looking -300ER model which looks exactly like the real one".
  13. UAE77W

    The PMDG Boeing 747 V2.0

    You just don't get it. Don't you? I think I've read about 10 of these posts from you. The PMDG 777-200LR/F was released in September. I think it was the 3rd of September. You might be right that the 744V2.0 will be released in August/September 2015 but stop saying the 777 was released in August 2013. Sorry but everytime someone asks about the new 747 or an expansion you're coming with this wrong statement.
  14. UAE77W

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    I have the T.Flight Hotas X from Thrustmaster. If I remember correctly, Luke used or is still using the same joystick.
  15. UAE77W

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    Hi Rob. I will give it a go. Can you also share your calibration settings in FSX? I'm asking because I don't know which settings are realistic. (e.g. My sensitivity axes are almost full right and my null zones are all full left.)
  16. Hi Andrew - it's nice to hear the FSL A320 finally got the wingflex. I just dealt with your reason not to implent it and I accepted it because we're sitting in the Flight Deck and barely looking at the wings. But great, another feature a lot of customers will enjoy. B)
  17. UAE77W

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    Thank you very much Rob. I really appreciate your comment. Yep, Stab trim is set at the value indicated in the FMC. I haven't got any units around 2.75 yet. Most units were at around 4.50 to 5.25. ZFW is mostly around 203T to 215T. I'll try your suggestions in a test tomorrow. To my other problem. I don't know how the real T7 behaves but does the 777 trim automatically to hold the pitch in general (like in an Airbus) or not? You said you have to adjust and readjust the trim to keep a steady vs. So the 777 should not trim automatically either for speed and pitch? But why does the pilot do not have to trim to keep his target vs of 1000ft/min? That's confusing me a little. In my next test it'll be normal to adjust trim to keep a steady vs, right? I think a video would be really appreciated from all of us here.
  18. UAE77W

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    Thanks, I'll check that.
  19. UAE77W

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    Thanks for the info Ryan. Quick question: I'm at 3000ft (MCP ALT window 3000ft), A/P engaged, A/T on speed set to 250 in MCP window, and Heading Hold mode. Now I tried to do everything the EVA Air pilot on youtube told me. So A/T at 250 still on, A/P disengage and MCP ALT window to 4000ft. So I pulled my joystick very slightly to reach an V/S of 1000ft and once reaching or at VS of 900ft I put it back to neutral, like he showed me in the video. My Problem: The -300ER doesn't hold the V/S. Every few seconds the V/S decreases. In the video the -300ER (or all 777s) holds the V/S of 1000ft. I'm not touching the trim switches, like in the video. Is this a bug and fixed in SP1b, or just my error or did I misunderstood something in the video? - One more question: Is it normal to use forward pressure after rotation to hold F/D pitch? FBW Ref speed was set to V2+20 and A/T did a perfect job to hold V2+20 (around 185kts). In the NGX I trimmed for pitch (I know this is not the NGX) but after 30sec. my T7 still wanted to pitch up (around 20 deg. F/D pitch was at 15 deg.) A/P was disengaged only A/T on and N1 CLB Thrust.
  20. UAE77W

    777-300 With Trent 800S And Older P&w And Ge-90S

    ANA and Korean are using the 773 with PW engines. I for myself would love to see the 773 come together with the -200ER series as already mentioned they all sharing the same engine type (PW, RR and GE). Sure the rating is different but I think the main part is to get the model and the sounds. Everything else is coding which is also the hardest part I think. Can you imagine spooling up those PW or RR engines in the -200ER :wub:. Or to say it in todays language: "Dat sound"
  21. Just for your information. The hook for the emergency exit slide attachment is at the wrong position. It should be a little further away from the fuselage.
  22. UAE77W

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    Just a quick question. What happens if we notice "a hidden bug" which should be fixed? Do we have to wait for another SP or will these be fixed directly through the Operation Center? Btw: Have fun with your new build. B)
  23. UAE77W

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Nice, thank you :)
  24. UAE77W

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Quick question to PMDG and the beta team. Has the PMDG 777-300ER an option to remove the tailskid? So the Air New Zealand in new colors "ZK-OKR" comes without the tailskid while the OC and Hobbits, etc. still have the tailskid?
  25. UAE77W

    BA Boeing 777-300ER (Beta Preview)

    My bad. :wacko: Anyway it's great to see peoples attention on possibly bugs or mistakes.