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  1. 42 is a recent update. They sent it to the marketplace as well. It takes a while for Microsoft to get the updates verified and released. You can update the plane through the operations center. I bought my DC-6 in the marketplace and was able to update it in the operations center.
  2. This is one plane I had given up hope of ever seeing in the sim again. I am looking forward to this coming out. I used to fly the one made by Milton Shoup and his crew all the time.
  3. If you get it, make sure to read through the Introduction PDF. It talks about stuff that is not verry intuitive with the DC-6 like the order to activate the gyro pilot (autopilot). Also, I recommend creating a special profile if you have a HOTAS. You do not want anything mapped to the prop or mixture controls. They don't work like the standard ones of planes from today.
  4. I fail to see the elitism. I did not say it was a bad trailer. I just said I have a different way of looking at the game play.
  5. I don't think I was the target for the official trailer. If it was for me, they would have done the external shots on the ground and cockpit for in-flight...
  6. For those waiting, it is up on the in-game store now. Just purchased and downloaded.
  7. Has anybody seen a PDF of a POH for the Cessna Citation Longitude floating around the digital wires?
  8. I was going to try the checklists for the Longitude, but they only have two. One reason you need the manuals is for the charts to do calculations with. They are not going to have YouTube videos for every conceivable condition pre-calculated for you.
  9. I am on Build: 469.2003.9001.0 as well.
  10. i7-7700K @4.2GHz 16GB GTX 1080ti First day for signup.
  11. The current (as of this video) list of runway types in the editor is as follows. Asphalt, Cement, Concrete, Dirt, Grass, Gravel, Macadam, Planks, Sand, Tarmac, and Water I wonder if they have floats for any of the planes. I also wonder what the landing on the planks would be like in game.
  12. They start the next set of invites next Monday on the 20th for a weak. That is not far from now and if we get in on that one, more features will be in.
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