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  1. Are those water drops on the prop? That's neat! Nice pics man!
  2. gojozoom

    Is there a cure for flickering clouds?

    Hi there, These issues are not related to weather engines, it's an FSX thing, here is the fix (worked like a charm for me): This fix is courtesy of Mike (haldir) over at AVSIM. It gets rid of the issue of cloulds popping in and out of scenes... Here are the instructions from him and my notes below ================================================= Quote: The ultimate culprit lies in the material handling of the cloud shader. Go to this folder: FSX\ShadersHLSL\misc There you will find a file called SwarmCloud.fx. Make a backup copy of this file somewhere. (as always no crying if you don't do this step) Open the original SwarmCloud.fx in notepad or wordpad and then look down about 20 lines down from the top. You will see this entry: bool NewMaterialUsage = true; Change its value from true to false. Make sure to keep the semi-colon. then add the following below the entry bool NewMaterialUsage = false; > = true; The entire section should look like this const bool EffectDeclaration < string Name = "SwarmCloud"; string Class = "Basic"; bool NewMaterialUsage = false; > = true; Save and close the file. Now, go to C:\documents & settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\ (If you can't get to this folder make sure that "show hidden & system files/folders" is turned on in your windows folder options.) (This is the XP path by the way, Vista users will have to hunt for their equivlalent in the users folder.) You will see a folder there called: Shaders. Either move that folder out of there or delete it. Don't worry, FSX will build a new one the next time you run it. It contains a cache of the compiled shaders. This folder must be removed to ensure that the change you made to the cloud shader file above will be compiled and used on FSX's next run. ============================================== Note: This fix can be undone by simply editing TRUE into the line as noted above. Also, I suggest you not delete the entire SHADER folder from C:\documents & settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\ as suggested and instead simply empty the contents of: C:\documents & settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\Shaders\Misc Of course be sure to backup the MISC folder I noted above before trying this so it can be restored -and- backup the original SwarmCloud.fx file in the Flight Simulator X\ShadersHLSL\misc directory. Dan
  3. gojozoom

    Controller of choice?

    I've been using the cursed Logitech Xtreme for a long time. Then, I got bored with the need of re-calibrating all the time and bought the Saitek AV8R-02...man, it's night and day - so precise, I can finally do greaser landings... I have Saitek rudder pedals and throttle quadrant to accompany it.
  4. gojozoom

    FSX: SE. A Dead End?

    Jeez, this thread is turning into an "outsmarting everyone by quoting others" competition... Let's try to steer it back to the original question: There is only ONE THING that decides if a piece of software is a dead-end or not. It's US. We're voting with our purchase. That's the ONLY reason FSX is still alive, and even new developers are joining the bandwagon. It's a business. If we all stopped buying add-ons for FSX (either version) it would die...simple. And this rule applies to all the other sims... If you don't like a certain product or add-on, don't buy it - that's your vote right there... What Dovetail did with this $5 FSX:SE business was a simple poll-survey to see how well it would do in the future.
  5. gojozoom

    Top Bar in Window Mode

    With all due respect, both of the previous answers are wrong. 1.) It's actually doable fairly easily 2.) He's looking for Windowed mode not Full screen mode (I guess he's got a good reason) I'm running FSX in windowed mode with a hidden title bar too (also for good reasons) . Follow these fairly simple steps: 1.) Download and install AutoHotKey from here: http://ahkscript.org/download/ 2.) Create a text file with notepad with the following content LWin & LButton:: WinGet Style, Style, A if(Style & 0xC40000) { WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, A WinMaximize, A } else { WinSet, Style, +0xC40000, A WinRestore, A } return 3.) Save it as "titlebar.ahk" (not .txt) into C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (Win 7) 4.) Restart your computer 5.) Now you can hide the title bar for any program (including FSX) by pressing the Windows button and the Left Mouse button in the same time Tataaaaa!
  6. gojozoom

    Good budget-oriented headsets?

    With all due respect I wouldn't us the word "Bose" and "budget" in the same thread I'm not questioning the quality though...
  7. gojozoom

    FSX on external ssd?

    Let's have a look at the numbers: An SSD is capable of reading 6 gigabits per second If you install it internally the SATA III bandwidth is the same 6 gigabits per second If you use it externally with a USB 3.0 your maximum bandwidth is 5 gigabits per second (not guaranteed though) So -in theory- using an SSD through USB 3.0 would introduce a 17% performance loss (compared to SATA III) which is no THAT bad. However, please remember this: that deep gap between practice and theory is full of "We're sorry"s.
  8. gojozoom

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Seems like you have a very good plan, I'm looking forward to updates re 1.2 And thanks for your reply! Dan
  9. gojozoom

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Fantastic news, thanks for the swift answer! Although it raises another question: From experience I found that the NOAA DEM tiles are pretty low resolution and out by 1500Ft in places (like NZ). Is there any chance that your tool might be able to grab elevation info from FSX itself? With ORBX regions installed, it'd give us a 50m resolution. Keep up the good work man! Dan
  10. gojozoom

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Great little tool, looking forward to try it this afternoon. I'm wondering if you're planning to include any vertical planning features (MSA, elevation info, etc)?
  11. Hmmm, I've been testing this for a couple of days. My specs/settings: GTX750 SC, i7 CPU, 6GB RAM, DX10 with 4X SGSS at 1650pp and a stable FPS around 35-45. It doesn't seem to do anything spectacular for me... I start seeing FPS impact at 2.0 DSR factor but that's it. In terms of scenery/object clarity, it seems identical to my original setup.
  12. gojozoom

    What headset to buy?

    Yup, I've been using that for 4+ years now without a hitch. The only problem is the vinyl layer on the foam that pretty much disappeared, but I don't mind.
  13. gojozoom

    Favourite Plane Right Now

    GA: A2A Cub Tundra, Farichild 24 on floats Jets: BAE146, Albatros Military: A2A P-47, Aircraft Factory Albatros DIII
  14. gojozoom

    Rex 4 Just Creates Ocean Water Textures

    I've got the same problem... Tried playing around with Steve's fixer, FSWC, and REX, but nothing seems to change my inland water either....