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  1. Updating the BIOS on a Maximus board is easy as pie, litterally just put a file on a thumbdrive, name it properly, plug it in and press a button. It's so easy even I could do it. Love my Maximus VII hero, but I just want to make sure...Are you overclocking or not? Also make sure you are using the XMP memory profile. And lastly, these chips still use thermal paste, better than pre-resfresh Haswell but all the same. Sometimes Intel doesn't get enough paste in there (or it's not even centered on the die at all...) and sometimes they are so gooped up it's more like a blanket than a thermal transfer medium. If the chip runs hot or is not otherwise performing up to snuff send it back to Intel for a replacement. It's no different than RMAing anything else and some of these chips come from the factory in subpar fashion. All Intel chips come with a 3 year warranty for a reason. Generally besides faulty PSUs the only other reason I have seen for random shutdowns is MOBO or CPU related. Since you have an Asus board I'll rule that out. So that leaves the CPU itself. Just to be sure though, make sure you have V droop set to something bewteen maximum and off. I think Asus has like 8 steps IIRC, just pick a middleish one at any rate. If it still randomly shuts down, RMA the CPU for sure.
  2. Why buy a 4790K when you can have a Core i7-5775C or the Core i5-5675C? Both these chips will fit in a Z97 board and will be available within the next 30 days, if you are planning a build around current Haswell just wait until these hit the shelves. They are being stocked right now. These new "C" chips replace the previous "K" lineup/s and are the new "unlocked" parts. They are also faster clock for clock (higher IPC) for about the same money give or take.
  3. Get a SSD for FSX, or at the very least a 2nd drive for it. After that, a new not OEM crap power supply. Seasonic is the OEM for most of the "good" PSUs out there so I suggest just going straight to them and cutting the middle man. Start off in the 450-550 watt class. As long as you don't end up with one of the power hungry AMD GPUs on the market you'll be fine with that. One you have those then you'll have the basis to start building up the rest of the computer. One thing to note, my 4690K i5 at 4.6Ghz is much smoother than my previous 2600K i7 at 5Ghz.
  4. Hate to say it as a long time REX weather user, I recently picked up Active Sky Next on sale and well... It's faster to load, easier to use, has better wind managment, and more reliable. Plus it integrates with the PMDG 777 nicely. I still use the REX+OD textures and they are good but the actual weather is controlled by ASN now. ASN does have a fully functional trial product if you are really on the fence. I downloaded and tried it this past weekend and by Monday I had bought it...Had it 5 days now and it's been flawless just like the trial. I was able to get it on sale for 35 bucks and it was worth every penny.
  5. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that doesn't work well with PMDG planes is Shockwave lights. This really isn't the fault of Shockwave in so much a limitation of how wing lighting on flexing wings is done in FSX. Which kind of sucks because shockwave lights are beautiful. You can still use them for the other non-moving lights though. The only other bug I encountered was with the original Accu-sim and the MD-11. It would "bug out" and the plane would "stutter" in flight. Was really weird to see but it wasn't something that happened often.
  6. The ones I posted are good for US east coast (Boston/New York/etc) to Asia (Hong Kong/Seoul/Narita) IIRC.
  7. I don't know where I found this but I saved it. They are actual polar routes though. --- Polar route 1 ABERI G489 THN G490 BRT A91W CS A91 SERNA (24 hours a day) Polar Route 2 DEVID B480 BRT A91W CZ A91 SERNA (24 hours a day) Polar Route 3 RAMEL G491 ASLAR G491 SULOK (0000-1200 UTC) Polar Route 4 ORVIT G494 UHBI R211 SOVIK B331 NINON B149 SIMLI (2100-1400 UTC) Use 3 or 4 to stay under 87N for FS purposees --- It says 87N but not if this was for FS9 or FSX...I haven't used FS9 since 2008 so I can't be sure what you could do with it anymore.
  8. I have downloaded the SP2 version and am going to "crosscheck" it with my Accel version and add the relevant values. Obviously I'll be making a backup of my original but I hope this all works to plan.
  9. 1) Abacus 787....Needs no explanation. 2) Aerosoft Cape Canaveral...I think FSX default may actually be better... 3) Every rendition of the F-22 I have ever paid for. 4) PMDG 747 (I like the MD-11 a lot more, I bought the 747 after the MD-11 so that probably has something to do with it) 5) LDS 767...This one just doesn't get my "juices" flowing, I don't know why. 6) AS2012 (REX Essentials+ w/ OD killed it for me)
  10. The Abacus design was actually based on the Boeing Sonic Cruiser concept which originally was supposed to be the 787. Boeing changed the design but Abacus didn't change theirs. Not that it matters because Abacus modeling is so bad you can hardly tell the difference anyway. And yes, Abacus is a ripoff, sorry you got taken. I would say that a lot of flightsimmers have been ripped off by Abacus over the years at least once. Just because someone says they are "licensed" doesn't mean it's going to be a good product.
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