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  1. I have downloaded the SP2 version and am going to "crosscheck" it with my Accel version and add the relevant values. Obviously I'll be making a backup of my original but I hope this all works to plan.
  2. 1) Abacus 787....Needs no explanation. 2) Aerosoft Cape Canaveral...I think FSX default may actually be better... 3) Every rendition of the F-22 I have ever paid for. 4) PMDG 747 (I like the MD-11 a lot more, I bought the 747 after the MD-11 so that probably has something to do with it) 5) LDS 767...This one just doesn't get my "juices" flowing, I don't know why. 6) AS2012 (REX Essentials+ w/ OD killed it for me)
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