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  1. oneleg

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    Thank you. Very helpful.
  2. oneleg

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    You are right that the price difference as noted above shouldn't be significant at all. I'd love to get educated on these products first but the problem is I don't have much time to do it now and there are pricing/sales deadlines. Two very specific questions then: 1. Will I be able to integrate RXP into Justflight's Arrow III for P3D instrument panel? (Justflights product page on the Arrow III mentions F1 integration but not RXP ie. 2. With regards to the DRM. How many installs am I allowed using RXP's GTN version? I'd like to use it in a laptop and desktop if possible. Also, wIll it be a problem using it with a VPN (which uses dynamic IP addresses)? Thank you.
  3. Ironically, sometimes the harder they are to acquire the more desirable they become. 😞
  4. oneleg

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    I'm ready to buy one. But I"m wondering which is the better choice: Reality-XP's GTN 750/650 for $70 (after discount) or Flight1's Complete GTN 750/650 for $64.95 (no discount) Does Flight1's offer ever go on sale? Also, assuming both have the same price, which is the better buy generally in terms of features and ease of installation (or specifically to Just Flight's Arrow iii, A2A planes, and Realairs's Lancair v2)? Thanks. P.S. Also, which one has the least intrusive DRM scheme (I hate it when they limit the number of installs when you are installing it one at a time only. I had this problem with DCS's DRM. I didn't realize using a VPN effectively ate up my 10 lifetime installations).
  5. Will it work and integrate with the panel? If not which one? Thanks.
  6. Will the Reality XP 750 work and can it be integrated into the virtual panel. Thank you.
  7. oneleg

    Milviz 40% off on all title

    I tried to order from the realflightshop site. Errors or bugs in the website's payment page made me think twice and decided it wasn't worth the risk ordering from them with my Paypal account. It's simply not worth the hassle should I have issues with the purchase.
  8. oneleg

    Milviz Black Friday Sale

    I found out what the problem is. It appears that it won't work if you are using VPN.
  9. oneleg

    Milviz Black Friday Sale

    23BLK code doesn't work for the 310R using Paypal. Oh well.... there are other planes.
  10. I've been watching YouTube videos of FS MANIA (business jets), Countryflyboy (17 videos on the A2A 172R!), and Flighttrajectory (12 videos of the A2A 172R) among others. All incredible. Lots of choices. Thank you for the suggestions.
  11. I just read up on the plane. It appears it requires the purchase of additional payware avionics to be fully functional (eg. Flysimware's GNS 530)? Thanks.
  12. A clarification please. Did you mean the most advanced business jet currently available (even without the GTN750)? Thanks.
  13. Do A2A planes go on sale? If yes, when? Thanks.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I just read a bunch of reviews by Ray Marshall. These were the most exhaustive reviews I've ever read. I also download and scanned through some of the manuals. A2A and Milviz planes definitely have good documentation. How about business jets? Is there anything in FSX world that would equal the functionality and documentation of A2A and Milviz ? Thanks again. P.S. I'm looking for a realistic plane to simulate going around the world. If the prop planes are too slow I'll do it in a business jet.