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  1. I've read the RXP manuals but didn't find then too helpful since, as reference manuals, they primarily explain the 'whats' and not so much the 'hows' and the 'whys' of the features in the units. I didn't know about the Garmin GTN Pilot's Guide. I just downloaded a copy (also found downloadable copies for the GNSes). Thanks for mentioning it.
  2. Fantastic piece of info: "...GPS units, is that they can steer the autopilot in GPS mode, and disconnect and hand over control to the NAV radios in VLOC mode..." Thank you. Does the disconnect have to be done manually? With regards to why I like the default planes... I like the standardized all-in-one panel in them. It also minimizes extraneous details when learning something new. For example, some of the 3rd party planes can't just be started with a simple ctrl-e keystroke without something going wrong or smoking (eg. the Milviz C310 Redux). Some of the 3rd party planes have 'Ready to Start'. But they're not really ready. Some switches still have to be turned and waited on.
  3. Forgot to ask, on one of the screens the default altitude is 3600 ft. I changed it to 2600 ft per your suggestion and the approach chart. I also wanted to avoid having to climb that altitude. I tried to change it to 2600 but the default altitude for ZEBED had a 3600 constraint which I had to remove. Would you know why the default altitude for the GTN is at 3600 ft?
  4. It worked. Thank you Bert. I learned a lot from you today. The teardrop turn is interesting and I can't wait to try it with the Falcon and other fast jets. I am also getting an appreciation for FSX Steam in ultra settings flying low and slow. Default FSX Steam with default planes and scenery is actually pretty good. The only thing that bug me is the inabiility to hide the yokes in the default planes especially in the Cessna, Mooney, and the Baron. Lots of things to learn yet on the topic. Would appreciate any suggestions for sources to read or videos to watch. 🙂
  5. From you instructions --from the GTN main page, you mention PROC as the first step. Shouldn't I select "Flight Plan"?
  6. It went right through SNS. I'm missing something.
  7. No problem. I really appreciate your time. I can fly to the ILS feather manually and then fly the approach based on suggestions here no problem. It's getting to the ZEBED intersection from the last leg without manual input that's giving me a headache. 🙂
  8. Ok? I'm not sure if I understood what you meant by 'with transition SNS'. I don't believe I saw that as an option while following your instructions.
  9. What should it be in? How do I change it?
  10. I hope I'm getting this right. Please let me know if you see anything wrong below. I'll report back later.
  11. I'm taking off from KWVI. This is what I have before taking off: Do I still need to use SNS if I take off from KWVI and all I want to do is get to the ZEBED intersection?
  12. Load and activate from Runway 20 in KWVI? When do I activate the auto-pilot in the Cessna and press NAV?
  13. Your first screen shot shows a NAV frequency of 108.90 and for Comm it's 136.97. Where did these numbers come from. "...without you touching a thing..." is what I'm trying to figure it out. To keep it simplier, I took SNS out of the picture and just departed from an airport KWVI which is 20 miles north of 10R in KMRY. When I depart runway 20 from KWVI what should I have as my destination for my first an only leg to ZEBED? Should I be using GPS or NAV?
  14. @Bert Pieke Hi, I revisited your instruction flying to ZEBED but having a problem using the GTN (in a window) in FSX Steam and the Cessna 172. I can't get the GTN to go to the ZEBED intersection. Creating a waypoint in the default planner also doesn't work. Do you use a frequency to navigate to the ZEBED intersection?
  15. Thanks for info. I'm on limbo on an i7 laptop. It wants to upgrade Win10 but the upgrade has a known bug and always fails. As a result it's in a perpetual loop: upgrade WIndows, upgrade fails, reboot, upgrade Windows, upgrade fails, reboot, etc. The laptop is unusable and I've been procrastinating re-installing a version of Windows that skips that buggy upgrade.
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