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  1. No indication when it ends. https://store.steampowered.com/app/314160/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X_Steam_Edition/ Ten additional reasons to buy it:
  2. @Skywolf Got it. Beautiful. Thank you very much! I'm very pleasantly surprised that it is available and that best of all, it is for free. My life is complete! Lol
  3. Would you happen to know if I can use maps purchased directly from DCS (eg. Persion Gulf) with the Steam version of the plane (eg. A-10c or A-10a)? Thanks.
  4. Do all the trim control surfaces work on the Saratoga? I had an old Carenado or Alabeo plane in which the elevator trim animation was non existent (it might have been the Cessna182RG). That plane really soured me on Alabeo and Carenado products. It made me understand why people complained about Carenado or Alabeo products. Thanks.
  5. Yes, I see your point. Why go through the extra trouble and expense. The question though is it worth the extra trouble and expense to get that specific plane.
  6. Do you have a download or product link? Thanks.
  7. I have all their versions of the A-10, but I was looking for the A-4 specifically. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Amazing. I'll need to take a look into this. Thank you. I'm a little concerned about this phrase in the vrsimulations.com page for the VRS tacpack : "P3D x64P3D v4.1 to v4.5 ( Versions outside supported ranges will break compatibility" I don't want to get frozen into the latest version of v4.5 ( and its hotfixes.
  9. Thank you both. Looks real nice but will it work with P3Dv4? And it's free?? More specifically, with this plane? https://secure.simmarket.com/virtavia-a-4-skyhawk-p3d.phtml
  10. Also, do they do damage on ground objects? Thanks.
  11. That's what I thought. I opened and closed the door and sealed it. I also turned off the master avionics and the battery switch. Alternators, fuel pump, magnetos and lights are off. Throttles, props and mixtures are pulled aft (except that the props aren't feathered). I would think that would stop the whirring sound. Maybe I'm supposed to wait? My first time posting a video with audio. I hope it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggfy9syd4kijm6f/Monitor IPC_024C (S32) %3D 483928 2020-02-23 14-15-52.mp4?raw=0 The sound is discernible or more noticeable if you use earplugs.
  12. There is a whirring sound after I turned off *everything* in the cockpit. What is making this sound? Thanks.
  13. @w6kd Thank you for the heads up especially with regards to FSDreamTeam. I haven't used them much lately. I probably shouldn't have bought them since lately I've been doing GA flights mostly but their holiday sales in the past have been too good to pass up. eg. GSX, XPOI, Hawaiian Airports, etc.
  14. How do I quickly uninstall everything including add-ons? I have add-ons from Flight1, Just Flight, Flysimware, Milviz, Carenado, PCAviator, Hifi (Active Sky), Rex, Reality-XP GTN & GNS, Orbx (50+ sceneries), etc. Everything is installed in a non-system drive (F:) using Windows 10 Pro. I'm tempted to just reformat the disk but I'm concerned about add-on licenses (I learned a bad lesson uninstalling DCS' simulators eg. their A10-C simulator, without first de-activating their Starforce based license). Is there a publisher that I should be extra careful with so as to avoid re-installation issues later on? Thank you.
  15. Appreciate the quick reply. Thank you very much.
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