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  1. jfjoubert

    Speed restrictions

    Hi, Just installed the trial version and was just wondering whether ATC will ever give me any speed restrictions... especially on straight in approaches flying medium to heavy jets? I know I'm flying alone so there's no need for separation but it would be nice as an option for ATC to "slow me down". Is this maybe something that will be looked at for a future version? Thanks Jean
  2. jfjoubert

    IXEG 737 support

    Thanks Helton, That's great news. Looking forward to the CDU support for the IXEG 737.
  3. Hi, Do we need to re-purchase the Virtual CDU 737 Android or IOS app to be able to use it with the IXEG 737, or will the current app work with it? (From Monday... ) Or is it only for the hardware devices? Thanks
  4. jfjoubert


    Hi, I'm also experiencing this behaviour with the sounds.
  5. You're not alone... :wink:
  6. jfjoubert


    Got it...
  7. Hi, you can use FlyWithLUA (or any other) scripting tool to do this... There is even a sample script (automatic set qnh) which is included with FlyWithLUA. You can then map any key (even B ) to perform this action. A small change in the code can be made to set standard QNH once above your transition altitude.
  8. jfjoubert

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    Warbirds, if you look right at the bottom of Kyle's original post you'll see the following line: And you will also be reminded to sign your full name in the forums.
  9. jfjoubert

    NGX: You can't beat a good typo

    Robert, I'm officially complaining (or is it complianting?) about your use of the word compliant, instead of complain... or something... oh whatever. I actually forgot what I was trying to complain about...
  10. jfjoubert

    JetMax and PMDG

    Hi, Are you guys struggling with using the NGX offsets via FSUIPC? Unfortunately I don't have any Jetmax hardware but I've been playing around with both Simconnect (via c# app) and FSUIPC to interface with the NGX and 777. Initially I've used 1 and 0 as parameters on some of the offsets, for example the landing gear. (offsets 74183 and 70087) It seemed to work but I got weird things happening... until I used the proper values for the parameters. Mouse left-click (536870912) and mouse right-click (2147483648). Autopilot and autothrottle disconnect switches also had problems with 0 and 1 as parameters... they will both disconnect but will automatically be silenced without you having to press the button twice. These parameters produce a "double-click" event of sorts. Using the proper mouse right and left click values fixed this. Maybe this has got nothing to do with your issue... just thought I would post this.
  11. jfjoubert

    PMDG 737NGX SDK C# P3D

    Steve, You're the man. I couldn't understand why my OnRecvClientData event wasn't triggered... turns out to be the space occupied by a boolean instead of a byte in managed code. I actually modified your recommendation slightly to keep a bool in c#, by marshalling it to a 1-byte signed integer: (perfect for handling C-style bool values) [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.I1)] public bool Powered; // true if the CDU is powered Thanks ever so much for all your assistance. I really appreciate it. Regards, Jean
  12. jfjoubert

    PMDG 737NGX SDK C# P3D

    Steve, Thanks. Using your code above for the Screen struct has the unfortunate side-effect of blocking/breaking all simconnect_OnRecvClientData events... I'm not getting any updates back from the CDU. Weird... Anyhow, I'll play around with this to see if I can figure out why. If you don't mind could you perhaps check your code on your dev pc... when you have a moment? I'll really appreciate it. I know I'm close with this because my silly screen struct was returning portions of the CDU data, albeit not very useful. Thanks and regards,
  13. jfjoubert

    PMDG 737NGX SDK C# P3D

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the info... I really appreciate it. Would you mind showing me how you've declared your PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen and PMDG_NGX_CDU_Cell structs in C#? Here's my struct code so far... I'm not sure as to how to declare the screen struct containing the cell struct and whether I'm using the correct StructLayouts and Marshal settings: // NGX CDU Screen Cell Structure [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, Pack = 1)] struct PMDG_NGX_CDU_Cell { public char Symbol; public char Color; public char Flags; } // NGX CDU Screen Data Structure [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, Pack = 1)] struct PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen { [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, ArraySubType = UnmanagedType.Struct)] public PMDG_NGX_CDU_Cell[,] Cells; [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Bool)] public bool Powered; // true if the CDU is powered } Any help with this would once again be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards,
  14. jfjoubert

    PMDG 737NGX SDK C# P3D

    Hi, I'm busy writing an application in Visual C# 2010 to interface with the 737 NGX CDU's via the SDK. So far I'm able to control the key press events on both CDU's and I'm able to catch all the events returned from P3D when the data on the CDU has changed. I'm struggling with marshalling the PMDG_NGX_CDU_Cell and PMDG_NGX_CDU_Screen structs to managed code in C# to be able to read the CDU screen data. The PMDG_NGX_Control struct was straight forward to marshal. I'm not too sure how to define these structs and which method(s) to call to register them: simconnect.AddToDataDefinition simconnect.RegisterDataDefineStruct simconnect.RegisterStruct Has anyone managed to do this in C#? My C++ Console app is working 100%, but I'm not a C++ expert and I would like to have a GUI for my app. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: I know I can just go and buy VAInterface... but this app will be the "poor" simmers option. ^_^