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  1. I use SmartStarter now for starting up my 737NGX with all my panels on their proper monitor. http://www.flightsim4fun.com/smartstarter.html Basically you create setup your 737NGX as you want and displays as you need and save that flight. SmartStart then lets you pick your plane, livery, startup config, and location and it injects all that data into that saved flight file. Then in P3d you load up that save file and your displays will be setup correctly and your plan at whatever airport you need for your flight. It's a really great app. I haven't had any issues with black screens on startup though.
  2. I had this kinda happen too but only when I moved undocked 737NGX panels to another monitor. The culprit was something with the lastest GSX update conflicting with P3D. Uninstalled GSX and everything went back to normal.
  3. Great looking 'pit. For your cabin, check out Sim Samuarai. Some basic cockpit designs there you can buy plans for (or buy the whole thing ready to build as kit even). I've been thinking about doing the AX1 when I get to that point: http://www.simsamurai.com/?page_id=32
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