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  1. Pretty much. For a 29" monitor the 21:9 is just over 1" wider but about 4" shorter. http://www.displaywars.com/29-inch-21x9-vs-29-inch-16x10 I personally prefer a wider than taller desktop. I also use this pc/monitor for more than just FSX so the wider desktop has other benefits for me. But again... that's me.
  2. Yeah, I was testing my displays when I took the photo. Here's some more pics for comparison. MFD displays are readable to me and I have no problem with the view. Works perfectly fine to me, but like you said, some may not like it. How the PMDG 777 Starts up by default. 777 zoomed out one click to .60 My EZDok View for the now. How the PMDG 737NGX starts by default 737NGX zoomed out one click to .60 My 737NGX EZDok view Once I get new mini MIP built this how'll mostly fly though.
  3. I love my new 21:9 29" monitor. Replaced my triple monitor setup with it. Here's a look at the 737NGX on mine.
  4. Same here. Mine is out for delivery right now so I'll get to play with it tonight. It's going to replace my Saitek X45 that's dying a slow death.
  5. Are you able to undock the display screens and move them to another monitor?
  6. Mine looks ok using nvidia surround with these settings and halo.bmp if you wanna try it. RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.8 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.0 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.3 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.8 http://www.mediafire.com/download/p5sjpnmal18qhrl/halo.bmp AI aircraft departing KSFO
  7. nolatron

    nav data

    Latest cycle is 1310 which came out Sept 19. http://www.navigraph.com/FmsDataDownload.aspx 777 came with AIRAC cycle 1309. There's a section in the Intro PDF on how you can change the cycle end date to get rid of that message if you don't want to update.
  8. what happens when you jump to an external view? You just see nothing?
  9. If you have a 3 monitor setup just divide the window_size in the panel.cfg file by 3 and use that number. It works for me.
  10. That's cause it's Best Buy. Mainstream gaming has gone to online delivery via Origin, Steam, etc... Any gamer knows that. Heck, even consoles are moving to online delivery for the future. And no, I don't ever see mobile devices like an iphone (and sometimes the DS and PSP/VITA) being the future of gaming. The hardware will just never compare to a PC or Console. It's good for a 'mobile' game to pass the time with or for kids but that's about it.
  11. I don't think it is. PC gaming hardware already surpassed the next gen consoles (XB one, PS4). There's more developers for PC games than there are for all consoles combined (source). I wouldn't call it obsolete just yet. I think the PC will always win as the best gaming platform because the better hardware will produce the better visuals, and I think I developers know that. Consoles are mainly popular cause they're cheaper and in the living room. With all the restrictions, dropped backwards compatibility, subscription fees, etc... that next gen consoles are bringing I wouldn't be surprised to see a surge of people going back to the PC Platform.
  12. Looks like a telephoto shot. The fence is probably nowhere near the aircraft. Good photo though.
  13. I've got the 737NGX FMC screen and 3 MIP displays undocked and moved to 2 secondary monitors and I run in fullscreen mode all the time. Maybe since these are real monitors though? <shrug>
  14. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sarah_Palin_Flight_Simulator.jpg
  15. When MSE V2 came out I picked up 4 states. I thought the look of photoreal gret and a direction I wanted to head. Though I didn't like the flatness while taking off/landing, up high it looked much better than what FSX or even GEX had in places. Last night I flew my first flight (737NGX) in FTXG with Dense autogen and i was impressed. I took off from KTLH in Florida where I have MSE V2 photoscenery to KATL in Georgia where FTXG was on. The FTXG textures looked great and the autogen had no real impact on my frames either. While flying over the border you can really see how washed out and dull the photoreal scenery is while the FTXG scenery was lush and vibrant looking. It's nice seeing a filled city too when coming in on approach. So far I'm liking what I see with FTXG and will probably not use photoreal anymore either. Oh, and the FTXG lightning at night is amazing as well.
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