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    Retired Electric Utility engineer. Like GA, my Harley, golf, sailing, hiking in the American west, computer hardware, winters in Florida
  1. Bump. Any new developments? Where are you with P3DV4.*? I have flown RXP products in FSX for years. I sure am missing them in P3DV4.2.
  2. superglide17

    Switching off all possible services

    Go to NickN's Bible here: About 3/4 of the way through this document is Section 19, an entire section on what you ask. There's a whole lot there.
  3. superglide17

    This Addon Has Revolutionised My Sim

    Just checked out one of the videos on their web site. They flew an approach . Looked absolutely flawless. Greased the landing. If you are into heavy metal, Its the 'turbine's roar' I fly mostly F1 Mustang or their B200, with an occasional hop in the RA Royal Duke V2 Any development plans in that area?
  4. superglide17

    Incredible DC10 Tanker Mission.

    This pilot knows his stuff:
  5. superglide17

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Most excellent Thanks
  6. superglide17

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    Beautiful piece of work! Can this be loaded on a separate computer and linked through the home LAN? Well done
  7. superglide17

    Realistic civilian flights? (Length of flight)

    About 2 hours max. For a very practical reason. My teeth start to float after that. I'm sure most of you know what I mean. lol
  8. I have had this occur using TrackIR also. Recentering with F12 will correct it.
  9. Use this and you won't go wrong. This link puts you on page 6 of 6. Scroll back to page 1 for the entire report.
  10. superglide17

    A36 livery

    ok, thanks
  11. superglide17

    A36 livery

    Paul, I like that paint. However I could not find it by searching the file name. Maybe it hasn't been approved by the admin?
  12. superglide17

    Fltplan Go app for iPad - Way Cool!

    Can I run this on a networked lap top pc?
  13. Have you looked at the videos on the link. The fsx side of the split screen looks much better than the GE side. There may be more improvements in the works but for now, I don't see any benefit.
  14. superglide17

    MV B350i A2.150304 Crash to Desktop

    Are the other planes in which you are successfully making this flight using NaviGraph data. Try flying some other flights using NaviGraph. It could be a flight data problem
  15. superglide17

    Replacement Radios for FSX Default A/C

    I like Friendly Panels. Functional, good selections and inexpensive. They have been around for years.