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    Retired Electric Utility engineer. Like GA, my Harley, golf, sailing, hiking in the American west, computer hardware, winters in Florida
  1. Bump. Any new developments? Where are you with P3DV4.*? I have flown RXP products in FSX for years. I sure am missing them in P3DV4.2.
  2. Beautiful piece of work! Can this be loaded on a separate computer and linked through the home LAN? Well done
  3. Have you looked at the Flight1 Mustang? I've got over 1500 hrs in it. It's not a Hawker or a C5 but, it does have some good systems modeling and flight dynamics. It's also Navigraph updateable. Might be a good interim small jet for you.
  4. I like the flexibility in scheduling. I like the graphics. However, In Aivlasoft EFB, the AI traffic does not register on the moving map. In F1 Mustang and B200, the AI traffic does not register on the MFD. Am I doing something wrong, what have I missed? The AI is visible on Active Sky Next, X Gauge. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  5. 1. Looking at your PC spec's, your rig is border line for this one. 1. You must also be very diligent to install the aircraft exactly as instructed. There are many who have had install problems, which relate directly back to not following the info available in the manuals and FAQ. 2a. As previously stated, there is no VNAV functionality in the G1000. When flying the Mustang, I use a little app called DesPlan (descent planner) to plan my descents. Find it here: http://aerotexas.com/desplan/index.html 3. See CoolP above. I have almost 500 hours in the Mustang and have enjoyed it from day one.
  6. Very interesting read. The fable of the Phoenix comes to mind. Unfortunate ending for Mr. Dawson.
  7. Corey,

    Just thought I'd drop a hello and let you know I appreciate the info you put out there on the M-R-C&O forum.

    Joe "Superglide" Brown

  8. Hi Angel,

    How are things on the North Sea today?

    The Gulf of Mexico is rainy.

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