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  1. Is there anyone using a gtx 1080 and applied the NVidia inspector settings, and if possible can you show me dose settings. thanks. ps I have look every were. no one never answer. so I need some help..
  2. Is there anyone use the NVidia inspector with a gtx 1080 card.
  3. Please don't kill me if these question is been answer. I installed a new card on my computer. I have the latest driver. my question is how can I tell if I m using dx10, and can dx10 make fsx run slow. and if that is case how can I removed. the second question is. how can I use NVidia inspector, I can no find the actual settings required. I like to see it clear, I seeing a video but is not sure is these settings are for fsx. I m using fsx and window 7 64 thanks.
  4. guys I really appreciate all the help. I will up-date my driver. thanks.
  5. I hope I in the right place, I just up-date my video card with new GeForce gtx 1080. the driver is (gforce 388.13 whql-r388-10.4) I been trying to get the NVidia inspector. the only files I get are NVidia inspector (application), NVidia inspector (exe), and NVidia profile inspector (application). I really don't know if these are the 3 files required, all I know is I can not get the files installed. Is the inspector to old for the card or the driver the wrong driver. when I open the NVidia inspector application I don't get the window were you can select the wrench and screwdriver to get in to select settings. thanks.
  6. does anyone knows if different engine variants be added to pfpx for the 747-400v3
  7. I m ready to get the new 747v2, but I have the old 747-400 and the -8. the question is. do I need to removed the older version, or can I install the new version without having any conflict.
  8. google delta fleet
  9. those are bungee cords and there for minimize vibrations in the compass.
  10. well these was the way. VOR/DME refers to combined radio navigation stations for aircraft, which consist of two radio beacons placed together, a vhf omnidirectional range (VOR) and a distance measuring equipment (DME). vor produces an angle between the station and the receiver in the aircraft, while DME does the same for range. together, they provide the two measurements needed to produce a navigational "fix" using a chart. that was the real way of flying back in the days. in the all days you have in the cockpit pilot co-pilot and a flight engineer. does were the ones they actually flying the aircraft. todays day you have what I call instruments monitors. and the reason I say that is because they don't flight airplanes any more. 90% of all aircraft flying today days only required two crew members. but like my coworkers say there are three crews. 1the pilot 2 the co-pilot and the one the actually flight the airplane the autopilot. if you removed from the cockpit two component todays pilots will complaint and the can not maintain and aircraft in level flight, they be all over the sky. those component are the GPS and the autopilot. I know I work in the airline industry as aircraft mechanic. so there you have it.
  11. I just notice that the rotating beacon on top of the vertical flash in the front of the beacon. it look like the actual bulb is on the outside of the red cover. if some one have and idea on how to fix these issue I will like to know. it is a minor issue but is not wright. other than that is a good acft.
  12. if you seriously considering purchasing the Ifly 747 go right a head, them come back later and purchase. the pmdg is that simple. you don't have to tell any one.
  13. I remember that was the first airport that I use for the first time using flight simulator 1, using my first computer top of the line tandy 1000. and a monogram monitor.