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  1. Hello All, UFLY737 is a 737-800 Fixed based simulator located in Chiswick, West London, and our simulator incorporates the latest flight deck technology to provide an experience that is as close to the real thing as you can get. Our Summer Sale continues with 45 minutes in our Simulator for £47, which is a massive 53% off. The Session will be supported by a experienced personal flight instructor who will be able to cater the session to your needs. The package makes a ideal gift for birthdays and other special occasions. You can Purchase the Offer Here - This deal expires on the 9th August 2012 Please feel free to visit our website: www.ufly737.com Hope to see you in the Simulator soon!
  2. Been in need of a decent Q400 for a long time!
  3. Awesome news for the future of exploration on Mars. Hopefully they don't drive it into a crater!!
  4. Javier, It depends where in the world you do most of your flying, as procedures and phraseology can change.
  5. 2D Works fine, if you struggle with the viewpoint, you can always move it up or down using the default commands.
  6. Peter, I'd imagine the problem is either with the: A) Aircraft Contact points in the .cfg or B) the Airfield elevation is slightly out ( You will need AFCAD to fix).
  7. Looking Forward to PFPX and Updates to TOPCAT :)
  8. Between 8-12 hours. Means i can get some work done whilst i fly :)
  9. Amazing what a Empty 777 can do :)
  10. Looks good, will have to get a copy!
  11. UFLY737

    Pilot prank

    Nicely Executed!
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