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  1. Hi there, I've just upgraded to the MSI OC Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (Hawk edition, whatever that is!). The performance increase is mind blowing, your probably wondering how I can say it's a serious increase in performace, well my previous GPU was an in-built Intel HD 2000 Graphics which was frankly, ######! I've also just installed a new Cooler Master 650W Bronze PSU to my system. If anyone has any recommended settings for the afterburner tool (as seen in the pic below) for my card (MSI OC GTX 560 Ti hawk) then please let me know. My current settings are in the image below. Also if anyone knows of any good add-ons to get for FSX that will increase the quality and graphics of the game then please let me know! I already have the following; ENB Series (GTA SA version I believe, v0.75?) Real Enviroment Xtreme (Blue icon on the desktop with the letters REX) Many Thanks Alex
  2. Looking at your specs I can't see a reason to upgrade. I just recently upgraded to the OC MSI Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (hawk edition or whatever!) and mine is smoother than ever before, excellent performance. You asked if it's worth upgrading to a 670, that's a total waste of time, just use the MSI Afterburner tool to change your GPU performance, you can get the exact same performance off your card!! On the question of will it do FSX any good, my answer to that is; the difference will be marginal, with an i7 and 8GB of RAM, your safe for now! Until the next generation of super computers comes out you'll be fine!!
  3. Hi there, I'm planning on upgrading my PC but I have developed some un-certainty as to whether the setup will run together. First are my current specs the second are the specs I'm planning on achieving; Current Setup; Intel i3-2120 @3.30GHz 8GB RAM (no idea what brand!) Asus P8H61-MX MOBO 300W PSU (I believe it is anyway!) Intel HD 2000 Graphics (inbuilt GPU thingy!) Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit The specs I'm hoping to achieve; Intel i3-2120 @3.30GHz 8GB RAM (keeping the same RAM) Asus P8H61-MX MOBO (keeping same MOBO to!) CoolerMaster 650Watt GX Bronze Gaming PSU (this is powersupply some guy on youtube had with same MOBO as me) Nvidia GTX560 Ti 1GB Graphics Card Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit What I'm wondering is; Will the 2nd Setup work together fine?, this is more of a tech nerd post than an FSX post, at least I hope it is I'm hoping FSX will run pretty smooth on the new setup all being well if it works! I'm kinda hoping to avoid upgrading the processor as they can be quite pricey and kinda figured it would be cheaper to get a grahics card instead! Also if anyone has information about FSX running the GTX 560 Ti with the i3-2120 please let me know, I haven't been able to find any information about this setup for FSX on the internet so if anyone can spread light I would greatly appreciate it! Oh, I'm also planning on playing other PC games on this setup such as Battlefield 3 and GTA IV, does anyone know if those will run nicely on the new setup? The pics are what I'm dreaming to acheive!!!
  4. sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I did some checking yesterday on the power supply of the tower. I took it apart and in the back was a large box with loads of electrical terms also containing some numbers, I deducted from these numbers that 300W is the current input, or so I believe, I'm not sure if I can't uprate the power input or whatever, I'm also unsure as to the name / model of the PSU.
  5. Right click and select run as administrator.
  6. Can I just ask you as well; does a motherboard make any difference to the performace of FSX? My Motherboard is an Asus P8H61-MX according to the booklet in front of me! Is that an important piece of kit or just something on the side?
  7. I understand that my graphics card is a load of s**t!, I'll upload a pic of my settings and you tell me where to change, hold on. Here are my FSX settings currently.
  8. Thanks for advice, could you be slightly more specific as to where I'm going wrong, 8GB of Ram and 3.30GHz processor sounded pretty good to me, I've heard FSX is more CPU dependant than GPU?
  9. I was interested to know if anyone could give me some help regarding the laggy gameplay on FSX at the moment on my PC. I have uploaded my Direct X diag if thats any use to anyone. Here are the stats that I know of, anything else just ask; Zoostrom PC (no idea what the model name is!, fairly new, purchased around 2 months back from Argos) CPU = Intel® Core™ i3-2120 @3.30GHz Installed Memory / Ram = 8.00GB System Type = 64-bit Operating System (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1) Graphics Card = Intel HD Graphics (I'm guessing it's crap! It came with the computer!) Hard Drive = SAMSUNG HD204UI ATA DEVICE 2TB Windows performance ratings: BASE SCORE = 5.2 PROCESSOR = 7.1 MEMORY(RAM) = 7.5 GRAPHICS = 5.2 GAMING GRAPHICS = 5.8 PRIMARY HARD DISK = 5.9 (scores current as of 12th/August/2012) Addons on FSX; PMDG 737-800/900 NGX PMDG JS4100 Manchester Airport UK scenery UK2000 FlyTampa St.Marteen and the other one airport round that airport
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