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  1. Piper cub, CRJ, MD-80, 737, A320, P-3 ORION, 757, Q400, ERJ, I;'m sure there are more, but cant think of them.
  2. hayser75

    Your age?

  3. hayser75

    Malaysian Flight 370

    Now the news is saying they are looking more into the pilots and looking at the captains flight simulator. Apparently he had quite a nice home cockpit with FSX. I'd be real curious to see his .PLN files. I plotted the waypoints they released of the 777 into skyvector the other day, I wonder if there is a match....
  4. hayser75

    Farewell to the Warthog

    I think the recent events in Ukraine with Russia make it pretty obvious that the A-10 is still needed, something designed for the cold war might get some action.....
  5. Thanks for the advice, again great pics!
  6. Looks amazing!, Goes on my wish list. Is it difficult to set up the 3 monitors? What kind of card do you have and what type of specs are needed to run multiple monitors?