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  1. johnsturm

    GSX with Ray smith scenery issues

    GSX skips over many of Ray Smith's airports because they are above the default BGL size threshold. You can increase the threshold by editing the .ini file as discussed here.,13489.msg100092.html#msg100092
  2. johnsturm

    PMDG Ops Centre notification

    Ben, the only way to get the updated 300ER is to download the new installer for it. Uninstalling and reinstalling the same old version is not going to do anything. If the download is not associated with your account then you may have to access it using your email address and order number on the same page that you log in at PMDG. If you have lost this information there is an option to have it emailed to you.
  3. johnsturm

    Problems replacing computer components?

    PMDG have not done email support in a long time. You will need to open a support ticket at They will get you back up and running. To the OP, for the 777, before you start the upgrade you can deactivate your key through the settings menu on the CDU. That will release the registration so that it is not counting against your limit.
  4. johnsturm

    PMDG Ops Centre notification

    You don't need to update the ops center, you need to download the updated installer for the 300ER. Go to Login Click "View previous orders" Click on the order number for the 300ER (it will be the 29.99 one) At the bottom of that page, click the download url and save the updated version to your computer Run the installer
  5. johnsturm

    PMDG Ops Centre notification

    You cant update the 777-300ER through the Ops Center, you have to re-download the installer from where you bought the product. You can just run the installer again, no need to remove the old version first.
  6. johnsturm

    Key assignment for pitch trim....?

    Just note that if you are using the 777 to test whether or not the trim buttons are working, you must have the hydraulics turned on.
  7. johnsturm

    Flight Deck Doors. Do they Open?

    Don't think it is particularly helpful to remind him a year and a half later.
  8. johnsturm

    Keep getting engine oil failure.

    In case you are still having problems locating it, here is the exact location to delete the unused panel states from: <FSX>\PMDG\PMDG777X\PanelState
  9. johnsturm

    Product Activation

    You should be able to reactivate it on the same pc an unlimited number of times. If you are having issues you need to open a support ticket with PMDG at You will need to login (or create an account) then click on the "Tickets" button. This account is separate from your forum account.
  10. johnsturm

    FSX reinstallation

    Just make a backup of the entire <FSX>\PMDG directory. The specific files that you are asking about are stored in <FSX>\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft. They are named <atc_ID>.inf
  11. Sure, it is the "CLOCK" button next to the "MIC" button to the left of where the old analog clock used to be. It is there no matter what type of clock you have installed. You can see it in the photo you posted. Just look for the button labeled "CLOCK" just below the PDF popup in your photo. Left click to start/stop/reset the timer. Right click to toggle acceleration on/off. Another useful tip; if you push the "MIC" button it will open the 2d radio panel. Happy Flying
  12. johnsturm

    PFPX template for the -8i?

    You should probably just use the 747-400 profile in PFPX since the PMDG 747-8i expansion is ONLY an update to the visual model and therefore does not model the differences in flight characteristics between the -400 and -8i. Take a look at the section in red on the product page.
  13. johnsturm

    Just started testing NGX w/ Active Sky Next!

    There is a Turbulence procedure in the FCOM that may help. See PMDG-NGX-FCOMv1.pdf page 276.
  14. johnsturm

    Pmdg 777 external power

    You get an "APU RUNNING" EICAS message when the APU is supplying power to the aircraft. At that point it is safe to disconnect External power.
  15. johnsturm

    PMDG 777 Can't open Cargo FWD/AFT doors

    Ah, in that case do you have the APU running or Ground Power connected?