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  1. swk1959


    Thanks for the reply it is much appreciated!
  2. swk1959


    I installed the add on worked fine the first time , really liked the result, since the first flight everytime I launch it Prepar3d v4.4 crashes. Does anyone know if there are compatibility issue's with the latest version of Prepar3d. I don't know where or if logs are installed sorry if the info is vague. I am very new to Prepar3d. Thanks
  3. swk1959

    Scenery Questions

    Noah, Thanks so much for the reply. At first I thought the graphics and overall experience with no add ons was truly lacking. Especially compared to X-Plane. But I decided that I wanted to run both and am committed to doing so. I have seen so much video footage where prep3rd v4 looks awesome. These are obviously set ups with a great deal of aftermarket purchases. The Orbx global package runs about 91 US dollars which is basically $130 Canadian. Prepar3d cost me roughly 85-90 Canadian. What I'm getting at is that had I come from an FSX background where I had acquired a lot of add ons over time it would be a lot less painful. X-Plane because it lacked so much for such a long time from 3rd party developers has grown a secondary community of developers of mesh, airport scenery developers, and photo real sceneries, the vast majority are free. Having said that I am very new in my journey with Prepar3d, but as much as it is lacking right now, I do have to say there is "something" that I really do like about it. I am just starting the learning curve and I am sure that down the road I am gonna enjoy them both a great deal. One of the things I have noticed for example is the at night. Prepared seems to glow from the bottom rather then the objects being lighted from the top. Is this something that is native to the sim or is it something that would be addressed by Orbx or other 3rd party add ons. At any rate thanks for taking the time to reply, Best regards, Scot
  4. swk1959

    Scenery Questions

    I understand what you mean by default scenery not sure what you mean by default shaders, forgive me if it's a stupid question, I am not familiar with Prepar3d at all. Thanks, Scot
  5. swk1959

    Scenery Questions

    Hi Folks, I am a long time X-plane user, I am an avid flight simmer, although I have used X-plane since version 9, I had heard that Prepar3d had gone to 64bit and I was intrigued to check it out. I have seen several youtube video's and it looked pretty good so I decided that I would check it out. I purchased the licence and installed yesterday. It took a bit for me to configure my controls etc but I finally got that done. The first thing that I noticed as I did my first flight, which was a vfr flight from my home airport CPR5, is that everything looks the same as it does in fsx. The autogen draws the airport in the middle of small city rather then a sparsely populated county road that it is actually on. The road structures in general don't seem right and make vfr difficult at best. I know that X-plane uses open street map to update roadways etc. Does Prepared have a way to incorporate this type of thing as well? PLEASE let me make perfectly clear that I am not bashing the sim, I have purchased it and am eager to enjoy both. Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Scot
  6. swk1959

    auto pilot problem

    @mgeiss, thanks for the reply much appreciated, however since I did the next available update the issue has disappeared should it arise again I will give that a shot thank you !
  7. swk1959

    auto pilot problem

    the vskylabs dc 3 , and the caranado b 200 and 208. I've searched the forums at the org and at the developers blog and not been able to find anything. Can't find a way to "sync" the gyro to magnetic north either. Thanks for the reply if you discover anything please drop me a line
  8. I recently got the latest beta 8, since then I can no longer use the auto pilot, I get a message " the directional gyro is not aligned with magnetic North" when I set the heading bug to the desired heading it flys in a totally different direction then the heading set, never seen this before in all the previous versions of x-plane including the last version I used 11.05. any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  9. not impressed? how did you ever put up with fsx? there are plenty of scenery available, a lot of them far superior to ORBX, the major difference is quite a few are free, with a little time and effort the sim looks amazing
  10. swk1959

    pb16 is here

    huge improvement here
  11. I just recently stumbled apon this program and I think it's great! It's a bit confusing trying to follow the manual but after some time on youtube It became as clear as mud I have the general "jist" of it after a lot of trial and error. Once I got photo scenery around my home town area it was absolutely night and day. even though the images below are not 3d I am able to easily navigate by visual references VFR in the appropriate condition which for me really add to the immersion effect. The problem that I am having is that in some area's there appear to be area's not covered that are depicted as "water world" with trees and houses growing from them, or an artic white with the same. Is there a way to trim the ortho's to show the default mesh and osm data when there is no suitable zoom level or ortho available for the tile, while still being able to maintain the area's of the tile that are shown? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may shed. Best regards, Scot
  12. Looking for opinions, I am going to a multi monitor system, there seems to be two options for the gauges, air manager or panel builder, any feedback would be welcomed. Best regards, Scot
  13. swk1959

    missing object

    Tony, worked like a charm thanks for the help I wouldn't have figured that out in a million years cheers and thanks again !! Scot CPR5
  14. Hey Folks, I recently downloaded some airports in my area and have had trouble getting them to work properly. I wound up having to update a bunch of my libraries but I am still getting the annoying pause when the airports are in range saying that they might not display right. After reviewing the logs I discovered that I am missing an object but I am not sure what library the object is missing from. It is the same object for all three scenery's. The message I get is ' Unable to locate object: objects/decorations/tracteur_dynamic.obj " any help would be greatly appreciated, Scot
  15. swk1959

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    very sad news, he will be missed rip Tom