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  1. I check the forums here and elsewhere a few times a day. I have gone back to my usual flight simming routine, and just spent $100 plus on recent BF add on deals. I imagine I will stop simming on other platforms once MSFS drops—when/if VR is included.
  2. In addition to KCGX, I wouldn’t mind landing the 747 at VHHX. Imagine the detail in FS2020.
  3. I thought for sure this week. If not out tomorrow, then next week...in not next week then the following...if not the...
  4. Just for more fun: Wingsuit/skydiving missions involving jumping from planes, and other objects.
  5. Thanks. I can’t fathom what he means. Maybe a technical limitation with the new graphics engine...
  6. Verbatim Translation via Google Translate regarding VR: "STANDARD: You have already addressed VR. What is the topic on the priority list? Neumann: Very high! Asobo and I have years of experience with VR. We know what a lazy and a good implementation look like. We want to bring a good solution, for example by cutting off the cockpit from the rest of the world. Then you can move freely in it, and the world in the background does not start to shimmer. We have started with VR, but we want to do it right." I don't know what this means... "cutting off the cockpit from the rest of the world" Anyone know?
  7. Pfffff... FS2020 allows you to control the weather and fly anywhere in the world—probably better graphics as well.😁 By the way, how well does track Ir work in your plane?
  8. I can confirm. I have an HP reverb--the resolution is pin sharp at 2160x2160, and I get 45 fps around the bay area.I'm using a i9-9900k/1080 ti. The resolution is a must for simming.
  9. Environmental effects/accumulation on planes, such as dirt/bugs and the ability to clean it off by flying in the rain, and/or wipers. I just watched Jerry Wagner, on YouTube, do this in his Cessna 410. Damage model and survivability rating after a crash. Maybe a TODO for 3rd party devs since Asobo won’t include due to licensing. Controller profiles for each plane. see X-Plane. Robust view options with custom assignments. See X-Plane. plane and boat traffic comparable to X-Plane. Cars in FS2020 detract from immersion at this point. They look like the default traffic in FSX so far. I also want VR no matter how simple. I can deal with it...really ... I also want ATC and seasons... Long term goal: Allow a unified world simulator for all manner of flight, train, car, ships to coexist in real-time multiplayer.
  10. I received my Honeycomb Alpha yoke today and have a minuscule dead zone as far as I can tell. I am really satisfied with mine. Maybe a newer revision? It seems comparable to my PFC Jetliner yoke, but with better centering.
  11. instead of using “VR” can we use “RV” instead? It may be more palatable for some here 😂
  12. I got the same feeling as well watching Fselite’s latest Asobo interview. They can just do the basics now any iterate later. Make it similar to the barebones Aerofly FS 2 implementation. And...we really do not need to “put on and remove the headset“ due to VR windows built into Windows 10. VR simmers are used to making due with with basic VR, since the largest titles are not built from the ground up with VR in mind.
  13. carmined: " If you have to bend the rules then there is only ONE OTHER SIM THAT NEEDS TO BE CREATED OTHER THAN FLIGHT SIM: TRAIN SIM 2!! We got robbed on that one! " Yes, I almost forgot about that one! Quite disappointing when that was cancelled. I want Microsoft Space Simulator as well. Can you imagine orbiting Microsoft Earth(TM)?
  14. Right! Declaring and emergency to land and golf. 😁
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