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  1. This is really about creating safe spaces and banishing others to it.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/YmuTrKG I am ready for driving and flying in MSFS 2020 😎
  3. Regarding SDK: it will be released soon. This is also in the “what we know” thread. Listen starting @ 25:00. https://www.flightsim.com/images/features/msfdev/FlightSim.com-Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Interview_AUDIO.m4a
  4. The Microsoft preview event was held on Sept. 18th and the interview was posted on the Avsim front page on Oct. 1. Nevertheless, hopefully the VR clamor here brought some attention our way.
  5. I really don’t understand why anyone would want to remove a poll, where people have no been intentionally harassing pro VR people. Look at this tread for example, why do we have to defend wanting VR? The town folk have spoken
  6. We are only responding to FUD regarding VR and polls. If you think the polls are unfair, what is stopping you from rallying people here and elsewhere. You may, heaven forbid, persuade a few to stick around and contribute. VR users are not here to rain on your parade, only your narrative. We expect the same Curtesy. That is all.
  7. The horror. 😨 think of the users it brings to Avsim, or would you rather they stay off your lawn?
  8. You shouldn’t confuse anyone with “pancake” they may short something out with syrup. 😉
  9. Thispost is direct towards FlyByNumbers, my apologies. this was a mix up, sorry!
  10. Maybe it is entertainment at this point. Lol
  11. And they wonder why people avoid this forum. We need to be getting new member of all levels of flight simulation on these boards. The acolytes need to tone it done, seriously.
  12. Perspective. Do you seriously believe most people are interested in “IMC training”, as you call it. When was your cockpit certified by the FAA? Are are you a certified numbnut?
  13. You might want to put down the mirror sir, and back away. This post is direct towards FlyByNumbers, my apologies.
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