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  1. I am hoping for the addition of a mouse yoke (as all of the previous versions had)
  2. As of late, my weather toolbar is still inactive... I read somewhere that this is due to a certain server that manages/replicates configs is unreachable by me... Too many moving parts!
  3. After the patch installed, My weather toolbar option is greyed out and no longer available! This stays the case no matter how I change the data and live configurations (which were never changed to begin with)
  4. I will suggest that there is a bit of a disparity between the alpha/beta folks and the newly minted paying customers because the alpha/beta folks have experienced the excitement of what is offered in MSFS for a longer period of time. Bottom line is we cannot get to the great improvements of MSFS to come, until it is released...
  5. So by your logic, it is ok with you if software products are released to the paying public in a somewhat unfinished state, because nothing is perfect? While I was an alpha/beta tester, and I believe that it wasn't ready for prime time, what you are suggesting can lead to a very slippery slope, as everyone's definition of suitability can differ... Let me asked you personally... What level of disfunction in MSFS would have changed your opinion on whether or not MSFS was suitable for release? 😀
  6. Like most of you, I registered out of the gate... I have accepted the reality that I will likely not be chosen, so I have moved on, and continue to enjoy the other great sims. FS2020 will have its day (once it is released!)😀
  7. Many thanks! I wasn't sure if it was in a config file setting, and the atmospheric (beta) button was something else. I wonder why LM didn't label it trueSKY... So the WaterWorks 2.0 is simply enabled with pushing the detail slider to the right?
  8. Hi Nemo, So at the risk of sounding silly, I have to ask.. How does one turn on/off trueSKY? is it the Atmospheric (beta) check button?
  9. After installing the Hot Fix, I have found that the only way I can finish a flight without VRAM crashing is to not change views or open menus, even if I have more than 1GB free of VRAM. There still seems to be some work needed here. Now, in the interest of simulation accuracy, It is not realistic to pop out of the cockpit and externally view your bus while circling 360s... Nor is its accurate to open a menu and change the conditions of the flight environment. But since these options are provided, my expectation is that using them should not crash your simulation. LM needs to fix this...
  10. Has anyone been successful in getting the PMDG 737NG working in P3Dv5? I am referring to the previous P3Dv4 version, not the new 737NGXu. Thanks to all in advance for answering!
  11. Did you do anything special to get the PC12? I installed it from the v4 installer and ended up with some transparent panels and dash.. Thanks!
  12. Installed the PC12 and the dash is missing. Gauges are there against the backdrop of the runway. I submitted a ticket to Carenado and their response was simply that the planes have not been tested with / or are updated for V5
  13. So KBOS 14/32 has now been added! Looks quite similar to the KBOS in FSW...
  14. For my machine, (2016 MBP 15" w/ AMD 460 GPU 4GB running Boot Camp) v5 provides the best flight sim performance as compared to the rest of the major sims. I am focused on the flight performance.. I am willing to forgive some of the primitive textures, and other growing pains to be able to fly at a solid 30fps without pauses... I also like having the VRAM info display (having only 4GB VRAM) Just waiting on Active Sky and my Carenado PC12 updates...
  15. It was a simple as reinstalling... The site read that the current version was 4.11... I. reality it is 4.1.6 Reinstalled and all is working... Thanks to everyone for helping!
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