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  1. HI Dave How much interaction does Pilot2ATC have with AI traffic? I have seen that there are plans to implement it?
  2. Hi Dave I had nil issues during clearance, taxi or take-off. However I started to get issues after levelling off at my Cruize alt. When atc tells you too change frequency. The Co-pilot responds but the frequency does not change. I then change it manually and it works. However if I request by voice using a salty phrase it gives me an error message. It even gives me the error message if I use the salty function to say it for me. Below is a cut and past of the error that pops up. Unhandled exception for object name; Rich Text Box Let me know where to send the error logs too. I am using version I also only have 1 day left on my Trial run as I have been too busy at work to test fully until today. Regards Damian
  3. I have beta 7.3 and it says the demo has expired. I download 7.3 yesterday, and uninstalled 7.2 today. I then rebooted my pc and installed 7.3. When I started p3d v3 I got the error message. Any sugestions?
  4. Hi Im looking at PF3 is it Voice communications?
  5. Hi Guys, This is awesome info to know. Cheers
  6. Hi Richard, Thanks for the help im at work but will try in a couple of hrs when I get home. I'l let you know how I go. Regards Damian
  7. Hi Richard, I just download the Nvidea Inspector and saw you settings on page 16 and also saw the settings on the first page of this forum. Which settings would you recommend, I have a GTX 680 4GB and are running 16GB ram and an I-7 3770 not OC , which were all purchased this year. Your help is much appreciated. regards Damian
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