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  1. Cooper382

    Phenom Autopilot

    So the Autopilot in the 300 works so much different in as in the 100? In the 100 I dail in the Altitude, the Speed the HDG and press "AP" and it goes straight Forward as it should... I have tested it few minutes ago without the Extension for Navigraph. The Altitude isn't captured. When I dial in 12000ft it climbs straight over it. BTW: With the Navigraph Extension i can't use the whole 300. Get a CTD when it is loading... It's awful to be the Beta-Tester for such a Price... Sad Carenado didn't get Refunds...
  2. Cooper382

    Phenom Autopilot

    Installed Version 1.3 and still the Problems with the AP. The Jet shoot over the Speed I have dialed in, the Altitude isn't accepted and it shoot over it... What is Carenado doing with this one?? :-/ :mad: :Shame On You:
  3. I get an Inaccessible Voot Device Error. Have tried to search for the TODO file but can't find it. Hidden files are shown. What can I try???
  4. Cooper382

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    My condolences to his Family and Friends!!! Never thought that it goes so fast... :( May he Rest in Peace!!!
  5. Cooper382

    The button version

    Ticket is on its way
  6. Cooper382

    The button version

    Damn, I haven*t read that it is only the Voice Version and bought it.. :( Is there someone who wants it for a fair price??
  7. Cooper382

    The new DOHA OTHH Taxi2Gate

    Is there already a solution for AI Traffic "MyTraffic 2010" for this Airport????
  8. Cooper382

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Would like to see the Qatar "FC Barcelona" Livery!!
  9. 335.23 - Because the newer ones give me some Errors... (blurring, etc)
  10. I have bought it yesterday, because the Condor-Liverys :-) I'm Looping for a better Soundpack now, because the Sound is horroble. And If I find the vc Texture update i will try it...
  11. Cooper382

    How many PMDG 737NGX Liveries do you have installed?

    600 = 26 700 = 25 700WL = 62 800 = 35 800WL = 157 900 = 4 900WL = 34
  12. Cooper382

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    On it's First Light via VATSIM from OPKC to OMDB. Flight UAE603/1 for EMIRATES VA :-) 127nm before PASOV
  13. Cooper382

    The PMDG 777 Livery thread

    Nice Looking great
  14. Cooper382

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    After a short Stop at Bergamo (LIME) ready for Take Off for a Long Trip to Cape Town (FACT)
  15. Cooper382

    PMDG Operations Center 1.6.1 - report issues here

    On My System the OC is installed on Drive "C:/Programme (X86)/ PMDG Operations Center" and it runs absolutly Perfect. So I would say "No, you don't!" But more I can't say.