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  1. Don't know if it's your problem, but my experience with VAT-Spy not starting is that it's already running. It minimises to the hidden icons section of the task bar. Did you check there? Ray
  2. Thanks, but I realised your intention
  3. Thanks for the reply. Thought I'd read that document, but was obviously swamped by the weather radar bit Thanks again Ray
  4. Hi everyone, I like to setup a flight for the NGX or 777 pre SP1 using PFPX online weather as a 'forecast', and Active Sky as 'actual' weather. I upload the FMC data, (& weather for 777), from PFPX, start ASN in live mode, and fly. No flight plan in ASN What changes do I have to make to this simple flow to take advantage of the new uplink features in SP1 please? Ray Copper
  5. Big green VOR/LOC at top centre of the ND
  6. Establish on LOC, then engage both autopilots immediately after arming APP works for me. Ray Copper
  7. http://www.nobleair.net/library/manuals/737NGX_Tutorial.pdf
  8. I have a i5-4670k cooled by h100i. It is clocked to 4.4GHz at 1.24v and during a four hour flight cpu temp does not exceed 50 deg C, and water temp 32 deg C therefore I would describe h100i as more than adequate? Ray
  9. Hi, I suggest you invest in a flight planning package then you could fly anywhere you wanted I started with FSBuild with the NGX. Works well and exports to the FLIGHTPLANS folder. I now use PFPX which is excellent but more expensive. Alternatively get a route from an online routefinder site & type in the waypoints? Ray
  10. Hi Arjen, I suspect your not pressing 'confirm' in FSUIPC. Try; In FSUIPC - Key Presses, Set, Ctrl-Shift-T, Custom Control, 70432, Parameter - 4, Confirm, OK That should save it for you? Ray
  11. Load the 'Long' panel state. That will have ground power connected and active. Most of the lights will not work on just the battery. Ray
  12. Ok, I've had a little play and to get Mode C you need to assign a key with FSUIPC to send 70432, with parameter 4 To turn off mode C you send 70432 with parameter 1 This is for the NGX Ray Assigning Shift-N to select Mode C results in FSUIPC lines; [Keys.PMDG 737] x=78,9,70432,4 x is a number dependent on how many keys you have assigned Ray
  13. 69632 doesn't equal 70436 in the example i gave, you need to add 804 to 69632, that equals 70436. In the h file 69632 is the base address, you then add the third party event id to that. The R0 means the key repeats The P or U's determine if the code is sent on button up/down. FSUIPC will enter them for you I haven't the time today, but will try to do a pictorial tomorrow if you cannot get it to work Ray
  14. Sorry no, I worked it out for myself. You add the command you want to use e.g EVT_TCAS_KNOB1, value 804, to the THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN, value 69632. That equals 70436. Open FSUIPC, go to keys & buttons, then assign the button to send 70436, as a custom code, to FSX. That's a brief method from memory of how I did it. Hope that helps Ray Here's an extract from my FSUIPC.ini file for the NGX, it may help [buttons.PMDG 737] 1=P0,0,C1001,0 ; Squawkbox PTT on 2=U0,0,C1002,0 ; Squawkbox PTT off 3=R0,0,C66287,1 ; FS2Crew Soft Mute 4=P0,13,C65580,0 ; AP_MASTER 5=P0,13,C65860,0 ; AT_MASTER 6=P0,4,C70034,1 ; CMD_A 7=P0,2,C70316,1 ; TOGA 8=P0,12,K187,11 9=P0,11,K189,11 10=P0,5,C70018,1 ; VNAV 11=P0,6,C70029,1 ; LNAV 12=P0,7,C70024,1 ; HDG SELECT 13=P0,8,C70027,1 ; VS SELECT 14=R0,1,C65615,0 ; ELEV_TRIM_UP 15=R0,3,C65607,0 ; ELEV_TRIM_DN 16=R0,9,C65602,0 ; THROTTLE_DECR for reverser 17=U0,9,C65598,0 ; THROTTLE_INCR for reverser You can see the custom code all start with C Ray ps this works for the 737NGX, but SDK for 777 not out yet AFAIK
  15. Hi, Have you looked in the ..\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\SDK\PMDG_NGX_SDK.h file? Open it in notepad. This contains all of the custom codes that you can send via FSUIPC (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID) There are a number there for the transponder Ray
  16. Hi Bryan, Hadn't thought about heading preselection. Ray
  17. You're welcome I had same problem. Flew the tutorial flight this morning, and all worked as advertised Ray
  18. Dont think that would happen in LNAV or VOR modes?
  19. Get the state load page up, press delete key, click on the startup state item & leave it blank worked for me Ray
  20. Bryan, Would it be possible to have an option for the co-pilot to periodically synchronise the heading bug with aircraft heading while in LNAV or VOR mode? Ray
  21. Did you re-run the FS2Crew config manager after installing the livery? Ray
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