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  1. I'll check out those sounds! The fuel selectors and crossfeed definitely worked before.
  2. You notice the fuel selectors and the fuel cross feed don't work after the upgrade? What sound are you using?
  3. I think you and I are on the same page on this one. I bought it and have enjoyed flying it on Cape Air routes for a Cape Air VA I fly with. It is much nicer than the PAD 414 it replaced for me, but the panel is around the quality of the F1 441, which I love but is not really Carenado quality. I expected this from the video and the screen shots someone posted on BVATC, so I knew what I was in for. I have only flown less than an hour in a B55 in real life, so I have no real twin experience to speak of, but I thought the plane flew really well. I am disappointed at the lack of documentation. I wish the GPS would pop up when clicked. I did not see the avionics switch. Am I missing something? Anyway, all in all it's a good plane that would be better priced at $19.00, but I have a use (almost a 'need') for it. And I'm a sucker for FSX purchases, too!!
  4. You guys are amazing painters!! Thanks so much.
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