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  1. Got it working. Had to restart. Very strange
  2. Thanks - now having another issue. When launching CP standalone (without p3d), I get the splash screen, but the the interface never appears. I can hover over the app, but just a black screen. When P3d triggers CP, it launches ok. Strange. So now, I'm trying to assign the hat switch to 'Pan' but CP won't recognize the control input. The stick is working, as I can move the yoke, and CP is receiving the axis movement, just not the hat switch. I deleted the entry for 'View (pan)' in p3d. Any suggestions?
  3. I recently had a virus on my system which necessitated a complete reinstall of windows / p3d, all plug ins.... After I got CP installed, my hat switch on my FF stick isn't panning. The assignment is set correctly in the P3d interface, yet it doesn't work. Not sure if this is a CP issue or not. Appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. Since the p3d 4.2 update I'm having an issue when I setup the arrival portion of the flight in the fmc, and as soon as exec is engaged, vnav disconnects and most of the legs have no speed or altitude. The same thing happened to me a while back - I had posted the same issue after a software update a few versions ago (p3d update). Can't recall what the resolution was. Anyone else having this problem and resolved it willing to share what you did?
  5. This just started happening with the latest build that was flashed (today?). My center mousewheel is set so when it's held down, I can pan the camera around. The issue is, when I press and hold the mousewheel, the sim pauses for at least a second. Changing camera views doesn't cause this to happen, only holding the mousewheel down. If I try to move the mouse while I'm holding the wheel down, the sim resolves itself after about 1-1.2 seconds. Strange.
  6. That did the trick, thanks Curious why that happened?
  7. I just recently enabled the 'experimental version' switch to get the replay feature. This worked one time. Today, when I launched P3d, and Chaseplane started, I got a message that says ' Chaseplane cannot find the auto updater. Could be from an instance of Chaseplane already running (there isn't). Try restarting the computer' I restart the computer and get the same prompt, and Chaseplane does not launch. I also launched the VFX manager, it does not find any problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have to say I've had very little issues with the NGX. I've had the plane going on 18 months now, maybe more. I'm using P3dv4. Today will be second time I've been in flight where I go to enter the arrival portion of the route with the star & transition, and as soon as I press 'exec' on the FMS, the legs have their alt & speed erased (about half of the legs in the remainder of the flight). Vnav of course disconnects when this happens. My procedures have been the same since I learned the AC and trained from real NG pilots. I don't believe there is anything I'm doing that's causing the problem. In fact on this flight, at takeoff, once established on the departure and I engage the AP, both Lnva & Vnav are active, but the plane is not following the route nor the programmed v/s. I had to disconnect the AP completely, re-establish on route and vnav path, then engage AP, then it was ok. Very strange. Could this be some oddity from the last update?
  9. It's the presets provided from Rex. These are the only ones I have so far.
  10. Can someone help with this error message: ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 3] : the desired block is not found Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Thanks
  11. P3d v4 4k 30hz monitor quetions

    I'm having the same issue - 30hz is not working out well. Even with vsync on (in p3d), I'm getting a lot of stutters, long frames, and the 1080ti is not performing well. Putting the monitor back to 60hz, I still get 15-25 on the ground, but north of 70 in the air. There's either something in the cfg that's not right, or something running in the background on my system that's using too many resources.
  12. P3d v4 4k 30hz monitor quetions

    Locking frames to 30 gave me 5-7 fps in the sim. Unlimited is where it should be. With vsync on, I'm locked at 30.
  13. P3d v4 4k 30hz monitor quetions

    Will do thanks. I've read that setting the frame limiter to anything but unlimited can have undesirable affects on performance, but I'm going to try and see what happens.
  14. I run v4 on a 4k monitor which has the capability to run at either 60 or 30hz. I've seen posts where 30hz can give a very smooth result, but I can't seem to get the settings figured out. My system: Asus Z87 Pro i7 4790k OC @ 4.8 Strix 1080ti OC @ 2g 16g DDR3 2133 ram 500g SSD - Win 10, 1tb HD - P3d Most of the time, I'm getting about 20fps on the ground, but there's a lot of stutters when the camera moves around. In the air in dense scenery, I'm getting 40-50+ I tried running the monitor at 30hz and the only change I made in P3d was to turn vsync and triple buff on, leaving framerate at unlimited. The result was pretty bad. The stutters were worse and half way through a flight p3d crashed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the p3d client, as I've heard this may fix issues with stutters some have had - didn't help me. The graphics settings are pretty much all on max, with autogen at high (buildings 2 clicks below max). Textures are set to 4k, anti-aliasing is SSAA 4x. FXAA is off. Haven't messed with nVidia inspector at all. I've seen settings in the nvidia control panel that vsync can be set at 1/2 refresh, which seems really confusing. If the monitor is running at 30, does that mean vsync will lock to 15? Or do I leave the monitor refresh at 60hz, and run 1/2 refresh locking to 30?
  15. This repaint used to be in the Ops Center, now it's not. Where can I get the AAL New Colors skin?