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  1. Why are some of the AI floating above the ground (or even below ground level), and others are inside of buildings, while most are behaving normally?
  2. Here's the resolution - first check the panel.cfg for any fs2crew entries. If there's none (as in my case), start your LM (using admin rights), and deselect FS2crew, save, close. Start the LM again (also using admin), and turn FS2crew back on. The panel.cfg entries are then added. It's now working in sim.
  3. Hi, Can you clarify this point please - Remove the hours attribute option from the file: what file? Just updated to PSX 20..0, getting error - 47: A5 has an option without an hours attribute. I'm looking in the airport file that PPG 20.0 generated, and don't see any parameters related to hours
  4. I cannot for the life of me get this to work. I have it installed in 5.1HF1 however the sliders do nothing. I'll apply the changes, get confirmation changes were applied to the sim, but nothing is changing in sim.
  5. Apologies, I misspoke. PPG did not place the xmls inside of 'parked_updates'. They are in fact there, and just about every airport I own (not sure how/why). I deleted the contents of that folder, and now I'm not getting that error.
  6. I contacted the developer. All good now. Had to delete the .ini file and restart the app. Getting back to the original issue - in the 'parked_updates' folder, exists xml files of almost all the airports I own, after I ran the PPG tool. When flying to/from any of these airports, I'm getting the duplicate airport message in PSX. Should I just delete all the xmls in the Parked_updates folder?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. The parameter line does exist, altitude value = 4227 There is a KSLC.xml in the parked updates folder (was created today), but I am deleting it. The Airports folder path in PSX is set to PPG/parked, which has the output from PPG that ran today. As far as live traffic goes, I am now getting 4, so I think you're right, there's just not much flying right now. A question regarding RealTraffic - I'm not getting the radar gui (or any gui). When I click to launch RealTraffic, another icon launches in the taskbar, but the window is blank. I can hover over it with the mouse, but no window opens.
  8. This is my first time using PSX traffic in a while. Pretty sure I have it setup correctly, I generated the data files needed with the latest PPG and AIL tools, yet I'm getting an error 64 while I'm parked at KSLC. I looked in the PPG/parked folder and there is an xml file for KSLC, yet the message says there is none or the file is faulty. I also have no live traffic. Real Traffic is installed and running, both lights are green in the PSX gui, but live:0. Appreciate any help, thanks
  9. I used to have a tray icon to launch the server, but after an update ran today, the tray icon was removed. Where are the core files installed on the host pc?
  10. I've been trying to figure out what is causing this - at times during checklists, the key I have assigned to reply to the FO checklist will send a double keystroke. At first I thought this was a keyboard issue, but it doesn't appear to be as I've changed the key assignment and it still happens. Any suggestions?
  11. Let's schedule a time for you to remote in email me -
  12. I am using the 82. Hydraulics for sure are on hi, transfer is on, and aux is on
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