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  1. I think it did. I believe I also reinstalled simconnect.msi. After that, didn't have any issues.
  2. Trying to figure out what's going on - only some of my AI 737 planes are black. My active planes are using the TS profiles just fine - both the NGX 738/739 and Maddog X. Any suggestions how to resolve? Also - has there been a profile made for the Aerosoft CRJ? Thanks
  3. I did - I had no response, so I posted here. They finally got back to me and supposedly this is an issue caused by the latest Windows update. They've asked me to completely reinstall and see what happens.
  4. Yes, I always update ASConnect on the host PC. HiFi finally got back to me - seems this is an issue with Windows stemming from the latest update.
  5. Always do. The issue happened during one flight yesterday. I tried again today and didn't get the error message.
  6. Is anyone else getting an ASConnect error in the latest beta build? The error says 'Radar communications connect between the AS Client and ASConnect server is invalid'. Nothing in my sim setup/network has changed. Simconnect xmls are unchanged. IPs and router settings unchanged Appreciate any help. Thanks
  7. bhorv67

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    I was just wanting to update the libraries. I finally went to Orbx and manually downloaded the file and used FTX to install from the zip. Worked fine. FTX still says downloads are paused. I give up.
  8. bhorv67

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Thanks - I did clear temp, did nothing. There's several gb available on the volume, no space issues.
  9. bhorv67

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    I did ask on their forum. Had no reply.
  10. I have the latest version of Tomato Shade installed. I did a flight yesterday to KLAX, where the ground textures were very strange - they looked almost like silver paint all over the ground. Went to the FSDT forum and noticed another post about the same issue. The response was the Tomato Shade made be modifying shaders the ground textures use and giving it this strange look. Anyone else experience this and was able to fix? What's the solution? Appreciate the help. thanks
  11. bhorv67

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Thanks - I was able to update the libraries by downloading the file manually. FTX still says 'paused'.
  12. bhorv67

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    Update - performance has improved a bit after the following: 1. Update latest Orbx Libraries - just released. Apparently, this has been overdue and potentially causing issues in other areas 2. I completely shut down Windows Defender, which was running scans in the background. I did have all the sim folders excluded, but nonetheless, this caused some drop in frames To me, it's still not where it should be. After takeoff from KBWI, frames right away improves to 25-30. Doing a short VFR flight in the area, performance is fine, until very close to the ground, landing at KBWI again - I can watch the frames drop dramatically to about 14-16 as I touchdown. Other vector - I do have Black Marble Vector. I do not own Orbx Vector.
  13. I'm trying to download the latest libraries and for some reason, the downloads in FTX are paused. Going to the download menu, none of the pending downloads have the pause button selected. Any idea how to resolve?
  14. bhorv67

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    With all med settings in P3d 4.3, I'm getting an avg of 8-10 on the ground. As soon as I take off, fps improves to 25-30 in the surrounding area.
  15. bhorv67

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    4x MSAA, FXAA - off. Any reason I can't get my account activated on the LVFR forum?