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  1. Well dc 10 only got winglet on prototype, as can be seen in shadow. landing gear of both aircraft is on youtube, but can not be comfirmed https://archive.org/details/1981-L-12090
  2. "Pre-order before 25th April to receive the Diamond DA42 update" Can still buy abit later.
  3. Well dovetail flight sim will be out around october ish. With less payware content than x-plane.
  4. Will be 9 or 10 based to work with most graphic card i think.
  5. All regions would not help much if planes for sale is made arcade(simple start, no systems to control)
  6. Well can post a question and reply from facebook. Hum, no answer to my questions... 1. Is the next Flight sim will be build with FSX engine or Microsoft FLIGHTSTORE engine? 2. I really want a boxed version of the next FS that doesnt need Steam to play! Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition We currently own the updated Microsoft Flight game engine. Some sections of this engine are based upon the FSX engine. At the moment it is far to early to say whether we will use this engine or a different one for a new aviation simulator. Likewise we can not say whether this simulator will use Steam. At the moment we are focused on working with Microsoft and other developers to bring content to FSX: Steam Edition. - Martin
  7. Aerox-planes and flightfactor, rotatesim and many other will do that before im afraid.
  8. I guess airbus x jardesign and peter hager got no failures. As how i see it some features will be added when they got the data.
  9. http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/939-the-b737-classic-project/page-57 More guess on no release this year.
  10. Well still some months until release i guess. Have not heard how it will be released so.
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