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  1. Well dc 10 only got winglet on prototype, as can be seen in shadow. landing gear of both aircraft is on youtube, but can not be comfirmed https://archive.org/details/1981-L-12090
  2. "Pre-order before 25th April to receive the Diamond DA42 update" Can still buy abit later.
  3. Well dovetail flight sim will be out around october ish. With less payware content than x-plane.
  4. Will be 9 or 10 based to work with most graphic card i think.
  5. Does not tell how well they do bug fixes. And how sounds get recycled. Or how they only include 2 or 3 missions for each train.
  6. All regions would not help much if planes for sale is made arcade(simple start, no systems to control)
  7. Well it can be noted that x-plane have 30k units sold. And that will equal about 15%.
  8. 777 and 737 is not likely to come in x-plane soon. As x-plane can not simply use fsx coded software.
  9. probaby got an adware. Wont help ad blocking it.
  10. Will guess flightfactor have a 787 and a 767 planned. but release date on those is useless. And md-80 is picked up by rotatesim and ats.
  11. Well more chance of ixeg making one. Pmdg it will depend what aircraft it is. As dash 8 and dc 6 got different user base. Would add that seasonmaxx will have nearly same effect when it gets released.
  12. Well if fsx:se dlc was important news. Not that i like froogles relations with pc pilot.
  13. Well if youtube videos or that thread on x-plane.org does not tell something. As well as that teams long dedication and pride.
  14. Well Can we not get a explanation on 60 day announcment.
  15. Well can post a question and reply from facebook. Hum, no answer to my questions... 1. Is the next Flight sim will be build with FSX engine or Microsoft FLIGHTSTORE engine? 2. I really want a boxed version of the next FS that doesnt need Steam to play! Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition We currently own the updated Microsoft Flight game engine. Some sections of this engine are based upon the FSX engine. At the moment it is far to early to say whether we will use this engine or a different one for a new aviation simulator. Likewise we can not say whether this simulator will use Steam. At the moment we are focused on working with Microsoft and other developers to bring content to FSX: Steam Edition. - Martin
  16. Not that i think average avsim users prefer flight 1 product. As i think dovetail will make dlc for their next flight simulator.
  17. Is not x-plane project reveal three months overdue.
  18. Well dovetail will certanly wants their bit off cake. But margins is pretty important in flight simulator business
  19. publishers got control over dlc. limit steam have made. x-plane have a few from aerosoft. but they release it much later on steam.
  20. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-10/airbus-at-crossroads-as-a380-jumbo-faces-spend-or-fade-conundrum.html I guess flightfactor could build it. But pmdg does not got compentace on those planes.
  21. I doubt any military boeing will be picked. But market for those in a sim like x-plane would be bad. As it was said it will be made for fsx also.
  22. Leading edge simulations got a 747-400 in development And aerox-planes got a 737NG planned.
  23. Aerox-planes and flightfactor, rotatesim and many other will do that before im afraid.
  24. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/443879-pmdg-boeing-717/ Doubt it will be considered.
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