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  1. fr92Furtif

    Missing ILS Freqs

    Thx for the link, great tool. And really easy to use. I do a lot of VFR flights and the update of the magvar table is great.
  2. I guess it should work. This video is with FSX but at least it show that RealAir airplanes work great in shared cockpit flights : I would love to have a confirmation for P3D.
  3. I have no problems with Realair Legacy and Realair Duke v2 except the missing sounds (same issue in v2.0). Officially these aircrafts are not supported for P3D v2. I will check the gauge error log later.
  4. fr92Furtif

    The v2.1 Successful Flight Log

    HARDWARE os: Windows 7 x64 cpu: I7-2600K @ 4.8 gpu: GTX780ti 3 GB screen resolution: 1920x1080 INSTALL fresh/patch: Patch List of other Flight Sims Installed: None I/O controls: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Saitek Rudder, 2 x Saitek Throttle quadrant, TrackIr 5 THIRD PART INSTALLS USED Opus, Rex4, FranceVFR Sceneries, Realair Duke v2 SETTINGS Graphics +-- FXAA: On, MSAA: 2 Samples, Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x, Texture Resolution: Ultra +-- VSync: Off, Target frame rate: Unlimited +-- Tessellation Enabled: Ticked +-- Wide-view Aspect Ration: Ticked +-- MipmapVC Panels: Ticked Scenery +-- Radius: Max, Tessellation Factor: Ultra, Mesh: 1m, Texture resolution: 7cm +-- Land detail textures: Ticked +-- Complexity: Normal +-- Autogen vegetation: Dense +-- Autogen building: Extremely Dense +-- Water Detail: High, Reflections: Clouds/User Vehicle +-- Bathymetry: Unchecked +-- Special effects detail:High, Special effects distance: High Lighting +-- Landing-lights illuminate ground: Ticked, Lens flare: Ticked, HDR Lighting: Ticked +-- Shadow Quality: Low +-- Internal(Cast,Receive), External(Cast,Receive) Weather +-- Cloud draw distance:60mi, Thermal visu: None, Volumetric Fog: Ticked +-- Detailed clouds selected, Cloud coverage: High Traffic +-- Airline: 0%, General aviation: 0%, Airport Vehicle density: Maximum +-- Show aircraft labels: Unchecked +-- Road vehicle: 100%, Ships: 50%, Leisure boats: 50% ROUTE, TIME AND WEATHER: LFRS - LFRB (1h) / Real time Weather : MVFR
  5. Even in overcast weather ? I have a 780ti with an i7 overclocked to 4.8GHz and in overcast my fps drop from 40-70 to 15-25. In any other weather condition, I do agree with you. That would be a good excuse to buy a Titan :-)
  6. fr92Furtif

    flight model or engine

    That's not the point of this thread. I could try to explain why the immersion in P3D is better but I think that will go into another thing A vs thing B. So let's stay on topic. The flight model in P3D is the same as FSX because they didn't what to break the compatibility with FSX add-ons (at least not much). The consequence of this decision, for me at least, is that the X-Plane flight model is better than FSX/P3D. I really hope that will change over time.
  7. fr92Furtif

    flight model or engine

    Just a point of view from a student PPL. X-Plane flight models are way above FSX or P3D in terme of realism. Do a crosswind landing in both sims and compare to a real life one and the best flight model will be obvious. But the flight environment in P3D is incredible. That's a big problem with X-Plane. And I need a good flight environment, the more important factor is the Weather and I cannot live without OpusFSX. I found a fix for the P3D flight models : RealAir. Theirs planes are spot on, I really don't know how they do it. That's the only planes I use in P3D. In short, if X-Plane had more payware editors that would my sim of choice.
  8. fr92Furtif

    full throttle startup?

    It's a known bug and it's fixed in 2.05 :
  9. fr92Furtif

    Weather and Traffic

    For weather I use OpusFSX. Before v2 I was using AS2012 with FSX. Prepar3d has been a good excuse to try OpusFSX and so far so good. And I'm not so sure now to buy ASN.