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  1. Gentle bump.. In the meantime version 2.37 was released. Installing it also doens't solve anything. Any ideas? Gr., Sebastiaan
  2. @Aharon: I agree, I couldn't leave it for just 7 bucks and I was also very much not amused by DD's automatic settings adjustments and only being able to read about it in the manual after installing.. Saving your settings within FSX can help you with this btw (for the next time, I know :wink:) Creating multiple saved settings can also be useful if you want to change settings when flying vfr in your Cessna or high and fast in your jet. Enjoy your KLGA! Sebastiaan
  3. Aah, it's working (the scenery tool that is) and very useful, thanks! It's initial 'Default flight simulator scenery file not found' tricked me into changing things.. No luck yet on the EDDB scenery however, but at least I'm learning things :smile: To come back to your first reply: now we ruled this out, anything else it might be?
  4. I ran the airport with only EDDB and AES Basepack enabled (and default scenery). Makes no difference.. I used the multi click method btw (my index finger is now in recovery indeed :smile:). Something tells me I'll like this scenery config tool you mentioned, but it only shows me the default scenery. In preferences I set it to the fsx root folder (where is scenery.cfg). Should I use 'Generate from directory' as I can find in the manual? And do I need to re-do this after installing new scenery? Sounds logical, but just checking :smile:
  5. Thanks for your explanation and thoughts so far already! When I open the default map while at EDDB, it shows Tempelhof (EDDI) and Tegel (EDDT) rather close. EDDI is closed by Aerosoft, because it shared a frequency or something with the new EDDB (and in real life is also closed). But I dont know if this could form up a problem? They intended it like this I think. How do I run the airport with all files except the default FSX ones disabled? I sure want to try :-) I don't have Orbx Vector (yet) so nothing messing around there probably. To make things more confusing: today I tried bagage loaders and stairs from AES (normally I use GSX there). AES bagage loaders and stairs do align proper and the same as at other airports. Also, when I spawn at a parkingspot without jetway at EDDB, AES rolls in the stairs to the front left door which also aligns proper. I'll also point this out at the Aerosoft forum. Maybe it is something with the jetways. But then the runway issues are also stil there.. It's not an easy airport for sure ;-)
  6. I'm not very familiar with this, so I don't know exactly how to read it.. I've used the program and see nothing listed there. Only when I uncheck both 'Do not show pre-load files' and 'show only airports found in multiple files' I get one line: Layer: 0001, Active: yes, Filename: ...\scenery\world\scenery\AF2_EDDB_ALT_BERopen.bgl Is this something wrong? Because it's apparently not found in multiple files. When I look in the folder ...\aerosoft\Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg\Scenery I find AF2_EDDB_BEROpen.bgl and AF2_EDDB2_BEROpen.bgl. Does this give you an answer? I hope it doesn't have it's rw-counterparts luck indeed! ;-)
  7. Hi all, I'm having some troubles with AES at EDDB. It works fine at other airports I've enabled it, but at the new Berlin it has issues. I've also asked the good people at Aerosoft, but so far they couldn't find an answer. Because I've been waiting for some time now, I hope that over here someone might have any clues.. Or does anyone has it working just fine? More details and pictures can be found following the link provided, but to sum it up a bit: - jetways ar too high at BER part of the EDDB scenery - jetways are correct at SXF part of the EDDB scenery (and at any other airport) - no runway rumbling sounds - no runway winter textures I've (re)run everything as an Administrator, no luck. I've tried different settings in the Airport Manager (e.g. textures, BER active/inactive), makes no difference. BTW: adjusting parameters in AESconfig, lowering the door position, obviously helps at EDDB-BER, but puts the jetway far too low everywhere else. So that's not really an option. The post at the Aerosoft forum can be found here I'm very curious to your thoughts about the matter, thanks in advance! Gr., Sebastiaan
  8. SVM79

    Where Is Your 737 Now?

    Very nice pictures Daniel (and others)! And indeed always nice to tune in to some more challenging weather, even if just for the beautiful pictures
  9. SVM79

    Where is your 747 now?

    Great pictures, tnx all! Nice change between all the reading and good to keep an eye on why I do all this reading in the first place I'm afraid those sunsets and waters are giving me some more reading though not sure if I can squeeze it out of my rex4. @HLJames: awesome, especially Vancouver indeed! Makes me wonder about photoreal again But it isn't only mesh and photo, is it? E.g. Nice, France: very nice..
  10. Hi Bryan (and others), Last week I purchased the Special Bundle Pack. After installing however my sim suffers from performance loss. Some frame rate decrease, photoscenery (NL2000) looks a bit blurry and worst the water looks like a tablecloth, frozen, less detail. I didn't expect since serious performance impact is not known, as far as I can read elsewhere. Any thoughts? I btw followed the manual and 'troubleshooting' and finally tried to uninstall and system restore, but the old textures/scenery haven't returned. After uninstall I only see minor fps improvement and clear photoscenery almost only directly below the aircraft. I'd appreciate your input, thanks in advance! Cheers, Sebastiaan