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  1. A very nicely done and honest preview update! Thanks rob and everyone at pmdg.
  2. I feelthe same way! It's the only plane I'm flying currently... Nice shots too
  3. mattbx

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Incredibly sad news... Rest in peace tom.
  4. Great stuff, thanks Robert and PMDG!
  5. mattbx

    Program Pin Error In SP1d

    I just got one of these too, while reloading a saved flight - In the left fms. The right one was fine and eventually the left came back on too and cleared the pin error.
  6. mattbx

    Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)

    Fantastic shots! I'm sure I won't be the only one to say this but - please post more!
  7. mattbx

    Problem with blurry textures (blurries) in 2.5

    I feel your pain... Ive been having these issues with v2.5 also, particularly with the PMDG 737 and orbx scenery FTX AU. With global its not so bad but still noticeable. Ive tried all sorts of variations too. Sometimes I think its fixed but then it becomes blurry again. So incredibly frustrating and I HATE blurry textures! Funny thing is I used to have these kind of issues with FSX, while earlier versions of P3d worked really well. I got FSX working after lifetimes of fiddling and frustration but once the NGX came along for P3d I bought it, installed 2.5 and have been trying to get rid of the blurries ever since. Ive got a fairly good custom built machine less than a year old (4770k oc to 4.3, gtx 780, SSD etc) and run quite conservative settings. Even with a new .cfg file I seem to get them. I'll keep trying and Im sure somehow i'll eventually find something that works (or just go build a new pc lol) If i find something that works, i'll post it here and hopefully it works for you...
  8. mattbx

    Night Environment Next Project Request

    Hi chris, i'd really like to see Australia done at some point. Its a big region, but 1/2 (or more) is desert anyway! Cheers matt
  9. mattbx

    Clouds kill FPS in 2.3

    Anyone able to upload their cloud.fx 2.2 file? Sure theres a lot of us who dont have the 2.2 install any more and want to try this fix out. My fps is also getting killed while in/near clouds in this build (ASN, REX textures 512) and pushing my gpu (780) up close to 80 degrees!! ​would be most appreciated, very keen to get P3d running nicely again
  10. Great thanks steve! Just got the Fedex too, haven't been able to install it yet as i'm at work, but i've been waiting for this one... will send you email
  11. That this repaint is now available in the library? ^_^ Should have checked before i posted that - its not available yet, but hope it is soon!
  12. mattbx

    Sky Textures for ENB Series

    just thought id say thanks for these - they are really very well done. Adds a very photo realistic feeling especially at sunset. I'm not using them with enb (that makes my fsx go mental) and they still look fantastic!! Great job...
  13. mattbx

    PMDG 777-300ER Video Preview (Beta)

    Great vid indeed! thanks a lot
  14. mattbx

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    Thanks for the very honest update, some exciting things coming up in the near future! Apart from the 300/SP1 i'm really interested to see what the x-plane project will be... Good luck with the surgery and recovery too
  15. Very nicely done, great details and fantastic screenshots... Makes me want to go fly the t7 right now. In fact I think I w...