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  1. The Bombardier Challenger 300 is the best one that I've seen so far.
  2. Les, Yes it will create flightplans for GA and military aircraft. Some of the GA models are cheesy, some aren't too bad at all. Are you familiar with ramp positions, groundroutes, and how they relate in World Traffic?
  3. I really, really enjoyed FSC '17. I grew up outside Boston and enjoyed spending time an in area I haven't been back to in decades (Though I wouldn't want to live in such a crowded place). Those two factors made the decision for me. I knew if I went again I would include a NYC stop along the way. You see it is not about just going to the event. It is also about what to do in addition to the event as going is a big deal for most of us. Dallas is just a bigger version of Kansas City. Texas is just a bigger version of Kansas for the most part. Vegas on the other hand is quite different. After reading FSElite's write up of all this, it sounds like the event planners made two mistakes. They didn't listen to the customers and they tried to control the customers. The end outcome was all but written. See you in Vegas!
  4. karlh

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    I am still waiting to ensure that this will be a quality event. If it is I will almost certainly be going. I have zero intentions of going to Dallas. Nothing wrong with Dallas it's just I went to FlightSimCon last year and there is nothing special about Dallas. At least with it being in CT there were additional things for me to do before the event (Boston, NYC, the ocean, etc....)
  5. I know this query is nearly a year old now but I thought I'd respond. At msFlights.net one of our methods to connect is an FSD server. We are able to connect FSD to Xplane through use of a Proxy server. I think of it as kind of an translator between the two. Go to our site, www.msflights.net, and look at the instructions. We call it SimLink but it is FSD at the heart of it. It may work for you as well.
  6. Starting with default aircraft as you are is definitely a good idea. In the box version clients should be able to connect to the host at the point of your screenshot (the briefing room). I can't say for sure that it is the exact same way in the Steam version though. Did you try clicking "fly now"? I usually find it preferable to make the connection between pilot and co-pilot once the pilot's aircraft is on the tarmac in the virtual world. Once a connection is established you will usually see an error message about gauges not being synced. Don't worry about that error message.
  7. Desk Pilot is a add on for PMDG products that provides that functionality. I'm sure most of you are already familiar with it but I thought I would mention in the event that you weren't. I don't wish to speak out of turn so I won't mention the developer but one of them is implementing a feature that will allow far more than 2 people to share an aircraft. It's not really shared "cockpit" as I think only the host and one client can access the aircraft controls while the other clients are along for the ride so to say. Imagine Tacpack, B-17's with all gunner positions manned, and a bunch of WWI fighters. Does anyone remember Air Warrior?
  8. And the next cool thing about JoinFS. Three of us using the Avatar mode in P3D were able to be in the same aircraft. It wasn't perfect. Only the original owner of the aircraft could fly but it was still cool. Wonder how many we can cram into a Cessna? Our test group flight on Saturday went well with one exception. The link I provided to the voice program we use, Discord, was evidently broken. I have scheduled a second one for this Saturday the 22nd. We almost got to 20 with just our members. Perhaps if some others came by we could get to 40. For more information: http://msflights.net/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1734 (Sorry I know it's late for the European folks)
  9. Al, You are correct. There is a reference to the folder in the FSX.CFG and not one in the Prepar3D.CFG. Cheers
  10. In the JoinFS thread: Al, Some a/c work well in P3D or Steam when the files actually reside in the FSX folder. A few do not. It's best for Steam and P3D not to see them. The FlightReplicas Super Cub is a good example. Since it cause a crash to Steam or P3D if it even gets loaded as a substition, I place it in FSX\SIMOJECTS\FSXOnly. There is no reference to that folder in the Steam or P3d cfg file so there is no chance of it getting loaded. If you're curious as to why do all this to start with, it is about saving time by not doing multiple installations and about saving hard drive space. See http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?3330-Have-FSX-SE-use-the-aircraft-from-the-boxed-original-FSX if you interested in learning more about the procedure. As with all things PC related, typing it out makes it looks much harder than it actually is to do. Cheers
  11. Well I don't want to get too far from Peter's topic in his thread. I started another thread regarding this. [ http://www.avsim.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=195 ]
  12. In my case, the traffic program I have uses its own folder to store its models. I also keep AI aircraft in a separate folder from the main AIRCRAFT folder. That more just personal housekeeping. Pointing P3D back to FSX allows me to use the FSX airplanes without having to "install" them into P3D. Sometimes that doesn't work well with a certain model. Those aircraft go into a folder that FSX "sees" but P3D doesn't. Those just a couple of examples of why aircraft exist outside of the regular AIRCRAFT and ROTORCRAFT folders.
  13. Continuing on the slightly different note.... Thanks for that mention Robert. I had been waiting for that to come out. He makes some cool utilities and is responsive to customers.
  14. Peter, As a couple of our other members at MsFlights.Net have mentioned, our testing in recent days has us excited. Not so long ago, we settled on the FSD method for our crossplatform operations. In 2014/15 it was the best for our needs. Through a lot of diligent work, ATC_Roo has gotten it as tweaked as possible. I think you've got a winner here with JOINFS! We look forward to the future of the program and have many members that have expressed their willingness to test the various features.