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  1. Im no real pilot, just a nerd on the computer. What DCS has told me (when the first carrier capable planes came out), I learned that apparently I was flying airplanes the wrong way. I controlled the glidepath with the stick and used the throttle to keep it on approach speed. This made, for me at least, landing the Dash8 challenging. Try this, control your descend not with teh stick, but with the throttle. if you descend too fast, add power, if you're too high, reduce throttle. then its super easy.
  2. I use AIG and I love it, but since a few weeks I have this problem that I get an update prompt as some of my models are outdated. I go then OCI update on all of them in bulk, and the list clears and everything is fine. However, when I start AIG again, same thing, and the list gets populated again with the 10 or so entries that I am supposed to update. Is there something I can do to fix this, I didnt find a solution on their forums
  3. thanks so much for this!! your settings work very well for me, on similar hardware!
  4. I concur with the others, in the past, it was a huge fps hog and gave significantly lower FPS than other planes like PMDG NGX, but now I get pretty much the same FPS as with other complex addons, so they addressed the issue very well. I think it's one of the best addons ever made (if you like flying an airbus, Im more of a BOING guy)
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I bought it yesterday at full price because I saw only the pilot edition was discounted DAAMN
  6. ok, in case you could private message me a link I would hugely appreciate it, becase Ive been searching for a solution since P3Dv4 came out and I cant see any traffic, If there is any workaround Id hugely appreciate any help
  7. I used to fly on ivao but can’t anymore since their mtl is not working with p3dv4. :(
  8. I turned off my firewall but still get the message unable to download asset files?
  9. cant wait. Flyinside for P3Dv3 was kickass already, but for me unplayable in the long run due to OOM errors. So looking forward to the first release of Flyinside for P3Dv4
  10. Hi how did you even manage to show other traffic in the first place on IVAO? I always only see the landing lights, or sometimes a black aircraft. (P3Dv4)
  11. ok, I use Orbx and ASCA/AS16 also PTA (Matt Davis profile). Is Envtex compatible with the above? can I use it to only 'fix' the water ( I agree with OP, the blue patches of water look super unrealistic and stand out like deep blue polished high gloss plastic surfaces)
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