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  1. Hi there! i have two 26" monitors (one monitor is for sim, and other one is for programs and charts.) They FullHD with 60 Hz. I have no plans to change them in the next 2 years. Computer is using only for x-plane and prepar3d in 1920*1080. Now i have a chance to buy 1060 for a good price. It will be ok with pmdg, vatsim, AS16 and good europe airports? Or it will better to add some money and buy 1070?Or 1070 will be ovekill for that resolution and i can buy 1060 for a good price now and enjoy? Regards, Alexey.
  2. Alex155

    PMDG 777 false terrain alarm

    Thank you for reply, but it doesnt help :( Still have "Terrain" warning on landing phase. Now i am pushing "Terr ovrd" button (Near gear lever) on final, to disable this warning. But i hope to find other solution of this problem. Alex
  3. Alex155

    PMDG 777 false terrain alarm

    Hi guys! And what the solution of this problem? 1504 AIRCAC, the same problem...
  4. Hi there! In the good cloudy weather, i have perfect smooth and awesome fps. (737 pmdg, asoft A320, payware airports). But when it rains... FPS extremely dropping. Radeon pro settings like in your screenshots. (also try with ccc) REX Clouds 1024 DXT5 Clouds settings 100mi/Dense
  5. Just rename disc index name. I do this week later. everything is ok
  6. Already have: 750w Power Supply 8 GB RAM DDR3 1866 ( Have 1600 xmp profile) Planing to buy one more 8GB to have 16GB Radeon 7970 ghz edition 4790K and 4820K have the sampe price. Planing to overclock this processors, but not extremely. (Already have good air cooling system) Which would be better for our FSX? Which socket i have to choose? Planing to buy the regular good motherboard, not "super extreme" series. Motherboard,which would be normal work in overclock, but without fanaticism. Thank you!
  7. This is really good idea, but i am an architect and i need hyperthteading for my work... :( Choosing processor for: 1)Only FSX Gaming 2) Autocad, Archicad, rarely 3DsMax
  8. Thank you! i am thinking about 4790k too Could you advise some not really expensive MOBO for it. (Overlocking not much more 4.5, not going to use sli or crossfire. RAM not much more than 16 gb. I am looking for ASUS Z-87A. Could someone say good or bad things about it? Or advice other motherboard THX!
  9. Omg 4820 4820 4820 4820 Can u read topic text correctlty? Where did you all see 5820? Its same price cpu with 4 cores
  10. I have 8350FX Overlocked to 4.6 ghz AffinityMask=255 It is normaly using of cpu's in FSX? CPU 7 - 100% CPU 8 - 80% and the others is so-so working. How can i change this situation?
  11. Hi there, i am using 8350 4.6ghz with ati 7970hd. And i have a dramatic low fps and dramatic CPU USING. I tried a lot of cfg combination and different Af Mask values. Picture inside Only 2-3 cores in use. What the problem?
  12. Acceleration is installed! in other topic, topicstarter have other performance results. 8 cpu's are using. i dont know how! i tried to change affinity mask, but it doesnt help :( :(
  13. Alex155

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Hi there! I am using AMD. Tomorrow, i tuned FSX by dx10sceneryfixer, and CFG with a faq. But i still have ONE question: I have this shaders installed. Should i turn on sha3 in cfg in DX10 mode? or i should delete it, and restore ShadersHLSL to default? Thank you!