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  1. Hey All, A question: will the plane accept a Simbrief flight plan if Simbrief is configured with AIRAC 2109? (coz due to new cross-border regulations, I can no longer subscribe to Navigraph). Any advice on this subject will be much appreciated... Best, Lucky 🙂
  2. :smile: Hi All, When creating a flight plan (excluding sids and stars), should one always attempt to get onto the nearest airways, or doesn't that matter? Thanks in advance for your advice! Best, Lucky :smile: //////////////
  3. Hi All, I am unable to understand the formatting of messages on the main panel and hope someone here can shed light on the subject. Sometimes the messages are wrapped in angle brackets. What do the brackets mean? Sometimes the messages are wrapped in hyphens. What do the hyphens mean? Sometimes the messages are wrapped in hyphens and brackets, What does the combo mean? Sometimes the messages are not wrapped in anything. What does that mean? These questions have been bothering me for more than a year. Please set my doubts to rest? Thanks a ton in advance for your help! Best, Lucky :smile: /////////////
  4. Hi Steve, My Steam Edition (and several others') creates two folders in AppData/Roaming: FSX and FSX-SE. The 2.11 Fixer adds the following two files to FSX.cfg in the FSX folder and not FSX.cfg in the FSX-XE folder: MultiSamplesPerPixel=8 MultiSampleQuality=16 When I click on "fsx.cfg" in "Fsx Settings" at the top of the main screen of the Fixer, it launches the FSX.cfg in the FSX folder. How do I point the Fixer to the FSX-SE folder for accessing FSX.cfg? Thanks in advance for your help, Steve! Best, Lucky ///////////
  5. Hi All, Update: I realize that the extra liveries I installed were for the 737 Winglet versions, and that all PMDG 737 NG winglet versions are simply not available in the "Select Aircraft" window of FSX-SE! So now my question is: how do I make the winglet versions appear in the "Select Aircraft" window of FSX-SE ?? Yours in puzzlement, Lucky Balaraman ////////// SOLVED! I hadn't checked the "Show All Variations" box!!! Thanks much to SincereRodriques for his post at http://forum.avsim.net/topic/465667-pmdg-737-steam-edition/ ! Best, Lucky /////////////
  6. :smile: Hi, I'm running FSX-SE on Windows 8. The PMDG Operations Center informed me that I had an earlier version of the PMDG 737 installed, so I uninstalled the 737, downloaded the latest version (1.10.6461) today and installed it. Installed several liveries using the OC's Livery Manager. Launched the 737 in FSX-SE, saw only one of the addon liveries (Jet Airways, which was not from the PMDG livery collection; PMDG's own BA and Qantas, which I had loaded from the Livery Downloader, did not appear). I went into Sim Objects/Airplanes/PMDG 737-800NGX WL, the BA and Qantas texture folders are indeed in there. So I ran all the SimConnect.msi files as specified in FSX STEAM EDITION USERS READ ME.txt, restarted my machine and launched FSX-SE. Still no BA, Qantas etc liveries. What do I need to do to bring those liveries in? Thanks in advance for your help! Best, Lucky Balaraman :smile: //////////////
  7. :smile: Hi All, Outside of the checklists if I want to make the FO set flaps, I can't figure out which phrase works. I have tried "Set Flaps 15" and "Flaps 15" to no avail. May I please know the correct voice command syntax? Thanks a ton in advance, Lucky :smile:
  8. Captain Sim's running discounts of upto 60% and more... do check it out --- Best Lucky
  9. Thanks for that insight and link, CoolP. Will see where it takes me Best Lucky Very interesting, Barry. Am giving it serious thought! Cheers Lucky
  10. :smile: Hi All, I would like to superimpose FSX aircraft on 'actual' photographs. For this I need FSX to display only the aircraft on a white or transparent background. So how does one disable FSX from showing all scenery? There must be a line of code somewhere that can be tweaked to achieve this. Thanks in advance for your solution, which is much appreciated! Best, Lucky :smile:
  11. Hi All, Bought the Carenado PC12 on Oct 3 and have been enjoying flying it... until I tried to adjust the heading bug and could not find its adjustment knob! Could someone please tell me where it is? Much obliged! Best, Lucky /////////// Found it! Thanks anyways, Lucky ////////
  12. And where is the Ref speeds table?
  13. Many thanks, bros, clearly there are no two ways about this! Best, Lucky ///////////
  14. Hi All, I am going in for a new disk to accomodate my growing FSX storage needs. Should I get more speed (but less max storage) by getting an SSD or should I get more max storage (but less speed) with an HDD? I look forward to your advice on this, friends. Thanks so much in advance! Best, Lucky ////////////
  15. @Bert, You're right. I had only AP, NAV, and ALT on (bet I didn't need the ALT, but no harm, I guess, since it's ganged with the ALT on the GPS). Cheers, Lucky /////// n4gix, Thanks for your input (and I'd better be brief because of that saying in your signature)... Best Lucky ///////
  16. Whoopee, it's working! (I also had to select NAV on the AP panel, but I know the AP isn't using NAV 1 or 2 because I have set irrelevant frequencies on them). Thanks so much, Ramprat, not many people are aware of this solution, I've Googled the hell out of the subject and come up only with tales of woe! --- Best, Lucky ///////
  17. Hey Ramprat, Thanks, will do that and get back to you --- Best, Lucky ////////
  18. Hi fellow simmers, I can't figure out how to make the autopilot in the C172 G1000 use GPS as the nav source (currently am selecting the AP panel with Shift-2, selecting AP, HDG and ALT, then manually adjusting altitude and heading to follow the track displayed in the inset GPS map in the PFD). I have the CDI in the PFD set to GPS. If you could tell me where the hidden door or magic wand is, I'd be most grateful! Looking fwd to your advice --- Best, Lucky ////////
  19. Hi MisterA, BeechPapa, HUSSAR, cianpars, paulyg123 & spesimen: Thanks for the great tips! I'm keenly looking forward to smooth edges and will post back here with results --- Best, Lucky ///////////////
  20. Hi All, In spite of a beast-like computer, I still see fine sawtooth edges on the wings of my Majestic Q400. Pl advise me on what I need to tweak to get rid of them. I have selected anisotropic sampling and anti-aliasing in FSX. My comp specs are i4770k o/c 4.5 GHz, Zortac GTX 780 (3 GB), 8 GB RAM at 1600 Hz, 120 GB SSD, 500 GB HDD. My addons are MyTraffic2013, FS2crew, FTX Global and occasion various hi-res airports like YBBN and EGHI. I look forwad keenly to your suggestions. Thanks a ton in advance for them! Best, Lucky ///////////
  21. Hey guys, Even better solution: REX offers a free hi-res grass texture at http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/REX_GRASSII.zip . I've installed it and the results are great. Do try it out! Best, Lucky /////////
  22. In the meantime I seem to have hit upon a solution of sorts... I increased the scenery texture autogen setting in FSX to "Extremely High" and am now seeing some tall grass... Best, Lucky //////////
  23. Yes, Bert, I have ORBX Australia SP4 and EU England regions, as well as ORBX Southampton and Brisbane airports... Will follow your instructions about PNW and Bowerman and post results. Thanks for your advice --- Best, Lucky //////
  24. Hi All, I am unable to make the grass adjacent to runways hi-res. I find that my payware airports provide excellent textures for ramps and tarmacs, and that Rex Essential does a great job with runway surfaces. But on either side of runways the turf consists of nothing more than blurry streaks. How do I make those areas look realistic? Thank you so much for helping me out! Best, Lucky /////////
  25. Thanks for the explanation, Ben. The effort was definitely worth the outstanding clarity of the ATC! Best, Lucky //////////
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