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  1. Melchor

    FlyInside P3D v4 update

    Great news. Dan is a fantastic guy. Hopefully when X plane gets VR native support we will get a big increase on frame rates too
  2. It might be because you have high settings therefore not enough fps. Try to lower theml
  3. I have the Dai Media scenery for Barcelona. Its a bit prIcey but I love it.
  4. Sorry i might be just a little bit obsessed with women.
  5. I jumped on the ship with X-Plane 10 only after a few failed attempts. The GUI put me off and out of the box wasnt beautiful. It was only I was patient enough to learn the GUI, installed uHD mesh, RTH and payware aircraft that I realised how beautiful X-Plane could be.The wish to fly the IXEG 737 made me want to give X-Plane another chance. However it was like an unfinished picture. Still needed a few strokes to bring it to life. The lighting, the shadows, bigger LOD, good default aircraft. And now with beta 8 increased performance. i would still ask the painter to work a little bit more on the clouds and water. For me X-Plane 10 was like a beautiful girl on pijamas. But once she had a shower and put on a few clothes and make up you realised she was hot. Other girls looked hotter but you just realised it was too much make up and fake boobs. With the other girls you were always dissapointed you couldnt go any further (always ooms and poor performeance). But you had spent so much money on them that didnt want to start again.They were actually getting old. just the make up and the clothes made them look good.In X-Plane 11 she was getting very good at applying make up too. Started looking hotter than the other girls and attracting the attention of more guys.I think all I need to do now is to find nice clothes (developed airportsand quality planes) for her.
  6. If you dont give us any more hints.... All I can think is olive oil.
  7. I have flyinside X Plane and P3d. Thing is FI P3D has been developed for quite a long time and optimised specially using P3D native VR. I remember the first few days of Fi P3D. Things have improved a lot. The development of X Plane is still new. I think once XP 11 improves performance and we get native VR it will blow P3D away. Lets not forget that FI XP uses HDR which P3D doesnt. HDR is quite heavy on fps. Honestly I dont know where Dan gets the time to fix and improve so many issues. Its amazing what he has done so far considering its a one man's job.
  8. Oh not my intention at all. I fly on Ivao and I love it. I am sure Vatsim is great too. Its just about the software. One(Ivao) sounds too clear whereas the other(Vatsim) too distorted for my taste. I think we should be grateful that we have both. I would even hope they collaborated on events,etc...Actually I want to fly both.
  9. I agree Teamspeak lacks realism. I will it give it a go. I have hundreds of hours on Ivao so I know what to expect in regards to phraseology.. I want to fly more in UK and have more choices regarding events. Melchor
  10. I thought the same. Its his loss
  11. For those who are Spanish speakers I recommend this one.
  12. I fly regularly on Ivao. If flying online scares you I recommend you get over it. Do your home work. Get manuals on phraseology, watch videos on youtube , park your plane somewhere at the airport and listen,read their forums,etc... Everyone makes mistakes but as long as you are respectful they are going to help you a lot. Honestly, nothing gets more immersive than that. Well actually it does when I use my oculus rift to fly on Ivao. Sometimes in combination with FS2crew. I am cabin crew for Qantas and when possible sit on the flight deck for landing at Heathrow or Dubai, put my headphones on and listen to the conversations. They are almost exactly what we do online. When I discuss with the pilots about the approach ect, they are shocked to see how much I know By the way I would love to fly on Vatsim but the horrible, robotic voice puts me off. Maybe I should get over it and give it a go. The more people the more fun.
  13. Oh yes, your pc is great. As I said before for 200$ you can enjoy VR for the next 2 years until next generation comes. PD 350 for the cv1? Quite cheap, for that price its worht it.
  14. Follow the link of one of my videos and decide for yourself. You will be able to see through one of the lenses of my dk2 I have flyinside for p3d and x-plane