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  1. nooon

    ATR 72

    I miss the old Flight1 ATR for FS9. word not allowed what a realistic one that used to be ! Even with the 2D cockpit !
  2. Can you dump the content of the following file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ?
  3. Hope it's something serious and not this B/S fake photoshoped picture published by Jordan King earlier on FB http://www.avsim.com/topic/505182-is-this-picture-from-prepar3d-v4/
  4. I really really have no clue what you mean
  5. Don't laugh. Cisco made that similar joke 5 years ago onto one of their flagship product !
  6. That could be a good complement to IVAO flights, when flyin-in deserted areas / mostly offline areas. Looks like VRMgenerator can blend in with IVAO MTL liveries, has anyone tested ?
  7. The issue appears with AS16 SP1 when used with ASCA SP1, mainly on P3D 3.4 (Hadn't have it since rolling back to P 3.3).
  8. Same Same. Revert to P3D 3.3.5 as a workaround while hifi fixes it.
  9. So Rich do you prefer xplane over P3D ?
  10. why uninstalling ? :)

  11. omg thank you so much I would never have found that post !
  12. Gerald, Performance/FPS wise did you notice any difference between flyelise and using 2 undocked views ? (I am not sure if you connect all your projectors/monitors to the same videocard or not). By the way, does flyElise supports 3 monitors of different resolutions ? Im using a 2160p as a single view today, but Im not against using two additional 1080p to bring some lateral views, nvidia surround is not an option here, and using undocked views costs approx 50% of max attainable FPS performance.
  13. Strange thread. I've runned into a ntdll.dll error early this week using P3D 3.3.5 and the T7, 15 minutes after take off a freeware scenery airport (LFST for instance, which is rock stable). That was the first time in maybe 15 years using FS-based simulators that I encountered this particular ntdll CTD. And I am not a FS2CREW user at all so I guess they're not to blame here. Isn't some underlying recent Windows-update stuff here kicking in ?
  14. @Yashigashi : Yeah :( just a link, I don't use that tool. I don't use W10 either (it lasted 24h on my computer). Better do it manually. @Andreas There's a cleaner method open gpedit.msc navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Turn off Windows Defender = Enabled It's not safe to disable WD completely but that's the OP requested so..
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