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  1. nooon

    PMDG 737 Problem! NEED HELP!!!

    Can you dump the content of the following file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts ?
  2. Hope it's something serious and not this B/S fake photoshoped picture published by Jordan King earlier on FB
  3. nooon

    Is this picture from Prepar3d V4?

    I really really have no clue what you mean
  4. nooon

    P3D v 4 in beta?

    Don't laugh. Cisco made that similar joke 5 years ago onto one of their flagship product !
  5. That could be a good complement to IVAO flights, when flyin-in deserted areas / mostly offline areas. Looks like VRMgenerator can blend in with IVAO MTL liveries, has anyone tested ?
  6. nooon

    Immediate performance drop. Why?

    The issue appears with AS16 SP1 when used with ASCA SP1, mainly on P3D 3.4 (Hadn't have it since rolling back to P 3.3).
  7. nooon

    Immediate performance drop. Why?

    Same Same. Revert to P3D 3.3.5 as a workaround while hifi fixes it.
  8. nooon

    Snowy Boston

    So Rich do you prefer xplane over P3D ?
  9. omg thank you so much I would never have found that post !
  10. Gerald, Performance/FPS wise did you notice any difference between flyelise and using 2 undocked views ? (I am not sure if you connect all your projectors/monitors to the same videocard or not). By the way, does flyElise supports 3 monitors of different resolutions ? Im using a 2160p as a single view today, but Im not against using two additional 1080p to bring some lateral views, nvidia surround is not an option here, and using undocked views costs approx 50% of max attainable FPS performance.
  11. Thanks Bryn, going to try this
  12. FSGlobal will increase your sim load time by a noticeable manner. Also you will run into elevation issues at some airports either with FSG or FreeMeshX. But the joy of flying over mountainous areas will be unequaled.
  13. nooon

    Prepar3D 3.3.5 Crash

    Strange thread. I've runned into a ntdll.dll error early this week using P3D 3.3.5 and the T7, 15 minutes after take off a freeware scenery airport (LFST for instance, which is rock stable). That was the first time in maybe 15 years using FS-based simulators that I encountered this particular ntdll CTD. And I am not a FS2CREW user at all so I guess they're not to blame here. Isn't some underlying recent Windows-update stuff here kicking in ?
  14. Is WDDM2.0 support of any benefit for P3D or other DX11 software ? Or does it requires specific updates within P3D engine by LM skunks ?