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  1. suvo

    How to explore ... an airport

    This is where I miss the fsx ultralight trike
  2. Apologies if I don't understand this right. Why would the task manager trick only applicable to SLI configuration? Reading your post what I understand is there seems to be a bug in v3.1 that even after specifying AffinityMask in the cfg file, it is not using the core(s) correctly and we need to reapply this through the task manager once p3d starts running ??
  3. suvo

    Win10 + MigrationTool + UTII = Done

    I have UT2 installed and running in p3d v3.1 fine... the installation was done using the migration tool.. but i have noticed something weird.. The below is the last entry in my SIMOBJECTS cfg similar to yours.. [Entry.10] Active=True Path=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft Required=True Title=Default UT2 Aircraft but the entry which the migration tool is adding to p3d.cfg is this.. SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft Whereas it should be SimObjectPaths.10. This discrepancy is happening because the SimObjects.cfg file is getting rearranged automatically and the UT2 block is coming at the third position in the file.... and the hence in the P3D.cfg file the numbering is coming as 2 (0,1,2..) as it is numbering in the order of how the blocks are arranged in SimObjects.cfg. Now I have made a change in migrationtool.cfg file to not make any changes to P3D.cfg and have removed the SimObjects entries from the P3d.cfg file and UT2 still runs fine.. Dont quite understand, what is the need for all the Simobjects entries in P3d.cfg. The reason I mentioned this is once, I got a CTD because of fiddling with UT2 menu and i suspect this incorrect Simobjects numbering to be the cause and Migration tool to be blamed more than UT2 itself..
  4. just to let you all know, when i reported this problem i was on p3d v2.5 (build 12943). After i upgraded to the hotfix 12944, I am not seeing this problem anymore in the same situations when it used to occur. So something got fixed with the 12944 hotfix patch.
  5. I have observed a consistent behavior .. If you start P3d and you get the training scenario dialog and exit P3d from there without actually going into flight/missions, P3d exits properly from the task manager. But if you get into a flight and then exit P3d from there, it continues to run In the task manager..
  6. I am continuously getting the same problem. The original error is pertaining to FSUIPC.dll but it is because an instance of Prepar3d.exe was running even after you exit out. I am not sure how a FSUIPC dll can hold the prepar3d.exe running
  7. yesterday i got a sudden duplicate FSUIPC.dll error while starting P3d. This was the first time i got this error. On quick investigationi figured out, it is because the earlier instance of Prepar3d.exe was still running on my task manager. I had to physically kill the process. From thereafter, everytime i am exiting out of Prepar3d, the instance keeps on running on the task manager with CPU utilization less than 0.01%.. It doesnt gets released automatically... Any ideas what might be going on.. I tried finding whether there is any module which is locking Prepar3d.exe, but could not find any... I installed the updated ORBX FTX Global libs yesterday and REX4 textures to P3d... This is a fresh install of Prepar3d v2.5 (without the hotfix)
  8. There is a new version of the migration tool, which is actually a development build, works with the hotfix of P3d 2.5 as well
  9. So, instead of FSX.exe path, you are pointing it to the P3D path?
  10. I am yet to turn down Autogen slider below Extremely dense. TML - 1024 and LOD will help a lot in VAS if you have AI traffic down to 10-15% .. Is there any tool like SceneryConfig Editor in FSX for P3D... That would be very handy to turn off any addon airports
  11. We can only hope and wish. But unless we really have a 64 bit simulation soon, this VAS issue is only going to get worse in my opinion. We have spoilt ourselves by using exemplary addons from PMDG and now low quality stuffs, we wont even look at. This expectation is only going to go high and frankly any more amount of complexity, in terms of graphics, speed etc without a 64 bit environment is total deadlock situation. Every quality scenery which has come out in last six months has only added VAS issues and so is true for other addons... We are looking for immersion, reality, with a restriction of 32bit, thats not going work any longer.. We are already in an extreme honestly.. Regards
  12. suvo

    2.5 is Out

    Does Ezdok, Aivlasoft EFB working well with v2.5? Do we need an update for the Estonia migration tool as well for 2.5? - Just asking, since I am hearing there has been changes in folder structure
  13. Something I just don't understand... Imagine, we do not have this 777 for P3D, also hypothetically imagine we just had a release of 64 bit P3D... What good is this 64 bit P3D for us.. ? Nothing... It is because of PMDG addons a dinosaur like FSX has survived so long and some other addons which were bought because we had PMDG .. Now because of all these addons many people will move towards P3D and soon a realistic simulation with no resource constraints on a 64bit environment will be a reality ... All I am seeing is people cribbing about pricing .. I dont know how a simulation on an entirely different platform with way above graphics quality can come subsidized or even quoting few people free.. This is just ridiculous... People who don't see this fair, please don't buy ...
  14. suvo

    Does P3D v2.5 require a fresh install?

    If LM changes folder structure in v2.5, then our good old, migration tool may not be useful anymore...?