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    40 years old, long time simmer. Have tried 'em all but eventually settled on X-Plane 10 as my single sim of choice because it provides everything I need from a sim. Not a "fan-boy" as they say, have spent many many thousands on the others before eventually dropping them.
  1. Lady plane! I got a good laugh out of that one, cheers!
  2. WOW!! The sounds are great, the whole package looks fantastic. I don't care what it costs I'll buy it. I just hope I get it before it breaks servers on release day, I'd say this will be the best selling XP aircraft ever.
  3. I wonder is it a reasonable assumption to say that most of the X-Plane users might not be Avsim users given the popularity of the .org and therefore the Avsim survey might not reflect the actual XP userbase numbers at all?
  4. Fantastic work, really nice to see such a complex project stay donationware! I for one will happily donate when this comes out. Wow!
  5. That SCSE is wonderfully impressive and a sign of what's to come in XP. These kinds of animations will need to become the norm in payware sceneries now just to compete with freeware.
  6. From what I can see only a few X-Plane users who likely converted from FSX at some stage seem to use Avsim. X-Plane users tend to congregate on other sites. Draw your own conclusions but I'd not put too much faith in Avsims survey for gaugeing the potential X-Plane market.
  7. What sort of system have you got and what sort of average framerate are you getting? Did you notice a big benefit from 4K?
  8. Is there a way to accurately place runways in their real world positions?
  9. Thanks Jan, simple method. The beaches everywhere is something that has annoyed me for a very long time, I hope Laminar decide to work on it in the next beta run or soon at least, it ruins photoscenery which is used by a lot of people now.
  10. I'm not an investor of any kind nor a gambler but I would be happy to throw up $100 or so just to see what I envision becoming the simulator to beat them all become a reality. I imagine there are more like me who see the potential and would be happy to support you in whatever way they may be able. Thanks for contributing, I really hope you make your fortune on this endeavour so that the rest of us may enjoy the fruits of your labour. I urge the addon devs to get involved even if it's only to publicly state that this is something they are keeping their eyes on for the future with an eye to developing for, as where the devs go goes the community. Such a contribution from as many of the devs as possible would garner huge support for the kickstarter and essentially allow it to become reality whilst creating a source of future revenue. It's win win for them with nothing to lose that I can see. I similarly urge the community to question the devs on this and make them aware that this is something they would want to see come to fruition, the community can lead the devs as much as the devs can lead the community. Ask them in their fora. Take the lead. A groundswell of interest needs to be created and can be easily given some of what we've seen of the development.
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