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    40 years old, long time simmer. Have tried 'em all but eventually settled on X-Plane 10 as my single sim of choice because it provides everything I need from a sim. Not a "fan-boy" as they say, have spent many many thousands on the others before eventually dropping them.
  1. Lady plane! I got a good laugh out of that one, cheers!
  2. WOW!! The sounds are great, the whole package looks fantastic. I don't care what it costs I'll buy it. I just hope I get it before it breaks servers on release day, I'd say this will be the best selling XP aircraft ever.
  3. Thanks Jan, simple method. The beaches everywhere is something that has annoyed me for a very long time, I hope Laminar decide to work on it in the next beta run or soon at least, it ruins photoscenery which is used by a lot of people now.
  4. Impressive work being done! Great to see! Enjoy the hols Tony.
  5. Ireland (Home) UK The Netherlands Greece Bulgaria Portugal Spain Kosovo (UNMIK) Macedonia Albania Liberia (UNMIL) Not a big traveler. Seen enough to appreciate home.
  6. Very well done Tony, this was badly needed, I hope it gets pinned somehow as it will always be informative for anyone just coming over from the dark side :Hypnotized: :Just Kidding:
  7. Doh!! Yeah that worked perfectly Tony, thank you kindly Sir. :im Not Worthy:
  8. Having a bit of trouble Tony. I installed Win7 to an SSD today and have downloaded the latest Java Runtime but W2XP "Failed to find Java VM", the link in the manual is no longer valid. So I ran from the Executable Jar file but for some reason it seems to only see 247MB of my RAM (I have 12GB installed) and it seizes up. Advice?
  9. Systems vary as will mileage but I can't say I noticed any difference other than between default and ZL 18. I get around 25fps with my settings shown below. I have also used a plugin very similar to MaxxFX which does wonders for the sim even taking care of raleigh scattering but I think an argument broke out between the two devs and led to the one I used being no longer available. The upshot of which is that MaxxFX is probably a really good investment for the price, I'll certainly be getting it shortly. If you need a hand with g2xpl, drop me a pm and I'll get you started. I also use nVidia control panel to augment the antialiasing and anisotropic filtering settings of the sim. I use the highest settings available in the control panel and it helps a lot too. I'm still experimenting. My shadow settings are as they are because of a bug in the latest nVidia drivers which causes red lines to appear all around objects not because they impact fps. Water reflection I find has a big impact and looks better on low anyway tbh. My total texture size is actually higher than seen but it was still rising when I took the screenie and I ran out of patience.
  10. Unless SimHeaven have recut the tile it's still the same.
  11. @SeanK23, I'm pretty sure I know what you are talking about, I think it's the result of out of date satellite imagery, I remember it being in the SimHeaven package I downloaded after I realised that the latest imagery available had done away with the really bad low res stuff that covered large swathes of the country for a long time. I had been hoping that the SH stuff would use that newer imagery but alas it did not. However, knowing now that there was a chance that better could be had I once again investigated G2XPL for the price of another small donation. I had investigated it a good while back but the imagery just wasn't available then. It is now! With the right settings input to the g2xpl.ini I was able to get the latest imagery for the whole country at Zoom 18 I can't overstate the difference this has made to my simming. That coupled with W2XP has given me the sim that I've been chasing for many years. I'm not trying to bash as I used the other sims for many years but there is just no comparison to be made now. I had to delete the others after spending a small fortune on them over the years because they just don't come close anymore. Not even in the same ballpark. World2XPlane, G2XPL and SkyMaxxPro (though 10.30 may negate the need for SkyMaxxPro) are the three things I cannot recommend highly enough!
  12. Yeah it takes a while loading alright but really is worth it. I spent an hour this evening in the Bell 407 flying around Sligo and I doubt if I ever got more than five miles from the field, there's just so much to take in, it's a great way to see your country from the virtual air when you can't afford to fly in real life. Animals in the fields and footballers on the pitch are visible and with TrackIR it truly is "as real as it gets" as Austin would say. I can't wait until the consumer oculus rift comes to market, I'll be in sim heaven. I'm hoping down the line that getting a big enough SSD will help loading times but it's no biggie, I might just get some bigger spinners to hold more countries which is more likely tbh. If I can get the UK done aswell as Ireland I'll have many flying hours to spend in awe of what's possible in XP. I'll look into doing some building models though I can't promise much but I will certainly make an attempt.
  13. I ran G2xpl for scenery in Ireland at a zoom level of 18 rather than the SimHeaven 17 and used W2XP with it. The results are truly stunning when low-n-slow!! All of Ireland north and south comes in at nearly 450Gigs but well worth it. Interested to see about the UK building set! The red roofs in Ireland of the continental buildings just look all wrong. It's a small thing though given the overall effect which really is fantastic. I've started putting stuff into OSM also. Well done Tony and company! Looking forward to v0.4.0!
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