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  1. Can show us your list of what is running? Every set up will be different
  2. ultra_porthos

    Farewell to the Warthog

    It was a joke. I have been on the benefit end of CAS and appreciate what the A-10 can do. I have also had equally good support from other platforms as well. Can any single aircraft do EXACTLY what the A10 can? No really. Is there a mission subtitute aicraft that can be used with different OP's? Yes. As the guy on the ground calling for support, I don't care it it is an A10, or a an F-16, or an AH-64. And I have had all three keep me alive. All budetary considerations are psuedo political. It happens during every administration, not just this one.
  3. ultra_porthos

    Farewell to the Warthog

    The B-17 FLying Fortress could do that.....but then again, eventually they retired them ^_^
  4. ultra_porthos

    Malaysian Flight 370

    I did not hear that someone was in the jumpseat. The only cockpit crew I have heard of were the FO and Pilot
  5. What are the problems that I would expect?
  6. I am planning on using a second networked computer for the instruments...I assume this would help.
  7. ultra_porthos

    Malaysian Flight 370

    Has anyone checked Ebay or Craigslist for a missing 777?
  8. ultra_porthos

    My twin jet project

    What is your computer(s) set up?
  9. ultra_porthos

    My twin jet project

    Nice, I am working on plans for my own cockpit. I haven't decided which route to go yet
  10. ultra_porthos

    Farewell to the Warthog

    They did not have to rail road anyone. If that was your experience then it may be unique. The drawdown was announced with goals and how it would be achieved by letting folks out early or not allowing officers to stay in due to sizing constraints. There were more than enough service members that volunteered to get out to meet the downsizing goals.
  11. I plan on using one :rolleyes:
  12. ultra_porthos

    this hobby is almost over

    Lots of things to consider...I have looked at other companies also with good reps. Price for me is important as well as BBB rating. I can handle most tech problems myself...but who knows, I am still looking. But I do know I will go with Windows 7
  13. ultra_porthos

    this hobby is almost over

    I looked at Jetline. I am also looking at Xforce (guess they are geared for Xplane). Still comparing prices and benefits
  14. ultra_porthos

    Lost motivation to fly

    I tend to get involved in a hobby then get bored also. I am new to simming (this time around..I had the original MS flight sim!) To keep myself from wasting my time, money, and effort, I am designing my home cockpit so it is easily switchable from GA (Cessna, ect...) to CA (737 etc...), combat (F16 etc..), and for racing car peripherals. I am going with 3 screens and have a 2 year plan to fully integrate everything. That should keep me busy for 2 to 7 years at least! BTW: If anyone is THAT bored, I am willing to take hardware off of your hands! ^_^
  15. ultra_porthos

    Nvidia GTX770 4GB or 780 3GB?

    I am still trying to figure what computer/video cad to choose from. From what I have been reading the 770 can handle 3 monitors just fine. But I am still leaning toward the 780. Does the 770 give you 30 fps with three monitors?