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  1. When you say "screen portion of the GTN", does that include the engine gauges as well, or just the original GTN display? If it doesn't have the engine gauges, it defeats the purpose of the pop-up, as it would be nothing more than the stock F1 2D gauge.
  2. Having flown the Carenado CJ2 extensively for about a year now, with and without the mod, I would say the main issue with the Carenado PL21 is it's lack of functionality compared to the real PL21. My biggest issue is it's lack of radius to fix turns, when the F1 GTN performs them flawlessly. The PL21 comes upon a fix with a heading change, and makes abrupt turns circa FS2002 style. Bottom line, there's no suitable PL21 available for FS, that performs as good as the F1 GTN. Being most of us don't actually have physical FMS keyboards, I see little difference in punching numbers on a GTN, compared to a PL21. The goal is the same, and the F1 GTN gets better results.
  3. eelb

    FSX:SE and GTN 750

    Where are you trying to import flight plans from? My impression has been that only the database in the Garmin trainer can be used.
  4. Is there anything involved other than a HDMI cable in making that work?
  5. eelb

    Lotus L39 Albatross - airspeed

    Many private owners in the US, have modified them with Garmin G600 PFD/MFD's. Look around on some of the aircraft broker sites under warbirds, and there's often good panel photos.
  6. eelb

    Coming back from Steam

    I went straight from FS9 to Steam. Tried FSX boxed when it came out, and had a slow slide show for FPS. Never could justify the hardware investment to make it work, although I think there was some embellishment on forums of what it actually took to run it adequately. The reduced price of hardware and the arrival of FSX-SE kind of coincided for me.
  7. eelb


    Anyone tried running the 2D panel in the Carenado CJ2?
  8. eelb

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    The big thing with me about FSX-SE, is that it freed a bunch of simmers that were hardware challenged for a decade, and stuck in FS9. You no longer need a super computer to fly FSX.