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  1. 64Rules

    Airbus plans virtual cockpit experience

    As others have said, sounds like a logical progression to merge the outside views available today to passengers along with position/speed/height data that is on many IFE systems. Not sure what the fuss is all about to be honest - instead of two places to get the information, merges it into one and provides a bit more of an immersive experience. If the airlines can figure out how to charge a few dollars for the privilege of watching, I'm sure they'll be all over it...
  2. 64Rules

    Amy Johnson - London to Australia Attempt

    Great idea - keep the updates coming!
  3. 64Rules

    what a mess! (Graphics)

    I agree with stans... what version of nVidia drivers do you have installed? Maybe try going a few versions back to see if the issue persists.
  4. 64Rules

    Good solution for home cockpit builders

    Very interesting indeed - would be light to ship!
  5. 64Rules

    Unconscious Pilot: SR22 Crashes Off Virginia

    Very sad indeed :(
  6. 64Rules

    Schoolkids tip balance of Qantas plane

    Brings to mind the bigger question of average weights for adult passengers and how accurate they still are as many countries struggle with obesity, maybe time to rethink - but that would limit payloads and profitability...
  7. 64Rules

    Flight Simulator Memes

    Some great stuff in this thread, very funny!!
  8. 64Rules

    Aircraft crew more likely to develop melanomas

    One of the big downsides of being higher up in the atmosphere for sure. Perfectly put Steve, well worth being sun smart to try and avoid issues later down the track.
  9. 64Rules

    Home Cockpit in Living Room

    Nice find Tom - very interesting!
  10. Yes - sure can, providing it appears as the same drive letter as the previous HDD, FSX and others will be none the wiser from a storage perspective. You can change the drive letter after cloning (use Robocopy.exe utility from Microsoft with /MIR switch from HDD -> SSD for example) with Disk Management.
  11. I'd vote Haswell + beefy graphics card given Broadwell is a bit unknown still. Even better, wait until Broadwell release comes and then scoop up a Haswell cheaply and overclock it.
  12. I agree with Gerard - sticking with 3 monitors is probably a better idea at the moment for now as coming off a 3 screen display to single screen (even at 49/55 inches) will probably feel smaller. 3 x 49inch 4K displays on the other hand.....
  13. 64Rules

    Greetings from David!

    Welcome back - been watching the forums for many years and glad to see you back on board again!
  14. 64Rules

    ORBX airports and P3D2

    The triple installers are definitely the way to go if you can hold out for them to be created for any airports/regions you may own. Details at the ORBX Forum as to where they are up to.
  15. Another vote for ASN - no performance issues at all, and stability seems better with the 2.3 release + ASN update in terms of ASN communicating with P3D.