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  1. if they about to make a330 or 340 I'd be on seventh heaven
  2. Noo, I could I wish it's my car, nine eleven just perfect (especially 930, 964, 993)
  3. yep, only with vatsim traffic Maybe i'm overthinking?
  4. Hello everyone. I have a weird FPS behavior. The point is that even at very heavy loaded scenery like EGLL with ton of clouds and etc with FSLabs and PMDG I have stable 50-55 fps, but as soon as I climding on altitude or on cruise altiude, I have stuttery 30-40 fps even when it's CAVOK and no clouds or overcast. After landing I again gain stable smooth performance. I have seen a lot of streamers who have 70+ fps on cruise. Maybe someone has a solution? Prepar3D v5.3 HF1, PMDG aircrafts, fslabs, ASP3D+ASCA, chaseplane, ORBX base, openlc (all regions). 1920x1080 monitor, prepar settings almost maxed out
  5. Lol, no runway lights in airports offensive initials not allowed, so flaw update
  6. Also, chaseplane doesnt work for me, need update
  7. used "delete generated files" as you suggest and nothing bad happend. All work fine now, addons not gone. Thank you so much!
  8. Nope. Some people said it cause scenery cfg ruin
  9. Hello everyone. Just downloaded and installed 5.3 HF1 over 5.2 with deleting client, scenery and content. After this loading screen I got sound of default aircraft F22 with no screen of Prepar3D (but it supposed to open home screen of aircraft pick, airport change and etc). If I simply alt+tab sound disappears and thats all. In windows 10 task manager prepar3d still seating. What I did wrong? Never experienced this before.
  10. So, short summary is it worth to upgrade from very stable smooth 5.2 HF2?
  11. Yea yea, like you haven't seen KLAX which is of FSX level of detail 2011 year
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