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  1. montanasimmer

    Eaglesoft 40% off

    Nothing for a modern simmer here...not for a while at least
  2. montanasimmer

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Flight 1 Citation Mustang is terrific.
  3. montanasimmer

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    I use the external frame rate limiter because my performance without it is anything but "flawless"
  4. montanasimmer

    Sky Simulations MD-11 For FSX and P3D

    But the FMC is the heart of how you fly the plane...
  5. montanasimmer

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    I do all my charts and weather on an ipad - so this is very helpful to me. I actually use two ipads. My older one, which has a weak battery, is always attached to the computer, and I use the mobile one as well. One for en route charts and one for sectionals. I love being able to swap quickly to the weather ap in flight, see where the wind is coming from, and prepare accordingly. I got to ride on a biz jet a while back and all the charts the pilots used were on an ipad. It looked efficient and I love this set up.
  6. montanasimmer

    Aerosoft DC-8

    What Chock said. I love the plane. I use Navigraph's chart ap on my ipad to help with the VOR to VOR navigation. It's fun. So much more to do than with the autopilot simulators everyone is flying... Colin Ware
  7. montanasimmer

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    All, I discovered a pretty cool weather ap for you ipad users. It's called Ventusky and it delivers a pretty amazing visual representation of winds at multiple altitudes, air pressures, clouds and precip any where in the world, plus with forecasts. It is very easy to go to your destination, see the winds visually, check the pressure etc. And you can check in mid-flight to see if things are changing. Here in Colorado, they change quickly in the late afternoon with our notorious thunderstorms. I'ts $4 I think. Colin Ware (and I don't work for the developer or have any financial relationship - I was just really impressed and it doesn't come up early in the list of weather aps in the ap store)
  8. montanasimmer

    Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Wow, long time since I've seen Paul's name around this community. It was a sad day when Dreamfleet went away. I would pay a lot of money to have the three holder in p3d. What a wonderful airplane it was.
  9. montanasimmer

    Interesting idea... It would be nice to be relieved of the tyranny of the near endless upgrade requirements of PC flight simulation. I'd seriously consider something like this if offered by LM either as a stand alone way to use P3D, or through a service like the Nvidia one... Colin
  10. montanasimmer

    PC Building Again

    With the current cost of graphics cards, you should look at buying a system from a vendor like Cyber Power. It's actually cheaper right now to buy a system than build one with the crazy graphics card prices...
  11. I'll bet it's the auto save...I'll turn it off. I don't use it. Thanks for the note on the stand-by pfd - I need better glasses! Colin
  12. montanasimmer

    PMDG DC-6 current state seems a bit underwhelming?

    I don't think this is correct. The plane was originally developed in X-Plane, PMDGs first foray into that sim environment. It was always meant to be a commercial product, with plans to then port it over to the FSX ecosystem. Which is what happened. It took many years to develop. I urge viewing the many videos on You-Tube - especially Froogle's flights for folks having trouble with the plane. It is excellent. And, there is a dedicated DC6 PMDG forum where questions are answered quickly.
  13. montanasimmer

    PMDG DC-6 current state seems a bit underwhelming?

    Or not. Your criticism of the company feels unfair to me, since, for reasons not clear at all, you are unwilling to get your questions answered in the place where they are most likely to be answered quickly - the dedicated DC6 forum in the PMDG forums here at AVSIM. Instead, this post is broadly critical one implying that there is no support available, which, as above, is untrue. The reason any developer sets up a dedicated forum is so they don't have to spider through all the forums looking for posts. That is reasonable. They have thousands and thousands of costumers between all of their models.
  14. It is one of the control parameters on the sim. There is a toggle setting for nosewheel steering on and off - just like there is one for turning on and off the landing lights, or setting and then unsetting the parking brake. If nosewheel steering is off, then the front wheel is not controllable. I will be what is called a free-castoring wheel. You can only steer with differential brakes. So, what was happening in the sim, was that when power was applied, the wheel would veer off - likely because it was not pointed squarely down the runway. Think about if you try to start riding your bike with your front wheel turned a bit. The momentum generated when you peddle pushes that wheel into an even more severe turn, the wheel ends up sideways to your momentum and then you fall down. Here the wheel is pushed far over by the plane starting to move, and off the runway it went. The process to map the control is simple. Open up the controls section in the settings and bring up your joystick, throttle or whatever other peripherals you are using. Pick a button that you are not using, and then search for "nosewheel steering" in the controls - there is a search dialogue at the top of the pull down list of controls. Then you can turn on or off nosewheel steering. For some reason, it was off in my sim. There is a control for this because a number of airplanes do not have nose wheel steering. The B25 for instance does not, and I'm told Diamond aircraft don't as well. Hope this helps. Colin
  15. Problem solved - there is a nose wheel steering toggle buried deep in the control settings. Now mapped to a button. Plane actually is starting to handle on the ground like it's supposed to.