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  1. Thank you very much Roman!!! I believe the Easter Egg is the needle moving back and forth? 😄 I appreciate you volunteering your time to help my simulation while my flight school is grounded for the next two weeks at least. If you're curious, the Piper I am using is this: https://secure.simmarket.com/scansim-piper-pa28-140-cherokee-fsxp3dv1p3dv2.phtml It is OK - a few features doesn't seem to work, a few gauges are missing, and its virtual cockpit doesn't resemble my school's. I have been enjoying the process of editing the 2D panel and I intend to enjoy flying it even more! Best, Richard
  2. Thank you very, very much spokes2112! I have a couple of minor requests if you don't mind (or tell me how): -Can you please make an additional panel (rather than replace it outright) that is like the 296_zxfth.jpg photo? The s-I1600.jpg has the 5 on the right half of the gauge. The 296 photo matches my aircraft with the 5 right on the middle. My aircraft also doesn't have any red indicator on it (but it's not super important). I know my way around GIMP if necessary, but otherwise don't know the first thing about creating or editing gauges. -When the Piper starts up in the sim, the needle moves to 8 and when I turn on the fuel pump it seems to max out at 10. In the real aircraft I fly the needle goes to 6 and 7, respectively. Is this something that needs to be edited in the gauge? Or is it something I can edit in the aircraft's files with a text editor, and if so, which lines? Once again I appreciate you taking the time to make this gauge.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been using FS Panel Studio to edit one of my thrid-party aircraft's 2D panel to make it more similar to the aircraft I fly in real life (Piper PA-28-140). However, none of my installed aircraft seem to have a fuel pressure gauge that is small, rectangular, has 1/2, 5, and 8 PSI in green, and 10 maximum. Does anyone know a FSX aircraft that has such a 2D gauge, or such a gauge itself? Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  4. Thank you very much Bert. That worked, but yep, not that many gauges are listed so there isn't many panels I can swap with.
  5. Hello everyone. I recently bought a third-party aircraft (ScanSim's Piper PA28-140) for FSX. Is there a simple way to exchange two gauges found in the virtual cockpit to different positions? For example, move the altimeter to where the attitude is move the attitude to the altimeter is, and have both show up in the virtual cockpit correctly. For now I am using FS Panel Studio to create my own 2-D cockpit. However, I plan to fly that aircraft in real life and FSX's VC offers a significant level of immersion that I find invaluable when preparing to fly the actual aircraft. Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.
  6. I think the application is fine - it is the website that my Malwarebytes doesn't like. I was wondering if the program was still working regardless and it appears it is.
  7. Slightly off topic, but FSXWX is indeed still working? Its website is now flagged by Malwarebytes as possibly containing a Trojan. I don't use it but someone else posted about free weather engines for FSX and I was researching...
  8. Yeah I find sometimes if I undock a control panel or instrument window and move it elsewhere, and then try to undock it, I often get that circle and flashing mouse cursor. Saving the flight, exiting the sim, and resuming the flight helps, I believe.
  9. Good find. I hate the reflections too! Cheers. Trubshaw, as far as I know, no, the default FSX yokes cannot be clicked on to be hidden. Some add-on aircraft can add them and some can't.
  10. MalwareBytes now block that site on my computer and it tells me there is a Trojan there. I guess the site has been hacked or has been abandoned.
  11. Most FSX aircraft has a NAV/GPS switch. If you want to maintain your flight path via GPS or flight computer and your NAV button, switch to GPS. Use the NAV switch if you want to maintain your CRS or ILS heading. Usually when I fly in airliners I flip the switch to GPS before takeoff but use the HDG autopilot to maintain headings via ATC directives. Once told to resume my navigation, I push the NAV button. When landing via ILS, I flip the switch to NAV and use HDG, then switch to APR once I have captured the localizer. Does that help? I don't know a keystroke to flip from NAV to GPS off the top of my head. Try looking at the keyboard controls in the sim settings.
  12. Boxed and FSX:SE both work fine in Windows 10 for me. Upgrading is worth it, even if you are not a FSX user.
  13. Try contacting the company and giving them feedback. I'm all for product reviews in a third party site like AVSim, but if you want that problem solved, see if they may have documentation hidden somewhere in your install folder or in their website. Venting here is fine, but they may not visit this forum and be unaware of your complaint.
  14. speedyTC is correct. REX products will install a theme just once and as long as you don't change anything else the same theme will be used every time you use FSX. Those products keep a backup of your original FSX theme in case you need to go back to it.
  15. It happens every single time on FSX:Steam. It's nothing to worry about. I have a rather stable installation and I get that too.
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